These 5 tips should be noted if you wear a Dirndl

“O’zapft is!” – The must have for the Oktoberfest is and remains the traditional dirndl. Already fashion legend Vivienne Westwood says that a Dirndl simply stands for every woman, and she is right. As a true styling wonder, a dirndl can make you look sensual as well as sexy, conceal every problem zone and, like no other piece, emphasizes the silhouette and femininity of every woman.

However, if you are looking for your dream girl or have already found it, then the following 5 tips have to be considered, so that you can put a stylish and unforgettable appearance in this pregnant piece. But be assured: Whoever does not wear a fashionable dirndl at the Oktoberfest, feels as an outsider and is certainly one. So that you do not have to and so you are absolutely up-to-date in terms of Dirndl styling, you do not have to do more than follow our guide. Believe us, then are desperate fashion questions like “What shoes should I wear this?”, “Which skirt length should have the dirndl?”, “What dirndl blouse fits best?” And “How should the dirndl actually sit?” really passé. For all these tormenting questions and much more we answer you right here!

Tip No.1: The perfect fit of the Dirndl dress

The golden styling rule here is: Your Dirndl must not be too big! It has to fit like a second skin and the fit fits your silhouette. The absolute no-go is a too short Dirndl. Classic, a traditional Dirndl goes at least to the knee and in no case shorter! It is also important that the skirt should at least turn the knee. When buying, you should pay attention to the skirt length. There are three different Dirndl types:

    • – The Mini-Dirndl has a skirt length of approx. 50cm.
    • – The traditional Dirndl, the so-called Midi-Dirndl, has a skirt length of about 60-70cm.
    • – The bodenlange Dirndl has a skirt length of approx. 90cm.


Of course it is also important how big you are. If you are particularly small, you can also get a mini dirndl to the knee.

However, the correct size of the Dirndl is particularly important. Your dirndl must never be too wide and wrinkle. God forbid! And the bearers must not stand out either. The saving trick is here: You buy your Dirndl simply a number smaller than it corresponds to your actual clothing size. However, you will have to take a small disadvantage for the beauty, because good dirndl are unfortunately seldom comfortable. But the Oktoberfest is only once a year. True fashionistas keep it off! Absolutely no option are Dirndl in neon colors, with eccentric patterns or wild animalprint. So you are on the bathroom button party gold-correct, but on the Oktoberfest is the unpardonable fashion sin. Even if you mean it well, but a no-go is also a belt to Dirndl. The only exception is that this is a costume chain-belt that is loosely worn over the apron.

Tip No.2: The section of the Dirndlbluse

The great thing about a Dirndl is that it conjures a super décolleté. But when choosing your Drindlbluse you should pay attention to the cutout. If you have a small width, the Dirndl blouse with heart cut is perfect for you. The section is curved here and follows the shape of your bosom. Thus, the heart cut allows a deep view into the middle of the tapering bodice of your dirndl. This makes your upper visibility look bigger. Furthermore, the lacing of your dirndl dress puts your upper range still additionally upward. The shape of the heart cut of the Dirndlbluse is romantic and playful.

The girlish balcony cut out is rather simple and discreet. A Dirndl blouse with such a cut-out is therefore best suited for a very wide range. Even if you are not to be stingy with your charms, it is less often then more. If you have a very lavish décolleté, then you should look away from an all too large section. With a balcony blanket you lie then also golden. It is wide and rectangular, cut with rounded corners and ends in the middle of the chest. The Dirndlbluse is at least the same important as the Dirndl itself. She has to sit perfectly, so she puts your décolleté in the right light, but also does not give too much. The No-Go here: A white short-sleeved shirt to the Dirndl does not go at all! Blouses are obligatory.

Tip No.3: The loop of the Dirndl

It’s all about the loop! Rarely has a wrongly bound dirndl apron led to so many misunderstandings. Because the way your loop is tied to the dirndl apron reveals your relationship status.

If you wear your loop on the left, it means you’re still single. Approach attempts by flirting boys are guaranteed. However, if your loop is on the right, this is a clear sign for the men’s world that you are forgiven or even married. The loop in the middle stands for the virgin. If you wear the loop at the back, you say you’re a widow.

So you can signal, if you are to have a flirtation or rather not. But the binding of the welding loop is also important for the Dirndl look. The No-Go here: A wildly knotted loop! A special outfit also includes a beautifully bound bow. Therefore, you should iron the tapes thoroughly. And then just give yourself the trouble to pluck it up.

Tip No.4: The shoes to Dirndl

The choice of the right shoes is always an important question, since the Dirndl look is no exception. Because even the most beautiful outfit you can mess with the wrong shoes. The no-go here: sneakers, flip-flops and boots with a high shank!

There is no shoe model that is mandatory at Oktoberfest or a dirndl style, but there is this ban! If you’re not so fond of wearing high-heeled shoes, ballerinas to the Dirndl are the perfect solution. For a discreet look or a daring Dirndl the flats are definitely your favorite. If you see more with paragraphs, then simple pumps with a low wedge to your Dirndl can work very well.

An alternative can also be laced ankle boots with white socks. High heels and pumps naturally provide for the absolute sex appeal and a sensual touch in combination with your Dirndl. Here you can choose between peeptoes, sandals, stilettos or plateau pumps as high heels. Even a chaste and simple Dirndl you can upgrade with the right high heels super. By the way: The ballerinas will also fit into your handbag thanks to God – in case the feet should hurt and other shoes quickly.

Tip No.5: The accessories and the make-up to the dirndl look

Without accessories it is not with a nice Drindl look, if you want it to be something special. An absolute must is therefore costume jewelery. Particularly popular with the modem girls are colliers and statement chains, with which you can emphasize your décolleté even more. But also filigree ornaments combined with Edelweiss or Rosenblüten can provide the absolute eyecatcher and let your style look anything but boring.

The no-go here: to hang like a fir tree! Instead, you should focus instead. Either you choose a conspicuous necklace or statement earrings. But by no means all together! A striking chain with discreet earrings is however completely okay. Of course, this is also true. Too many accessories but you should renounce, because the Dirndl is already conspicuous enough.

A handbag also needs to be selected carefully, because the color should be in any case in the Dirndl again. Move away from big handbags and combine a small shoulder bag , a crossbody bag or a clutch to your Dirndl look. Models made of felt, smooth leather, suede or fur cover give the final touch. Materials such as patent leather and eccentric prints are taboo.

As for your make-up, you should be more courageous on such an occasion and leave the discreet version of your own at home. Therefore, you should refrain from looking at nude looks. Particularly beautiful is the matching nail polish to the Dirndl and a nice lip pencil to it. Of course, you can make your lips discreet make-up and just your eyes. An exciting Dirndl, on the other hand, is the perfect match for Smokey-Eyes. But in no case accentuate both lips and eyes. </ P>

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