How do I maintain my designer leather case correctly?

Juhuu, you finally decided to buy your first designer handbag or even own some high-quality dream models. If you have already invested so much money in a handbag, you would like to have as much pleasure as possible. Today, a few tips from us come as you like your design bag so that it looks as long as possible beautiful.


Before you wear your designer bag the first time, you should spray it with an impregnation spray. This polishes the leather, keeps dirt away and protects your bag from moisture, fading and drying out. Genuine leather should not come in contact with water, but in case of unexpected rain a well-impregnated bag is better protected. Do not forget the umbrella! Impregnation spray can be found in every leather store or high-quality shoe shops. They are easy to apply, usually inexpensive and definitely a good investment. You should ideally impregnate your leather case every six weeks. Care milk is also suitable for this: carry it over the entire surface with a sponge. But beware: too much of this can cause stains, so use sparingly, because excessive care can damage the leather permanently.

Properly dry

If your bag gets wet, use a cloth or a leather dye fixing agent as soon as possible. If water has also flowed inside, it helps the bag to be filled with newspaper paper and allowed to dry at room temperature. Important: Do not place leather bags on the heater, otherwise the material will become porous. It is also advisable to carry a small plastic bag in your handbag. If it rains suddenly, you can simply stow away your jewelery. Despite the waterproofing, rain is a delicate matter, especially with genuine leather.

Get out of the sun

Direct sunlight can make the leather brittle in the long term. So be careful not to leave the bag in the sun for longer.

Store properly

Proper storage of your designer bag is very important. Sun and heat can cause the color of the bag to change, moisture can even lead to mold. Therefore, you should store your designer bag in a dry, not too warm and shady place. The best thing is to stow your bag in a dust bag in the cupboard to protect the bag from dust and sunlight. The dust bag you usually get when you buy anyway. To keep it in shape, you can put silk paper in your pocket. Thus, it retains its perfect shape.

Keep in mind: the daily use of a leather case leaves traces, which can not be avoided. This is also good, because this way your bag gets its individual character!


If parts of your designer bag are broken (eg the closure), you should immediately contact the shop where you purchased them. Most luxury labels offer a repair service. Alternatively you can also go to the cobbler of your trust or go to a leather specialist.


Leather always needs care to keep the surface supple. There are special care sets for each type of leather. The best way to read the care instructions, which is attached to each pocket model.

Scratches and stains

The best way to clean your leather case is with a dirt eraser, which you can buy in the shoe store or in a specialty shop for bags. Cut it into small pieces, which makes it easier to use. Moisten it slightly and rub over the entire leather pocket, so that the result and the patina fail at the end as uniformly as possible. Since the treatment with a dirt eraser often stresses the sensitive leather, it is important afterwards to apply a high-quality leather care such as leather cream or a special care spray and impregnation. For stubborn stains, you can repeat this process several times. However, leave your bag dry well after each treatment, even if it takes several hours.

Light soiling can also be excellently removed with a damp cloth and a very mild detergent, as long as it is a matter of smooth leather and not ruffle leather, which should not be cleaned with water. However, too much moisture dries the leather, so that the right leather care is essential even after such a cleaning. In the case of ruffle styles such as nubuck or suede as well as suede, a small leather brush is perfect for cleaning between.

If this does not help, you should give your handbag to a shoemaker or professional cleaning. If you yourself with the wrong means range, stain can become still larger.

Order in the bag

Who does not know the chaos in his own handbag? Enveloping hairpins, keys, perfume and makeup products. These can damage the inner lining of your bag, so it is better to pack all the trash in small cosmetic bags. So you always know where everything is and the inner lining remains as new.

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