Fake Check: This is how you recognize a genuine Ray Ban sunglasses

When it comes to the subject of sunglasses, there is a certain brand, which is not a path: Ray Ban. The label enjoys legendary popularity and attention, even stylists and stars wear the sunglasses completely self-evident.

Since 1937 Ray Ban is already in the business and can extend the success nearly unrivaled to today. From the classic Clubmaster model to the more elegant Wayfarer model, Ray Ban is clearly the top brand for sunglasses and has the right creation for every taste. The hype and success of the Ray Ban Shades , however, unfortunately also has its shading sides, which also does not protect even so stylish sunglasses: Due to the great popularity of the label, the glasses are often fake and unknowing buyers misled. Attention must be paid to the features on the spectacles themselves and on the case. To avoid falling into a fake and to be sure of the authenticity of the Ray Ban sunglasses, here is the ultimate Catchy’s Fake Check:

The processing of the Ray Ban sunglasses

If you want to find out whether the new Ray Ban sunglasses really is an original, you should pay attention first and foremost to the processing. For the authenticity of the <Ray Ban glasses speaks a high-quality and careful manufacture.

The originals are made of acetate and have been polished by hand. Features that speak for a fake are rough places, sharp edges or notches on the glasses. These can be found in fake models mainly at the attachments and tops of the temples as well as the upper glass edges. In addition, attention should also be paid to the metal joints: For this purpose, the spectacles should be opened and viewed from behind. The metal joints must be properly attached to an original Ray Ban sunglasses and not simply glued. Genuine Ray Ban shades have partial metal joints with seven toothings or other high-quality joints. Also the weight of the sunglasses is an indication of the authenticity of the glasses. This must not be too light and must be stable in any case.

The glasses of the Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Bans is available with both glass and plastic glasses. The original Ray Ban logo must be on the right glass. The original Ray Ban lettering must be printed in white on the eyeglass lens and can not be scraped with the fingernail. For polarizing lenses there is an additional P behind the label lettering. The sign “RB” must be engraved on the left-hand glass in the middle of the area. If one holds the glasses against the light, one recognizes the lettering best.

The engravings on the Ray Ban sunglasses

In the models “Clubmaster” and “Wayfarer” can be found in the upper corners of the glasses Ray Ban engravings. These are small, silver and have to be engraved in diamond shapes or ovals. Marks for a high-quality original are the fact that the sharp and glossy engravings can not simply be scraped off like the logo on the spectacle lenses themselves.

The Ray Ban sticker

On models with plastic lenses from Ray Ban you can not find any logo stickers. On polarizing glasses, on the other hand, a red-white sticker with a black font is glued in a rectangular shape. From the collections, which were created in 2010, the sticker is round and silbergrau with the two imprints “Ray Ban” and “Polarized”. On the sticker is also an additional emblem of a spectacle lens and a white P in it. Still other models with silicate glasses have a golden label. Regardless of which model is used, in the case of the logo stickers on the polarizing lenses, the circled R must always be present as a registered trademark mark next to the Ray Ban logo.

The nose bridge of the Ray Ban sunglasses

The nose pads on metal frames of the label Ray Ban are made of transparent clear plastic, in the middle of which a metal core is anchored. In addition, the Ray Ban sign is stamped on the nose pads. Above the nose must be the lettering from above “B & L Ray Ban USA”, in some models a letter or a sequence of numbers.

The straps of the Ray Ban sunglasses

The label logo must also be found on the side bracket: It consists of a cursive lettering and, above all, has to be processed very cleanly, the color must not be peeled off. The writing must be printed flat on the strap, glued or even embossed logos are a clear indication of a fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Only with special Ray Ban models with very thin straps such as the model “Aviator” the label on the strap may be missing. On the inside of the brackets, the model number must be noted for genuine Ray Bans. Thus, on the left of the two brackets, both the serial number and the production number are shown. On the other hand, the inscriptions “Made in Italy” and “CE” must be found. The latter stands for the certification of spectacles in Europe. In addition, the serial number on the spectacle strap should be matched with that on the original packaging, since these must necessarily match.

The Ray Ban sunglasses case

The authenticity of the Ray Ban sunglasses can only be seen on the sunglasses themselves, but also on the supplied spectacle case. This is made of a material that feels like genuine leather and forms a hard, solid shell for the glasses. The case must be of high quality and have clean seams. As a special feature, a glossy golden logo is printed on the left front. This should include the lettering “100% UV Protection – Ray Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica”. As already mentioned, the serial number must also be marked on the spectacle case apart from the inside of the spectacle hangers. In addition, other important information should be included on the case. Data that must appear on the package is the model number, starting with “RB” or “0RB”, and the submodel number consisting of one letter and four digits. In addition, the code for the type of lenses as well as the width of the spectacle lenses are written on the case in millimeters.

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