How to recognize a genuine Tiffany heart bracelet:

With “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” the icon Marilyn Monroe in the film “Some Like It Hot” once used the label Tiffany & Co.

It is the dream of every woman to own a Tiffany & Co. jewel. And high on the top of our list is the popular heart bracelet. Once inspired by the legendary “Return to Tiffany” key ring, the design has secured a permanent place in our fashion heart. The jewels are a must-have for all “breakfast at Tiffany” fans. And at the latest by the American film “Natural Blond” with Reese Witherspoon, in which she wore a necklace with a heart pendant, the “Return to Tiffany” collection of every fashionista was a concept. But what was the key thing with these key chains? A bit of background knowledge on the edge: In the Tiffany key hanger, which once served as inspiration for the beautiful heart bracelets, were at that time different registration numbers engraved. If an owner lost his key, this could be brought to Tiffany at best and the owner could be identified.

Return to Tiffany – the jewelery line reinterpreted

With the new jewelry collection “Return to Tiffany Love”, the New York jewelery label wants to set a mark in today’s fast-paced society. How fast are distributed now almost indiscriminately “like it” on Facebook, Instagram and Co.. But what has become of the true value of affection for others? Clicking on a virtual button is easy, but true love express something else. In this collection of love you can find noble versions of the classic Tiffany heart bracelet in high-quality 18 carat white or rose gold and also in classic 925 sterling silver.

However, due to the high demand for Tiffany & Co. heart bracelets, product piracy has also brought a series of fakes onto the market. We can not advise you of these fakes. Every cent you invest in a fake is pure waste. Many inferior plagiarism can be seen at a glance – and even high-quality counterfeits can never have the same value as an original Tiffany heart bracelet. Since the beautiful heart bracelets are unfortunately not quite cheap, we recommend you look in verified second hand shops for your desired model. In order not to have to go through all the online shops individually, you will find the best models from many different partner shops at a glance. And do not worry, the shops are absolutely trustworthy and have checked the originality of the jewelery before the resale. Nevertheless, we have a few criteria for you that you should pay attention to:

Material and color

The Tiffany Heart Bracelets are all made from high quality sterling silver. Counterfeits are usually only silvered. You can often see the difference with the naked eye. If you notice a very bright, almost whitish glow, it is probably a fake, because this indicates rhodium plating. An original Tiffany heart bracelet should seem silbergrau. The striking blue of Tiffany & Co was created by the French Empress Eugénie de Montijo more than 160 years ago. Nowadays the hue is the identification mark of the company Tiffany & Co. The jewelery label has even patented the color as “Tiffany blue”.

Shape and size

There are many different variants of the popular heart bracelet from Tiffany & Co. Therefore, we have listed for you all different variants with shape and size:

Return to Tiffany Ball Bracelets Small Balls:

  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet Small, 16,51 cm long – balls, 4 mm
  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet medium, 17.78 cm long – balls, 4 mm
  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet Large, 19,05 cm long – balls, 4 mm

Return to Tiffany Ball Bracelet Large Balls:

  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet Small, 17.78 cm long – balls, 8 mm
  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet medium, 19,05 cm long – balls, 8 mm
  • Heart pendant on a ball bracelet Large, 20,32 cm long – balls, 8 mm

return to Tiffany Charm Bracelet with Heart Pendant:

  • Small, 17.8 cm long
  • Medium, 19,05 cm long
  • Large, 20.32 inches long

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Heart Pendant:

  • Small, 15,24 cm long
  • Medium, 16.51 cm long
  • Large, 17.78 cm long

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Key and Love Pendant

  • Small, 15.2 cm long
  • Medium, 15.5 cm long
  • Large, 17.8 cm long

Return to Tiffany Double Bracelet with Heart Pendant:

  • Small, 17.5 cm long
  • Medium, 19 cm long
  • Large, 20 cm long


Deviations in model from pure sterling silver

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Heart Pendant and Toggle Closure:

