Fake Check: This is how you recognize a genuine Saint Laurent bag

Classic, classic, Saint Laurent ! The Saint Laurent bags are regarded as true classics among the pocket lovers. The designer bags are made to a very high standard and therefore they have a proud price, which bleeds some fashionista money bags. The design piece can be quite expensive. No wonder, therefore, that more and more copy cats frolick in the market and try to bring their spurious bags to the ‘woman’. The demand is extremely high and that pushes the producers of the imitations. Usually it is not even bad copies, as one knows from one or other vacation from the South. Meanwhile, extremely high-quality plagiarisms are produced, which can also be obtained for a few thousand euros. So be careful! Fortunately there are now many onlineshops, which offer an authenticity check and a guarantee. Still, it is always worth knowing what exactly an original Saint Laurent bag differs from a fake model. We reveal to you today the most important points of a genuine Saint Laurent bag:

Material and color

Each fashion-conscious woman recognizes a Saint Laurent bag at a distance of 100 meters. The straight-line cut and outstanding quality make the designer bag a timeless model for all ages. The design is clearly identifiable – each Saint Laurent bag embodies the unique style of the fashion house, which is oriented towards a clear and emancipated emancipated direction. Absolutely high-quality materials such as satin and leather in the inner lining as well as leather as the upper material make the high quality clear. Saint Laurent uses smooth or grained leather for the designer bags as well as materials such as suede, crocodile or calfskin. This is the first sign that your Saint Laurent is an original, that the leather feels accordingly high-quality. Also the colors used by Saint Laurent are unique. They range from classic black and white to discreet powder, gray and brown tones to powerful nuances. The color should be evenly spread over the entire designer bag and never look as if it was applied or sprayed. This can often be seen at the first glance. The bags of Saint Laurent are made in Italy, by the way. Be careful with an unpleasant plastic smell! This indicates a poor quality and a plagiarism. An original Saint Laurent bag has only the typical leather smell.

The hardware

The Saint Laurent bags are usually equipped with a lot of hardware. High-quality metal on the upper material, which has been excellently processed, shows the luxury manuscripts of the fashion house. Both the zipper and details such as chain-shoulder straps also point to the authenticity of the Saint Laurent bag. The material used most often has to be heavy in the hand. In the case of fake designer bags, the metal is often mixed with aluminum, which makes the material lighter and brittle. Make sure that the hardware does not look washed or even peels off. This is then a clear case of plagiarism alarm – fingers away! The metal should be the same color at all points. Imitations usually have a yellowish or greenish “gold tone”. The zipper is labeled “Saint Laurent”. On some models, such as the Sac De Jour, which have a lock and key, these should also be marked with the Saint Laurent logo.

The dust bag

An original Saint Laurent bag always comes, always, with a dust bag. This protects your designer bag from direct sunlight, as well as from moisture. The typical Saint Laurent logo – the intricate YSL Monogram – or the white lettering on a black background “Saint Laurent Paris”. The color of the dust bag can vary with the older models from the times of YSL.

Good to know: Until 2012 the fashion house still bore the name “Yves Saint Laurent”. In June 2012 under Hedi Slimane came the big change and from YSL was “Saint Laurent Paris ”. additionally the label received a re-branding in the year: from a slim and graceful typography a rather simple lettering was created. Fashioninsider watched: Typographically, “Saint Laurent” was placed in Helvetica and “Paris” in a serif font called Copperplate. Give – you did not know that either!

The price

A genuine Saint Laurent bag has its price and is really proud! If you do not want to spend so much money on a Saint Laurent bag, you can look around at second hand shops like Catchys. There are guaranteed genuine designer bags in a super quality at a fair price. For designer bags always applies – if the price is too ‘fair’ ‘, there is the danger of falling into the plagiarism trap. But also the designer bags in second hand shops are not cheap, because a real Saint Laurent has their price. With designer bags, it is the case: Once invested, even their value increases. Some labels attract their prices year after year and often by up to 30 percent. For model lovers this is bitter, but so the bags remain exclusive. And if you’ve bought a designer bag and noticed years later that it is no longer yours, then you can still sell it at a super price. You will hardly make a loss!

Shape and size

Saint Laurent has so many different pocket models that it would blow up the frame here. That is why today we limit ourselves to one of the classics of Hedi Slimane: the Sac De Jour . This Saint Laurent bag was launched in 2013 by the then chief designer Hedi Slimane and is almost four years later still a perfect model for every occasion. The Sac De Jour comes in a sleek, modern shape reminiscent of the Birkin Bag of Hermes. So if a real Birkin Bag is much too expensive, the Sac De Jour should look at! This is not cheap, but it is cheaper than a Birkin Bag. In addition, you do not have to wait long waiting times!

The model Sac De Jour of Saint Laurent perfectly combines structure, style and functionality. For every life situation there is the matching bag and so it comes Sac de Jour in the following four sizes:

Dimensions of the Sac De Jorano: Height: 18 cm / Depth: 10 cm / Width: 22 cm

Dimensions of the Sac De Jour Baby: Height: 20 cm / Depth: 11 cm / Width: 26 cm

Dimensions of the Sac De Jour Small: Height: 27 cm / Depth: 11 cm / Width: 32 cm

Dimensions of the Sac De Jour Large: Height: 27.5 cm / Depth: 19 cm / Width: 36.5 cm


The Saint Laurent bags are always equipped with a serial number – this also reflects once again the authenticity of the designer bag. At the Sac De Jour, this number is printed on a leather patch sewn into the inside pocket or the back of the inner label. The serial number is always six digits and should match the number on the authenticity certificate that you get together with the Saint Laurent bag. In addition, you can have the number look at YSL.com online to determine the authenticity or the model. The metallic “Saint Laurent Paris” logo should also always be glued and glued to the color of the other hardware details of the Saint Laurent bag.

The dealer

In the end, however, it is always important to keep your eyes open when buying bags! Because fake designer bags are now offered to you everywhere. Sometimes they are so well made that even a trained look can only make a difference to an original Saint Laurent bag. We’ve already given you the most important points, so there’s nothing to stop your new Saint Laurent bag. Just ask yourself: Where should you buy a Saint Laurent bag? The first “step” is called Internet browsing. There are many online merchants who guarantee the authenticity of a designer bag and have a certificate of authenticity. Just trust those onlineshops, because just in the wide world wide web are copying numerous Copy Cats, which want to sell you the bags as’ genuine ”. If you want to be completely safe, then you can buy your new Saint Laurent bag, of course, at the Saint Laurent Store.

The story behind the Saint Laurent bag

The designer Yves Saint Laurent worked for the French fashion house of Christian Dior for many years. He was once known as a fashion illustrator of the magazine Vogue. In 1960, Yves Saint Laurent founded his own fashion brand, which still stands for a clear and emancipated style. In 2002 the designer withdrew from his company. Currently the Belgian Anthony Vaccarello chief designer of the house Saint Laurent Paris, he succeeded in April 2016 Hedi Slimane.

Insider tip: What else you should pay attention to when buying a second hand designer bag – you can read here !

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