All about Cashmere: Are Cashmere bargains worthwhile?

In the winter time is our sweater shopping on the plan: Of course, we do not speak of the scratchy wool sweaters, but most of course of high-quality cashmere parts. These have an incomparable feel and bring us with the highest cuddly factor through the freezing season. No matter if as a warm sweater or a warming scarf: The quality actually has its price – nevertheless lately you can always find mega cheap cashmere bargains: Cool coincidence or just fake? We took a closer look at the wool and its price.

What is cashmere exactly?

Beautiful, noble and unbelievably comfortable: we have not fallen for a reason with cashmere wool pullovers. But what exactly makes the fine wool? The material comes from the cashmere goat, which lives in the eponymous region in the high mountains of South Asia and Nepal. Since there is an extremely cold climate, the goat develops a fine belly fluff – from which the soft yarn can be spun.

Why are they all so crazy about the wool?

Cashmere can be so much more than just a status symbol. The wool offers a particularly good thermal protection, but is also very light and breathable. For this reason, we can easily wear it on the bare skin – and in the winter do not give up! Apart from the great wearing comfort, the look also convinces: Cashmere creations give every outfit a high-quality update and let us look much more elegant.

Are there cashmere only at expensive prices?

The fine material has the reputation of being able to be paid only by the rich – a pure cashmere sweater can confidently cost around 800 euros. The high price also has its reasons: the wool is only limited available. A cashmere goat should be combed by hand only a very small amount of fluff by hand per skin change between March and May – the animals must not be shorn, otherwise they would freeze. No wonder that the special wool is a real luxury item. But one thing makes us pretty suspicious: If cashmere is so rare, why do we encounter more and more sweaters, scarves and Co. at super low bargain prices from just 39 euros in the shops? Does this lack quality?

Cheap Cashmere?

The quality of the wool depends on two central factors: its origin and the fineness and fiber length of the material. Cashmere goats are now also kept in China, Mongolia or even Australia to increase capacity and increase sales. Designer Thomas Rath comments on this in his book “The Fashion Council for the Woman”: “If there were as much cashmere as the labels of scarves and jumpers and the advertising of the big fashion houses want to fool us, then on our planet would actually Millions of cashmere goats are rumbling. “ You also have to pay a lot of attention to the fiber length of the goods: high-quality goods are made from long and very fine cashmere fibers – in fact, short fibers are used in production, which leads to small nodules on the surface of the garments. One thing soon becomes clear: something can not be right at the low prices. A kilo of cashmere costs about 100 euros on the world market according to a textile expert – no sweater can be so cheap in the trade.

The tricks of the manufacturer

From sheer cashmere love, we can be a bit blind to small details from time to time – many manufacturers are well aware of this. Especially bulk goods from China are mixed with fibers that are not cashmere at all, for example sheep’s wool. This is much cheaper and chemically modified before the process, so that no difference to high-quality wool can be seen. As a customer, we can not distinguish the blends in the business – even experts have a hard time and even the shops themselves is often not clear what they buy as a commodity.

What do you have to pay attention to when shopping for cashmere?

Regarding the price, there is a clear rule of thumb: Due to the amount needed for the production, a sweater for 59 euros or even cheaper due to the limited availability of the wool never to 100 percent cashmere. A real cashmere garment therefore only starts from at least 100 euros and up. When buying, you should also always pay attention to the label or the “washing slip”: It is required by law that dealers make here exact material information. For Germany: A part marked “100% cashmere” must also consist of at least 85% cashmere. Good quality so you recognize the price and the label!

The right cashmere care

If you want to treat yourself to a great cashmere part, of course you want to have something of it as long as possible: It is all about the proper care of the precious yarn! First and foremost, the question is how often you can wash a cashmere garment at all. This depends on both wearing frequency and intensity. As a rule of thumb, wash the piece after every fourth use at the latest – in between, you can have the sweater or scarves aired overnight, for example, in the fresh air. In addition, you should treat the fine wool between the individual “wearing inserts” peace, here is a break of 24 hours recommended.

When it comes to the actual wash, we also have to ask again: is the cashmere part even allowed in the washing machine? This is not only allowed, but also clearly desired! The machine wash in the wool program is much better for the woolen garment than any hand wash. Pay attention to a short and only slightly warm program, turn your sweater to the left, fill the drum only halfway and set the machine to a low speed. You prefer to wash your favorite sweater by hand? Then you must make sure to use only lukewarm water and never leave the part in the water for a long time. You can rinse the garment made of precious yarn several times with clean water: do not wring it out under any circumstances, but rather gently squeeze it out and curl it into a towel to dry.

Cashmere at Catchys

Of course, our second-hand products on are only high quality wool. Here you will find sweaters, cardigans and much more at reasonable prices – with the difference that this is actually the wool!

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