Fake Check: This is how you recognize a genuine Michael Kors bag

For most women, shoes are the absolute fashion must-have – for me, it’s definitely handbags . Especially designer handbags have done it to me and that does not do my money bag very well. Because such handbags are unfortunately seldom a real bargain and for so many designer bags I had to save really long. Of course you can also go through the hunt for the well-known designer piece through all the onlineshops, in order not to find a cheap offer. But there are numerous imitations of high fashion labels. It is well for us to pay attention so that we do not get for expensive money to a completely worthless, imitation designer handbag. Admittedly, the imitations are always getting better and are hardly distinguishable from the original, but I would never buy a fake designer handbag. This is in my opinion an offense to the designer and the label. That’s why I buy my designer handbags only in the store or with trusted dealers like Catchys – you do not have to worry about it! But it is always worthwhile to have a watchful fashion eye, because precisely the brands such as Louis Vuitton , Chanel or Michael Kors are imitated in thousands and sold to unsuspecting model owners for expensive money. We explain to you today how you with your designer handbag the authenticity check and what you recognize a genuine Michael Kors bag.

Michael Kors Bags: Real or False?

The label Michael Kors has turned into the true fashion must-have in recent years. The range of the designer ranges from sun glasses to bags to fashion. Especially the bags are very popular among fashionistas. On the one hand the designs are relatively simple and thus always modern and on the other hand the designer handbags by Michael Kors are really affordable. A real bargain can be found especially in the USA. On my last visit to New York in 2015, the Michael Kors bags cost just half as much as on the German market. Who does not beat as Michael Kors fan, is itself to blame! If you do not have the possibility to get such a designer handbag in the USA, then you can do this in the respective Michael Kors stores in Germany or most conveniently on the Internet. What you should pay attention to when buying a Michael Kors designer handbag , I tell you now:

The provider

The first step to make sure you are sure to find an original Michael Kors bag is to find a right seller or seller. Does an online shop not particularly trustworthy or even dubious? Then try to continue! Make the best of new bags right at the boutique, at verified online shops like the official Michael Kors website, great designer portals like net-a-porter and co. or find the best second hand, sale or outlet deal on Catchys – here all partnerhops are tested and offer buyer protection and authenticity guarantee. However, it does not hurt to look at the bag anyway – with these tips you will become the absolute Michael Kors expert:


If you put your Michael Kors bag, she should always keep her shape. Wrong bags are usually not particularly stable and only very poorly structured, which is why they often buckle, fall into themselves or generally simply lose their shape. The shape is decisive for the overall impression of the bag – it should be high-quality and noble. You should especially inspect the side view of the Selma Bag . A genuine Michael Kors Selma consists of a leather piece, which goes through completely, while in the case of non-genuine bags, the sides are often only sewn to the front and back. As you can see the seam immediately and the alarm bells should ring loudly!

The logo

Just Michael Kors bags are often imitated very badly – as you often recognize it already, because the Markenname was misspelled. But even if Michael Kors is correct, you should look at the distance between the letters. This is always balanced and equal. The letters themselves are the same size and the same thickness. Furthermore, you should ensure that the round Michael Kors charm – if the pocket model of your choice has one – corresponds to the original. The original has a thickness of 3 mm and is glossy. Most counterfeits are rather dull, scratched and much thinner. In addition, the letters are very close to one another – in the case of imitations they are often separated. Also you should pay attention to the logo on the inside as well as on the handles of the handles. The logo inside the Michael Kors bag is sewn there and rounded and neatly sewn at the edges. Often the MK logo is also engraved on the hardware – here it must always be extremely clean, straight and balanced.

The seams

They are quickly overlooked or not regarded as important, but the seams can also point to imitation. The difference to the original designer handbag is usually clear at the corners. In the case of counterfeits, the seams are frayed, not stitched or show small knots. So keep the seams in mind before you buy a Michael Kors bag !

The hardware

The hardware is shiny and tidy with Michael Kors pockets. Also the weight of zippers and co. is relatively high due to the use of high-quality materials. In the case of imitations, however, the hardware is often made of super-light metals, which quickly scratch or have a matte effect. On most hardware pieces, you’ll find a Michael Kors engraving – this should be absolutely straight and balanced, the letters should be in an even distance and equal width, as well as high.

The inner lining

In most cases it is also worthwhile to take a look inside the Michael Kors bag, because the inner lining tells you something. Especially the typical crackling of the material should bring with you the alarm bells. These are, in most cases, a counterfeiting in which plastic sewing templates or the like have been left in the fabric. Authentic Michael Kors bags have an inner lining of polyester, which feels soft and supple.

Henkel and Henkelschnallen

The handles are also engraved with an original Michael Kors handbag. In addition, the seam has a distance of about 2 to 3 mm under the handle buckles and consists of a maximum of 4 stitches. This is absolutely straight and even – it is necessary to look closely, because this often shows an imitation. If the bag is not worn, the handles are absolutely stable and structured – they do not fall in and do not form strange kinks.

The serial number

Like every designer handbag, the models by Michael Kors have a serial number as well as a label, which is inside the bag. Here you have to make sure that the label consists of 1 or 2 letters, a dash plus four numbers. If this is not the case, then it is not a genuine bag of the label Michael Kors.

Made in China

In addition, however, you should not be left unsure when embroidered in the bag on the label ” Made in China ”. Unlike Louis Vuitton or Chanel , the label Michael Kors has his handbags produced in China. Apart from that, labels with other countries in Southeast Asia are also possible, as are often the case in Indonesia, as are the production sites of Michael Kors Taschen.

The smell

Should the supposed designer handbag smell unpleasant, then finger away! Counterfeits are often glued or treated with chemicals and this leads to a very unpleasant artificial odor. Attention! Not to be confused with the typical smell of a vintage handbag. Leather smells, this is no sign of a faux!

The price

It is hard to resist a Michael Kors bag – especially with particularly tempting sale or second hand offers. That is why it is always great important to know which price is still realistic. So always have the original price of your wish bag in the back of the head (you can find the best on the official Michael Kors website – this is the most reliable source). Because if it is too good to be true, it is often that too.

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