Washing instructions: Really washed is almost as new bought

"Is not so bad, then I'll buy myself something new!", You often hear as soon as something has a small flaw. With this attitude one goes from the beginning also less carefully with his things. But to whom his clothes means something, he also wants to keep them as long as possible to keep them alive as long as possible. So, in today's article, there are 5 tips that you should keep in mind when you wash your clothes: so that your favorite clothes look longer than new and you can have fun as long as possible!


You are thinking now: "Sure, I already knew." That is, one separates light and dark clothes for washing, is consciously everyone. The stricter you are, however, the better for your clothes! So you should not simply separate "light" and "dark", but consistently wash all the white – the rest belongs to the bun linen. Over your white laundry, otherwise, an ugly graffiti will lie down in time.


Many think: in doubt, rather a step warmer wash – a mistake! With a modern washing machine it is enough from standard laundry or laundry, which smells simply worn and has no stains, to wash to 30 degrees. Too hot wash permanently damages your clothes, makes them rough and makes them look more old. The best way to do this is to use the "easy to maintain" program. With 90 degrees you do not have to wash anything. For bed linen and underwear, 60 degrees completely off.


Powder detergents often leave residue on the clothing, which is annoying and makes extra work. Therefore, use liquid detergent!


What is a more beautiful feeling than clothes, which comes freshly scented from the laundry and is cuddly soft? For this silky soft feeling on the skin you should use best fabric softener. For similar to conditioners in hair care, it penetrates deeply into the individual tissue coatings, smoothes and cares for the fibers. Your clothes look as long as new and will not get so fast rough.


With fine materials from lace you should use a laundry bag, so that nothing breaks. The same applies to clothes with sewn embellishments such as rhinestones or similar. A laundry bag prevents the clothing from getting caught, the tip broken or tearing apart details. In addition, the fine materials do not rub on rougher garments, which is additionally gentle on the sensitive materials.

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