The Liebeskind, founded in 2003, is a real Berlin original - even if the cool, rocky styles of the bags look like a hip bag, but rather a New York chic with a pinch of Kreuzberg. The three men, Semih Simsek, Johannes Rellecke and Julian Rellecke, who noticed during their studies that there were still no stylish pockets in the middle price segment, lie behind the darling child. This had to be changed quickly and the fire had already been born. Today, Liebeskind is also a fixed size internationally and is shared even by American fashion blogs, who usually hold Gucci to the camera, on Instagram. By the way: Even if the name Liebeskind Berlin actually suggests something else, the label had its headquarters long in the idyllic Münster. It was only years after the foundation that it finally went into the modemetropole and home of Currywurst Berlin. If you are looking for cheap pieces from love children, it is best to look for used vintage fashion. Also here at Catchys we have Liebeskind bags in best second hand quality.

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Did you know that …

  1. two of the love children are founder twins
  2. the company s.Oliver invested in Liebeskind and now owns 50% of the company
  3. Liebeskind next to bags and purse also designed clothes
  4. there is also a love child line for men called “Männersachen by Liebeskind”? Nevertheless, 98% of customers are women
  5. Liebeskind already has a flagship store in the hip New York suburb of Soho

Why is Second Hand at Liebeskind worthwhile?

The high-quality bags are very popular – they are already available at relatively low prices. Find particularly good bargains and shop used or as new models for even cheaper. CATCHYS offers you a large selection of partner shops offering a guarantee of authenticity and customer protection.

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Popular models from Liebeskind

Love child bags – it-bags with character

The charm, which all the love children have bags, they owe to their vintage look. The crunchy, buttery leather thus gets its own character, which makes the designs only. To create this style, all pockets are decorated with several layers of leather. By the way: The most popular surface for the darling child is the snake leather look “Snake”.

Love child purse – The perfect companion

Probably everyone dreams of a love child’s purse once. No wonder, because as often as you go shopping and pull the wallet out of your pocket, it should at least look beautiful. Of course, all the purse of love child are real eye-catchers, but fashionistas are particularly popular with the styles Slam and Sally. Both variants are larger wallets, which offer plenty of space for cards, money and all sorts of trash that you carry around with you. The biggest difference: Sally is closed with a zipper, Sam has a push button.

Love Jackets – the secret stars

But now, finally, with all the bags, Liebeskind also has damn cool coats that may even be the secret stars of the label. At the front, of course, the jackets are made of butter-soft leather. And best of all, they are not only available in classic black, but also in delicate pastel tones such as pink and mint green – what more could you ask for?