These are the 3 most popular colors at Dirndl and so you wear them

Soon it is time again: “O’zapft is!” The Wiesn is at the door and fortunately for this occasion we do not have to worry about what we are going to wear: a Dirndl, of course! In the meantime there are the dresses in all possible variations, models, cuts and colors. Whether mini, midi, with or without blouse: We are spoiled for choice, which now makes us the smartest Madl.

“More is more” seems to be the motto of this year’s Dirndls – especially when it comes to ornaments. At the Oktoberfest, we will see more lace, more frills, more appliqués, and especially more playful patterns like dots, stripes and flowers. The look can not be romantic enough, but even more classic Dirndl models are back in fashion. These are usually made of more robust cotton instead of glossy satin. But before you decide for a certain style and the length of your dirndl, you should start with the most important of all costume questions: What color should my dress ever have? In the fashion world, countless color trends can be found, which are always mutually interrelated. In the cold autumn and winter months, the fashion world tends to cool shades rather than blue – in the summer months, on the other hand, warm yellow shades prevail. But do these trends actually apply to costume fashion? We will show you the three most popular colors at the Dirndl and tell you how best to wear them – to match the countdown until the biggest folk festival in the world finally starts!

The dirndl in red

At the Oktoberfest the hearts fly – not just those from gingerbread! So why not take the color of love in Dirndl too? For the romantic look, choose the best Dirndl in a strong red tone. Here you can find numerous costume models in the color combination red and white, mostly even in the classic check pattern. And do not be afraid of color, the Rotton must be quiet!

Statement tones are the trend this year and give the outfit the necessary stylish touch – just right for the otherwise more traditional look. You should wear a white blouse on the checkered model, which will take the pattern up again and make the optics complete. In an ideal case, you can combine a blouse of cotton, which fits perfectly to the perfect folklore style. If your Dirndl is completely red, you can also combine a black cotton blouse with the dress. This makes a great contrast to the statement tone and emphasizes the dirndl again extra. But be careful with the black and red version that you do not slip too much into the Spanish flamenco style – because this is certainly not in the beer tent!

The accessories also play a very important role in the perfect Wiesn outfit: you can put on your red dirndl mainly on hearts or roses. A matching bag in heart shape or highlights with rose appliqués – such accents give you more femininity and sensuality. For the shoes you have the free choice: Red fits naturally perfectly – but it should necessarily be the same tone as that of your dress. To put on the statement color also with the shoes is however not a must. Depending on the chosen color combination with white or black, you can also repeat the color of the shoes. Now it is only the right Hairstyle: Fesche Madln used for the Wiesn mostly on great Flechtfrisuren. With a dirndl in red, you can still look for a special eye-catcher: Lich you small red roses in your braid! What is still missing? I agree! The red lips. Ideally, you’ll find a lipstick in the same tone as your dress. So no one can resist your Kussmund at the Oktoberfest – because as it is so beautiful: “Red lips should be kissed, because for kissing they are there …”

The dirndl in blue

Where are the Wiesn, the Mass and the Dirndl at home? Exactly, in Bavaria! So that the tradition is so well emphasized and you show that you are “a Waschechtes Bavarian Madl”, you know best this color with Dirndl. This means, of course, blue-white check pattern! Whether on the upper part of the dress, the skirt or the apron, the pattern of the Bavarian Flag fits perfectly to costume. Of course your dirndl does not have to be light blue, you can also find quite different Dirndl in blue tones. Royal blue blends perfectly with a white blouse. This may also be shoulder-free! So you get the traditional look with a subtle eye-catcher.

A little tip, if your choice falls on a dirndl in blue: In the costume fashion, the fashion rule, blue and black never combine with each other, exceptionally not. On the contrary! There are gorgeous dresses in dark blue that fit perfectly into a black blouse. So you do not have to buy extra blue shoes, but can combine your black all-rounder as usual. In order to create a connection to the blue dirndl, it is a good idea to tie it with black tapes. So the two colors harmonize perfectly! If you want to be in the blue dress at the Oktoberfest, it is recommended to wear accessories in silver. The reason? The color blue is a cold shade, so cool silver is the best. At most Dirndl you will only find silver applications. Be careful not to wear gold for jewelery and small accents such as the metal closures of your bag.

The dirndl in pink

You also do not want to miss the absolute romantic look in the Dirndl? Then we have exactly the right for real Wiesn princesses – for who said that not even real Madln can lift the beer jugs? Dirndl in pink emphasize not only your romantic, girlish side, but are also still in the trend. Most models are made of light, flowing fabrics such as beautiful satin, giving every Oktoberfest-goer an innocently playful touch. Not infrequently, the dirndl part is made of lace. Sometimes she even decorates an apron from the top! Therefore, it is also completely out of the question, that the dress should therefore only be combined with a white to cream-colored blouse of lace.

Heavy materials such as stiff cotton would just take away the lightness of your outfit. If your Dirndl does not consist entirely of the girly color, there are also many variations of Dirndln in light blue and pink – these pastel shades seem to be made for each other! Since pink Dirndl are really only for real girls, the motto “less is more!” Is also given less attention: Here you may like more lace, rhinestones, pearls and embellishments! Frequently patterned pink dirndl can be found. These are usually decorated with ornaments or printed flowers and a glamorous eye-catcher in every pavilion. To complete your fairy-like look, you should also put on playful accessories. Filigree jewelry is the perfect addition to your Dirndl in pink. Since this is a rather warm tone, your costume in pink is particularly suitable for gold jewelery. It is also best to combine bags in white, pink or cream tones. Even with the shoes, the choice is not difficult: Here the joker is used in the shoe cabinet: What is the talk about? Of course, from our ballerinas or pumps in the nude tone!

Your new Dirndl for the biggest folk festival in the world: Secondhand & Vintage

Quite clear – a Dirndl is a really special piece of clothing and therefore not quite so favorable. With the prices, there is really no upper limit: the more decorated and extravagant, the more expensive the dress! Of course, the background always plays a role, that the investment is really worthwhile and the dirndl is now no dress, which can be worn on any occasion. When it comes to Oktoberfest, we want to look as stylish as possible. How about a change of will, then, not with a second Dirndl, so that we have a small selection? And a beautiful designer Dirndl would be the non plus ultra, anyway, because you do not want to run like any other Madl on the Wiesn … Whoever thinks of his poor wallet or his scanty contestant, we can immediately give comfort Catchys you’ll find a huge Selection of costume fashion.

Here Dirndl are by no means an expensive investment, but starting from 32 euros! You can grab real designer models here at the price of 299 euros – this costume investment is worth it. Stylish Dirndls are anything but seasonal and do not have to be a trend. What makes you at this year’s Oktoberfest to the furlest Madl in the Festzelt, will not be out of fashion again next year. So fill your dream of the perfect Wiesn outfit, second hand at Catchys and wear designs that make you a unique eyecatcher. In order to give your look a perfect finishing touch, you’ll also find great accessories for women from Catchys, from traditional costumes to jewelery, to dirndl, and even the right hats, so you can get the perfect fit for your visit to the Theresienwiese!

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