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If you think of luxury fashion, the term Louis Vuitton immediately - a classic since 1854 and one of the most popular and successful French luxury design brands. Louis Vuitton products all have one thing in common: the signature LV, the distinguishing feature of every Louis Vuitton product. Anyone who comes into the possession of a used Louis Vuitton bag can not only get rare items and thus be an eyecatcher of the evening, but also with the good feeling of a small bag the day. Learn more.

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Did you know that …

  1. Louis Vuitton bags will never be sold under their fixed price
  2. It takes at least a week until a handbag is finished
  3. New Louis Vuitton products, which could not be sold in the season, are destroyed in the factory in order to ensure a fair value
  4. In China LV bags cost twice as much.
  5. LV bags are rigorously tested for their quality – from strong UV radiation to drop tests

Why is Second Hand at Louis Vuitton worthwhile?

New Louis Vuitton merchandise is available on the Internet only through the official Louis Vuitton website – the French Luxushaus does not offer a sale for bargain hunters. So it is often difficult to find a good deal – flipping every retail store is not only extremely time-consuming – the prices are often not lower than with Louis Vuitton itself. The solution? Trustworthy second hand and vintage shops on the net. CATCHYS has a large selection of partner shops offering a guarantee of authenticity and seller and buyer protection. So comparing prices is easy. You can also find older vintage models, which are no longer produced and available. Who knows, you might soon be the new owner of a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy, just like Audrey Hepburn had it.

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The story of Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton was born in Anchay.


He opened his first shop in Paris and sold his first suitcase.


Store opening in London.


Louis Vuitton’s son, George creates the famous and omnipresent Louis Vuitton signature.


The Keepall Reisetasche comes on the market.


The Noé is designed for a champagne producer to transport champagne bottles. The Speedy will be launched on the market.


The Monogram Canvas pattern is designed to expand the range of handbags, purses, etc.


Another model, Papillon is offered.


Louis Vuitton goes public.


LV buys Guerlain, Givenchy, Veuve Cliquot.


Purchase of Moet Hennessy.


Julien Macdonald becomes McQueen’s successor.


The product range is extended by Epi and Taiga. The former factory in Asnieres is transformed into a museum.


Marc Jacobs becomes the creative head of LV.


The customer-specific mass production is introduced.


The Neverfull bag comes on the market.


Cooperation with Yayoi Kusama.

Catchy’s Louis Vuitton Brand Guide

Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are the hanger of the French fashion house. The range now covers 200 bags. Find your cheap second hand Louis Vuitton model!

Louis Vuitton Accessories

An airy Louis Vuitton scarf for the summer, or a warmer for the winter. In addition to the classic Monogram, there are also some with crazy prints and colors. Louis Vuitton for the small purse – a cell phone cover, a key holder, also of Louis Vuitton accessories we are enchanted. You also?
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Louis Vuitton clothing

Clothing by Louis Vuitton is not so well known. Unjustly, we find! With trendy cuts and colors, Louis Vuitton can keep up with the other French fashion houses.

Louis Vuitton Shoes

Fancy in Louis Vuitton shoes, whether flat or tall, the street will be in these shoes to your catwalk.
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