  • Small, 18,42 cm long
  • Medium, 20,32 cm long
  • Large, 20.96 cm long

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Multiple Heart Pendants:

    • Small, 17.8 cm long
    • Medium, 19,05 cm long
    • Large, 20.32 inches long


Differences in model from gold

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Love Castle:

        • Small 16.5 cm long
        • Medium 19.7 cm long
        • Large 21.6 cm long

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Heart Pendant and Key:

        • Small, 17.5 cm long
        • Medium, 18.5 cm long
        • Large 20 cm long

Return to Tiffany Bracelet with Chain and Heart Pendant:

        • Small, for wrists up to 14.6 cm circumference
        • Medium, for wrists up to 15,9 cm circumference
        • Large, for wrists up to 17.1 cm circumference


If your bracelet does not match the given dimensions, you can be sure that your heart bracelet is not an original from Tiffany & Co..

The quality

The chain links of your Tiffany Heart Bracelet should all be made from one piece. If you can see a weld, your heart bracelet is probably not an original. On the occlusion you find a small number “925” as a term for the quality of sterling silver. On the heart pendant should be sharp and clean readable “Please return to TIFFANY & CO. New York 925 “. On some models the “925” is missing or is replaced by “750” if it is a Tiffany heart bracelet made of gold. The new models are labeled “Love”. In general, your heart bracelet should feel heavy and valuable. Of course there are a few more detailed criteria for each individual model, which point to the originality of the piece of jewelery. Therefore, you should definitely compare your Tiffany heart bracelet with the product photos of your model on the company website of Tiffany & Co..

Cardboard, bags & cleaning cloth

An original Tiffany heart bracelet is always sold in a small, “Tiffany blue” box, the so-called “Blue Box”. The material of an original is slightly grained, while forgeries usually have a smooth surface. The “TIFFANY & CO.” Logo is printed relatively centrally on the top of the cardboard. For fakes, the letters are mostly not printed on a line and often too far up. Inside the box is the heart bracelet in a bag with a waistband. The sachet is placed in a white, dense cotton bag. In the case of counterfeits, this is usually grayish and open-pore. In every original box you will also find a cleaning cloth case. In the case you find next to the cleaning cloth also a small card with care instructions. Counterfeits are mostly not rectangular, but unclean.


Pay attention to a good quality of the invoice. Counterfeits are often only printed using a low-quality inkjet printer. The writing should be clear and clean. Many forgers do not even bother to make a “new”, fake bill, but simply copy an original invoice and accept the bad print quality.

The price

When preloved jewelry is generally called caution! For a layman it is not easy to distinguish an original Tiffany heart bracelet from high-quality fakes. The product piracy has brought on the market fakes from real sterling silver, which they sell online for several hundred euros. The classic is definitely the Tiffany & Co. heart bracelet from 925 sterling silver. The original price of this jewel is 350 €. The variant with toggle closure costs 430 € and the ball bracelet with small heart pendant 310 €. Gold models cost around € 4,400. So you see, the price of jewelery varies according to model and material. If you discover online the Tiffany heart bracelet from 18 carat gold, which costs 4,400 € in the original, for a few hundred euros, then this is most likely a fake. Therefore, we recommend you buy Tiffany Heart Bracelets only at trustworthy second hand shops. On Catchy, you will be redirected to verified partner shops, who will scrutinize their products before reselling them.

In general, Tiffany & Co. is inevitably one of the high-priced jewelery labels – quality and timeless elegance has its price. But we find every single cent you spend on a heart bracelet from Tiffany & Co. is well invested, after all you have it for a lifetime with good care.

Secondhand & Vintage

If you want to enjoy a heart bracelet from Tiffany & Co. and even make a bargain, you should definitely look at the beautiful second hand finds on Catchys. Also preloved are the unique pieces of jewelry still in a good condition to purchase at fair prices. A heart bracelet from Tiffany is definitely a good investment. On the basis of our Fake check criteria you should now be equipped for the second hand purchase. We hope you enjoy shopping!

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