Fake Check: This is how you recognize a genuine Cartier Love bracelet

“Jewelry has a unique look and feel.” – And that’s exactly what makes the brand unique: the jewelry label Cartier.

Since 1997, the French jewelery and watch company has been part of the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. In 2009 Cartier celebrated its 100th anniversary in the USA. The success of the company grew even more by creations such as the “Trinity” Ring and the “Panther” Ring. Typical for Cartier jewelery is, for example, the Leopard from the collection “Panthère de Cartier” , which is implemented in various variations of jewelery. Its eyes are made of emeralds, the dark spots of the leopard are made of onyx or sapphires.

The creation of the jewelery company, which has also been particularly popular in Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz or Angelina Jolie, is the famous Cartier Love bracelet. This is actually one of the most iconic jewels of history, which makes the bracelet even more desirable and symbolic. It originated in the 1970s in New York and sealed a love that is freed from all conventions. The jewelry classic consists of two parts and can be opened and closed using a high-quality screwdriver. In former times the man carried the little screwdriver on a chain round his neck, so he had the key to the jewelery that the wrist of his heart lady flattered. The perfect oval, the graphic screws and the timeless elegance make the bracelet a strong symbol. The bracelet is set with diamonds and available in various gold shades: white, red and yellow gold.

Due to the popularity of the bracelet, there are also many fake Cartier Love bracelets. Just as the first Cartier Love Bracelets came onto the market, they were not yet equipped with serial numbers. This fact has led many forgers to put fakes of the iconic jewel into circulation. In fact, it is assumed that at least half of the bracelets that arose in the 1970s are fake pieces. In order not to fall into any of these spurious bracelets, there are some points that you should pay attention to in order to be certain of the authenticity of the coveted Cartier bracelets:

The materials

As already mentioned, the gold color of the bracelet can vary between different gold tones. However, the Cartier Love Bracelets are always made of 18 karat gold or platinum. In addition, the stamp must be respected. Characteristics that speak for the authenticity of the Cartier Love bracelet are thus the metal and carat type, the latter should even be mentioned on both halves of the piece of jewelery. The Cartier Love bracelet is decorated with ten brilliants of a total of 0.69 ct. Only the pure gold arm is not covered with any brilliants.

The color of the Cartier Love Bracelet

It is important to pay attention to the color of the bracelet when it comes to identifying a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet: As already mentioned, the label’s genuine jewels are in yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. Fake fakes, on the other hand, are usually made of sterling silver, often using a fake gold coating to imitate the gold shades of the original Love Bracelets.

The Cartier signature

The Cartier signature is especially important: the brand logo must be engraved on the inside of the bracelet in the italic type specific to the brand. The letters must be clear and clean. It should be mentioned that the label engraving can vary slightly depending on the production year.

The Cartier Love Bracelets

A particularly exceptional feature of some of the Cartier Love Bracelets are the screw punches. Using a supplied screwdriver, the jewelery can become the constant companion of the wearer. To ensure a perfect fit, certain models of the Love Bracelets are equipped with so-called screw heads. For fake bracelets, notice that the indentations are completely uneven for the screwdriver and do not have any clear lines. Fakes are accordingly not so much soft outlines, but rather coarse superficial impressions. The material around the screw punch is therefore often almost “swollen” and can not be compared with the fine stamping of genuine Cartier bracelets.

Also, when trying to open the Cartier Love bracelet, it is also possible to determine whether it is a fake: with a genuine bracelet, the supplied screwdriver should fit perfectly into the screw punch and can also be turned very easily. Accordingly, genuine Cartier Love bracelets can be easily opened.

The size of the Cartier Love Bracelet

The size of each Cartier Love Bracelet is engraved inside the bracelet. The jewels are available in size 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 cm and describe the circumference of the wrist. If the size is not engraved, it is definitely not a genuine Cartier bracelet.

The Cartier serial number

Each individual ornament of the label has an individual serial number. This is never given twice and is thus absolutely unique. The format of the serial number with which Cartier’s creations are made has changed over the years. This is mainly because of the increased popularity of the iconic bracelet. Possible formats for the serial numbers and corresponding examples are:

5 digits and one letter (12345 A), 2 letters and 4 digits (AA 1234), 3 letters and 3 digits (ABC 123)

The Cartier Boxing

Of course the authenticity of a Cartier jewelery can also be seen in the appropriate boxing. This is made up of the Cartier jewelery box and the jewelery box itself. Even with the bag, Fakes can be clearly identified with certain features: Original Cartier bags must be soft, structured paper. It should give a leathery appearance and, on closer examination, look like a luxurious reptile skin.

Fake bags, on the other hand, are not made of high quality and are made of crackling paper. In addition, attention must be paid to the redness of the bag. The original is a very deep red. Even on the handles of the jewelery bags a Cartier fake can be made. The cordels in deep purple should be woven through the sides of the bag and have a gold- or brass-colored fastening. If the baggage of the bag reminds rather of a shoelace, it is most likely a fake. The label “Cartier” should also be written in noble gold foil on the front of the bag. On the original, the bottom of the jewelery bag is additionally reinforced by a red cardboard box.

Also the box, in which the precious jewelery is to be found, speaks volumes about the authenticity of the contained Cartier Love Bracelets. The box of the jewelery is decorated with gold flowers on the edges of the box, but an original does not have a “Cartier” label on the top of the box! The logo is stamped on the floor in real boxes. Inside the jewelery box should be found noble white satin, written in gold letters Cartier. The bottom of the box is made of white leather.

The price

A clear indication of a fake Cartier Love bracelet is, of course, the price – this remains the best indicator. The famous Cartier jewelery is available on the official website of the brand from about 4000 euros, the price varies, depending on the model, gold tone and number of diamonds.

If you discover – especially online – a considerably cheaper bracelet for, for example, only several hundred euros, so it is definitely a fake. In general, Cartier’s creations are compared to other popular jewelry jewelery in the higher price segment, but combined with so much history and uniqueness, the icons are worth the price. The high quality processing of the bracelets is absolutely timeless and full of elegance, the connoisseurs immediately will be noticed.

Secondhand & Vintage

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – a wisdom that has already been spread by Marilyn Monroe. A special piece of jewelery is simply worth every outfit and gives the wearer an elegance that no other accessory can do.

Especially the cartoons of Cartier have done it to women all over the world and above all the Cartier Love bracelet became an icon. If you would like to come into the possession of the jewelery classics, but still do not want to take too deeply into the bag should think about a secondhand purchase. The beautiful bracelets of the label are available at various dealers to buy. Especially with the help of this Fake Check you can look carefully for used Cartier Love Bracelets!

Since the Love Bracelet is so popular by Cartier, a whole jewelry line has also been named after him: the Love Collection. The Love Ring, the Love Earrings and the Love Collier were designed. Our favorite is, however, the Cartier Love Bracelet, which in our day is even a genuine jewelery classic! It has maximum recognition value and in addition to the stunning design also a strong symbolic force.

It is no wonder then that stylists such as Princess Diana, Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross had already sunk into the classic. Also, we do not want to wait any longer until our Traummann finally arrives at the gift idea of ​​a Cartier Love Bracelet and decorate our wrist simply with the iconic bracelet. Or why not the same with the entire Love collection?

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