Fake Check: This is how you recognize a real Givenchy bag

Givenchy is one of the labels that delivers elegant, timeless and modern bags for the season. In addition to new trend models, there is also an almost endless series of it-bags, which have now become classics – including the Antigona , the Nightingale or Pandora Bag. Every fashion connoisseur knows that the Givenchy bags prove the investment is more than worthwhile because the designs defy fast-moving trends without losing modernity. They complement each style and offer freedom for thousands of combinations and still have a strong recognition value, which is loud for Givenchy. Last but not least, the high quality of the materials and the workmanship is convincing, so that with a good care and appropriate storage a very long pleasure in the wearer can be expected.

But nothing is more disappointing than to put an enormous amount of money into the dream bag, and to find out afterwards that you were the victim of a fake. Even the stereotype that fake bags are always immediately recognizable and cheap, does not always prove true – now there are so good fakes that only a really well trained eye behind the fraud comes. Therefore it is always recommended to buy the bags – whether new or used – directly at the manufacturer or trustworthy shops. Knowing which details you should pay attention to make sure you have an original Givenchy bag in your hands can not hurt.

This is why we have taken a real Givenchy bag under the microscope and compared it with a fake. These are the points to which you should look as a future Givenchy expert:

Construction and materials

Givenchy bags are often clearly structured, such as Givenchy Antigona. That is, they do not fall together when they are upright. The quality of the leather is also decisive – it must be solid enough. If the leather is too soft or the processing too careless, the clear shape is no longer recognizable and the bag collapses into itself. Thus, the leather – from veal to goat leather – should always be structured, but still feel very soft and luxurious. Authentic Givenchy leather looks supple, while fakes often look more plastic.

The logo

Something as prominent as the logo is always very carefully to look at designer bags, corresponding also with Givenchy bags. It should be absolutely clear, that is, no adhesive marks around the letters rum or similar impurities. The font is balanced, straight and is parallel to the seam or the pocket edge and also the individual letters are the Givenchy of the width and height the same and are abraded.

The handles

In many models of Givenchy bags , the handles are quite thin, but still stiff enough to stand upright, if the model so provides. They are always the same width and long. Also the way the handles are sewn, says a lot about the authenticity of the bag – the seam is always clean, straight and has the same color as the handles. The leather of the handles is also always in the same color as the rest of the bag – even minimal deviations, such as a different red tone, should not be found in an original Givenchy bag.

The inner life

Givenchy bags are inside with a cotton fabric, which has the same color as the bag or other details inside, like the label or the zipper inside pocket. The inner life is not attached to the leather with glue and has only a central seam on the floor. It should fit perfectly from the dimensions and should not be too loose or tight.

The hardware

In general the highest quality in design pockets – the hardware must by no means be too light or made of cheap material. Most Givenchy bags have a very large zipper by Raccagni, but since about 2015, the French luxury brand uses zip fasteners with their own Logo, more precisely, it is “Givenchy” and underneath, in a smaller font, “Paris” – for authenticity the zipper should be compared with the date of the serial number. Say, an Antigona of 2012 has a Raccagni zipper, one of 2016 a Givenchy zipper.

The floor

Often, Givenchy bags are “feet” on the floor, which consist of two strips of several superimposed and glued leather layers. Especially here, many imitators make serious mistakes, where you can easily recognize a fake Givenchy bag. The most common of these are as follows: – Instead of the leather strip is a simple seam in the form of the stripes – The stripes are differently long or wide – They are not parallel to each other or the edge of the bag – They are embroidered and have no seam Seam is around the leather strips and not on them on it

Brand Stamping

On the inside of a Givenchy bag, there is a leather flap on the “GIVENCHY”, engraved in smaller letters “MADE IN ITALY”, as always, clearly, clearly and evenly. Never should this script be printed or sewn. This is also always placed in the middle of the tab and the tab itself is always clean – that means: no roughened edges or a slate cut.

Serial number

A further indication is the engraved serial number which is either inside the bag or hidden in one of the pockets. The serial number complies with the LVMH standard and consists of six to seven characters, a combination of two to three letters and four numbers. The letters indicate the manufacturing facility while the numbers specify the time of manufacture. The first and third number mark the week of the manufacture, the second and fourth number stand for the year. For example, the serial number “FO3057” would mean that the bag had been manufactured in an Italian manufacturing facility (which has the manufacturing country code “FO”) in the 35th week of 2007.

The dust bag / The dust bag

When buying a used Givenchy bag, it is always good when a dust bag is available. On the one hand, because you have an excellent storage possibility of the bag and on the other hand, because many fakes do not even contain a dust bag. If there is one, however, caution is advised, because even dust bags are gefaked. An original dust bag by Givenchy consists of a white cotton-twill fabric. This should be “Givenchy” or “Givenchy Paris”. The writing is always very clear and defined. Small bubbles or an unevenly distributed ink speak against the genuineness of the dust bag and then against that of the purchased Givenchy bag.

The price

As far as the price of a Givenchy bag is concerned, you can always assume that if it is too good to be true, it is probably also. Check out the official Givenchy page to find out more about what’s new in your pocket and compare several suppliers. Catchys offers you a very simple overview of possible prices of a second hand model from different partnerhops.

The Givenchy Antigona

Since the most fake Givenchy bag is the “Antigona” model, these are the two things you should be aware of in the triangular leather logo detail with the Givenchy metal logo between the handles on the front of the Antigona: The lower corner of the triangle should lie exactly in the middle of the two handles – the triangular logo detail is with raw cotton stuffed – that is, it is somewhat vaulted and fluffy and not absolutely flat. However, it should not be too bloated, so an accurate inspection is very important.

The general rule

Always buy designer bags directly in official, legitimate stores with an authenticity guarantee – read the shop reviews and find out if there is protection for you as a buyer. Catchys inspects his partner shops exactly so that you can shop with a clear conscience at will, without having to worry about falling into a fake trap.

Here are the insider tips for buying a designer second handbag.

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