Fake Check: This is how you recognize a genuine Valentino bag

Sometimes it is also not easy for experienced fashionistas to recognize at first sight: Fake or genuine? The counterfeits around designer handbags and co. Are getting better and better. But still: Fingers away! We do not want to give the Copy-Cats any platform. Also, if it is sometimes quite tempting for the purse. Buy a fake designer handbag? No way. This is the real creation of the designer with feet, then I prefer to invest in a cool bag of Zara. But what if we are unconsciously groping into the fake trap? Do not you think? If you’re not careful, then you have a fake Valentino bag “get hold of” as one is perhaps dear. Fake Check: What you should look for when buying a Valentino bag! This is how you recognize the authenticity of this designer bag.

1. The dealer

Very important: for the authenticity of a Valentino bag, it is crucial where you buy it. Whether at the store around the corner, in the popular holiday resort or conveniently in the net – check the dealer exactly. If you do not live in a big city, then the best addresses for designer shopping are usually found on the net. There are many well-known shops that offer Valentino bags and you can be sure that they are not a fake. You also do not have to worry about certified online second hand shops because the Valentino bags – as well as all other designer handbags – are checked for their authenticity. For you it is therefore the safest to buy there or just in the specially created Valentino stores. Fingers away from dubious shops and alleged bargains on Ebay & Co.! There is absolute fake risk.

2. The price of the Valentino bag

A genuine Valentino bag has its price and is proud! For a Valentino Rockstud in small you have to go around the 1500 euro. This is a big sum, but if you love fashion, you will be happy to give this prize. Many model-lovers save on such a bag and then spend less on vacation. This is also completely okay. If you do not want to spend so much money on a genuine Valentino bag, then you can browse through second hand shops like Catchys. There are genuine designer bags in a super quality at a fair price. I say fair, because the price of a Valentino second handbag can still be very high. Such bags simply never lose value. On the contrary: over the years, Valentino Bags are a real investment that increases in value. A purchase is worth it! If you stumble on the internet at very cheap prices of Valentino bags – be vigilant! In 90 percent of the cases this is not true. Genuine Valentino bags are never sold below value!

3. The rivets of Valentino Rockstud

One of the most popular and currently also the most harsh Valentino models is definitely the Valentino Rockstud . On Instagram it is teeming with trendy outfit inspirations and always with it: the Valentino Rockstud. As this model goes just through the ceiling in fashion, it is also overly counterfeited. Because the demand is unfortunately there! At the Valentino Rockstud you should therefore pay attention to some things – above all: the rivet ornamentation. This is the hallmark of the Valentino Rockstud bag. The rivets are pyramidal and uniformly distributed on the pocket in a unit size. In addition, there is no gap between the leather and the rivet. The rivet applications are fixed and flat on the leather. So if you find that the rivets are not attached to the leather, then you probably have a fake in your hands.

4. The logo on the outside

If you want to buy a Valentino bag, then your first look should always be on the logo. Here you can usually find out whether it is a fake or not. In a Valentino Rockstud bag, the logo is always printed on the leather on the outside. Partially it can also be printed on a sewn leather patch. Also make sure that the color of the logo matches the color of the rivets: Silver and silver as well as gold with gold!

5. The logo on the inside

Of course Valentino also has a logo inside. Make sure the Valentino signature is centered on a red patch. The red patch should be sewn cleanly on all four sides with the inner lining of the Valentino bag. The label itself may vary according to the time the bag was made. Is the bag, for example, from 2011 or later? Then you will find the label “Valentino, Garavani, Made in Italy” on the label.

6. The serial number of the Valentino bag

What would designer bags be without their serial number? Valentino has also introduced a serial number for the luxury bags in recent years. They are usually found on a label in the inner pocket, where they were sewn into the side seam. The color of the label does not usually correspond to the other components of the bag. As a rule, the color is mostly black, cream-colored or light brown.

Insider tips: What else should you pay attention to when buying a second hand designer bag – you can read here !

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