Leather jackets - so you can use them properly

Everyone should have at least one leather jacket at home – it fits the sporty look as well as the floral dress and can be worn at any time of the year. Especially with such a fashion Evergreen you know that the investment in a high-quality product is worthwhile – unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

Whether on cool summer days or on warm winter days, the leather jacket can be worn all year round and gives every look a certain coolness factor. Investing in a high quality leather jacket guarantees longevity. It is very stable and looks even better with age – provided it is properly maintained. With these tips, you will have a lot of fun with your jacket:


To make your jacket more resistant to water, you should first impregnate it – a silicone polymer spray or an acrylic copolymer spray protect the appearance of the leather and let it shine. Greasy or wax-based products, on the other hand, protect them better, but are less suitable for jackets as they have a potential impact on the color, shine and smell of the jacket. So that your jacket always remains in top form, you should repeat the impregnation every few weeks until every few months. It is also important to know that impregnation does not make the products completely water-repellent – many products claim it, but you should be careful.


To remove the leather jacket from stains, or simply to replenish it, use a special leather cleaner. First, wipe the jacket with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Then take a sponge or other soft cloth and rub a little of the leather cleaner. For leather care products always is – less is more, so first take only one drop – if that is not enough, you can still take more. In doing so, you should be very thorough and make sure that you put everything in, otherwise it can lead to unsightly spots. Do this if your jacket looks dirty or at least two times a year.


Similar to our skin, leather also needs certain care to stay soft and not dry out. Take a conditioner extra for leather and rub it with a cloth in your leather jacket – every time after washing or after it has become wet. Natural animal oils are particularly gentle as conditoners, but these can color the jacket somewhat darker – products, in which wax or silicone contain are cheaper and do not discolor strongly, but can dry the leather. Also, never use any care products containing petroleum or petroleum, which can damage the leather. Be careful with suede or nubuck jackets – here you should be careful, if your leather care product is generally suitable.


Many do not have much thought when their leather jacket gets wet from rain or snow. Finally, our skin and also of cows tolerates quite well, so what is going wrong? The problem is not the water – the natural oils of the leather come to the surface and if they are evaporated or washed away, the leather can become dry, stiff and brittle. If your jacket gets wet, let it dry in the air, use conditioner and apply it every few hours so it does not stiffen. Do not pack the jacket in the closet as long as it is not completely dry – leather is prone to mold.

In general

Leather jackets are made of different leather in a variety of ways – so our tips are very general. Therefore you should always prefer the care instructions from the manufacturer and address the needs of each jacket individually. With appropriate care guarantees you a high quality leatherjacke a long Tragedauer.

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