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Longchamp - A well-meaning name of a luxury brand, the heart of Modem girls around the world. And rightly so! Because Longchamp stands for qualité, fonctionnalité and, of course, beauté par excellence. You are looking for a highlight from the home of Longchamp and appreciates the ingenious leather and nylon designs? Then you are the right person at Catchys and can now make the perfect vintage catch! Here you can find the Longchamp Classic Bags, Tops with feminine flair or Trenchcoats à la parisienne. For in you too is a little slumbering Frenchwoman en vogue.

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Did you know that …

  1. Le Pliage in English “Putting together” means. The name is program, because the Le Pliage is collapsible
  2. Longchamps love for the Reitsport comes not by chance. After all, the brand name comes from Bois de Boulogne – from the chic horse race track there
  3. the first shop with the name tag “Longchamp” did not sell towels, bags or clothes. No, here there were smoking accessories to buy
  4. today Longchamp is of course a luxury address for fine clothing and accessories. The biggest store is not in a classy Parisian arrondissement, but in … Hongkong
  5. the design of the Longchamp creations has a very special source of inspiration – Japanese Origami

Why is Second Hand at Longchamp worthwhile?

Longchamp bags offer high quality and Parisian chic at relatively affordable prices – second hand you find new-quality products often even cheaper. But also exclusive models can be found in our selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection. Start your treasure hunting now!

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Catchy’s Longchamp Brand Guide

Le Pliage – The unchallenged number one

Are you a classic girl who attaches importance to a long-term investment and a reliable design? Then we would like to introduce you to Longchamp’s most successful model. Le Pliage has been widely interpreted – it is available in all colors, sizes and prints, so that your bag can also underline your style. Practically, however, they are all. Thanks to foldable material and uncomplicated push button. It does not take more for your happiness. Never change a winning team …

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The backpack – For city girls and the next hiking tour

Backpacks celebrate a new triumph – among designers and fashion people. Sure, finally you have with them the hands free and the back ideally loaded. Sounds unsexy? Well then look at the chic Longchamp copies and you change your opinion!

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Shoulder bag – Key Piece en français

We probably do not need to mention it – but bags can never be enough. And because each bag has its own personality, the club of the shoulder bags is never complete. Is there still a model with French charm? Then you should now ensure Longchamp growth.

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Shopper – Plenty of space with lots of style

You are one of the girls who are prepared for all emergencies? OK then! Do not let a bag run through the bill and safely pack your spare shoes, books and snacks in a bag that is spacious and handsome – right. The Longchamp Shopper is formidable!

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