Fake Check: This is how you recognize a real longchamp bag

The classic Longchamp bag definitely divides the fashion lovers into two camps: The one love them and the others can simply do nothing with a Longchamp bag. Which side do you belong to? Love or Hate: Are you pro or contra Longchamp bag? It does not matter if you find the bag super cool, or rather a little fake – a fake you should not generally fish – and it can happen quite quickly. Longchamp bags are simply quite handy – I know hardly another bag, which is so simple to stow away (we are talking about the Le Pliage model) and still offers enough space for all important things, e.g. our daily essentials such as hand creme, powder, lip balm and our favorite fragrance. For the university or the office finds even a MacBook without problems enough space in the bag. And if after the evening of the party you should flicker quickly to the supermarket, even find your food shopping place in a longchamp bag. The minimalistic cult bag by Longchamp is a real space miracle. And the best thing is: If you happen to have a small coffee to go malheur, then the bag is easy to wash at 20 to 30 degrees in the machine wash.

Daily essentials that easily fit into your favorite Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’

The demand for Longchamp bags is accordingly huge – as it is so super practical and simply timeless – the more Copy Cats are on the move and copy what keeps the stuff. They do not produce “bad” fakes, which can be seen from 300 meters away. No, the plagiarism is really well done and hardly ever distinguish from the original. But a trained fashion eye should always be vigilant and recognize a real longchamp bag immediately. We will show you what you should watch at the next Longchamp Le Pliage shopping, so you do not fall into the fake trap!

Good to know: Did you know that the model Le Pliage of Longchamp was inspired by Origami from the Far East? Depending on the season, the minimalistic model is available in up to 12 different colors and designs.

The material

The Le Pliage model by Longchamp consists of two materials: the foldable bag and the smaller inner bag are made of a super-light nylon. The flap and handles are made of leather. Make sure that the material does not smell unpleasantly according to chemistry or glue. This is never the case with an original longchamp bag. In addition, it is also advisable to take a close look at the leather pattern. For the original longchamp pocket, the pattern resembles the leather of the diamond optics – the lines are arranged relatively straight and diagonally to each other. With a fake the texture of the leather pattern is rather uneven or even completely without structure.

The handles

Yes, you should also inspect the handles with a Longchamp bag first, if you are not sure if it is an original. In a real longchamp bag, the handles are relatively flat and here, too, the diamond pattern, which can already be found in the leather flap, should appear. An important feature of a real longchamp is the color of the side edge of the handles. This is always black or dark brown in an original, but never light brown or in any other color. Also you can recognize a fake by the fact that the handles are rather plump.

The leather flap

As already mentioned, a diamond pattern is found on the leather flap of an original longchamp bag. In addition, you should also pay attention to the back of the flap, because you can quickly find a fake Longchamp bag. If the bag is gefaked, the back of the leather flap is usually completely smooth or very, very frayed. That would be really unthinkable with a real Longchamp bag – here the leather is slightly roughened on the back of the flap, almost smooth and has a soft handle. In addition, the Jockey logo should be easily pushed through the front of the leather flap.

If you now take a look at the back of the closure, you should immediately notice a golden button in a genuine Longchamp bag, in which the letters “Original Prym 6 / 4B” were embossed.

Good to know: Le Pliage bags by Longchamp, according to the Year 2013 are marked “Longchamp Longchamp”.

The logo

Let us now come to the heart of every designer bag: the logo. With a real longchamp bag it is unmistakably the jockey on the leather flap. This is positioned three-dimensionally centered over the (usually) golden lock button. When you stroke the logo with your finger, you can feel the embossing – so it’s not just printed on the leather. Very important: The jockey as well as the horse show both to the left! Do not be surprised if you have a model of Longchamp in your hands with a line-shaped imprint below the logo. This is, of course, a real longchamp bag, just an older model. The newer creations are no longer to be seen. In addition to the logo on the leather flap, you can also find the jockey in the center on the shutter button, as well as the inscription “Longchamp 1984”.

Size and embossing

Although the Le Pliage model by Longchamp has been kept very minimalistic, you should not forget the back of the bag. Because here too, a fake can quickly differ from a real Longchamp bag. The back of the leather flap of the model Le Pliage is different depending on size and model.

On the one hand, there are the following sizes of Le Pliage from Longchamp:

Type S: Short handle and small bag Type M: Short handle and medium bag Type L: Short handles and large bag (also suitable as travel bag) Type XL: Short handle and very large bag (also suitable as a travel bag) Type Shopping: Long handle as well as small (S) or medium (M) bags

These sizes of Le Pliage should be marked as “LONGCHAMP E PLIAGE” – MODÈLE DÉPOSE “or as” LONGCHAMP E PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ ” Bag. You should also pay attention to the correct spelling, because especially with the Bindestrick or the Accents can fake “mistakes” sneak in. In any case, check that the first accent points above the “E” to the lower right and the second and third accent over the “E” to the upper right. In older versions of the Le Pliage model, modifications may occur. The following are examples of the authenticity of the Longchamp bag: “PLIAGES LONGCHAMP – TYPE” S “MODÉLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE” or “LE PLIAGE LONGCHAMP – TYPE” L “MODÉLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE” , LONGCHAMP PARIS MODÉLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE ”.

The hardware

The Le Pliage by Longchamp does not look like any other model, but the zipper is very popular with the Copy Cats, to make small but subtle differences with the original. A real Longchamp bag always recognizes that the zipper (always in the color of the bag except for the zipper) is equipped with YKK, T and a 45. On the zipper itself is also the logo of the Jockeys plus a “Longchamp” embossing and the 1948 year can be found. Here, too, there is a small difference in the older models: Instead of the 1948 date, the coinage “Paris” and “France” are reproduced here. In addition, the zippers of the older models are not those of YKK!

Good to know: Did you know that YKK is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of zippers? Originally, YKK was founded in Japan and the name stands for (Y) Yoshida, (K) Kogyo Industry, (K) Kabushikigaisha – AG.

The dealer

As one says so beautifully: “Caution is the mother of the Porzellankiste.” This also applies to the purchase of bags. If you are looking for a longchamp bag with some untrustworthy onlineshops, then you can only go wrong. Open your eyes! It does not speak at all about onlineshopping, but you should know where and how. Because on the net a fake is bought really fast, since you can not look at the more or less good piece and test the haptics. If you want to buy a Longchamp bag online, then shop in stores that are trustworthy and specialize in designer bags. This is not a risk. Longchamp also offers an onlineshop, since you are then really on the safe side. Alternatively, you can also shop classic in the store. The Longchamp label now has its own sales area in almost every major city.

Small tip: Keep the price in mind. A genuine Longchamp bag is not as high as other designer bags, but for a little money is a new model nevertheless not to get hold of. So if the price is too much for bargains, then here is called fake alarm!

Do not panic, if you should fall into the trap trap. This is what you learn and the next time you are more cautious. Especially on the Internet is a healthy portion of distrust goldwert! With our small fake check to the Longchamp bag, you should not get a fake in the fingers!

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