The famous crocodile

"Game and victory alone are not enough. Even the style has to be mastered. " This quote comes from René Lacoste, one of the best tennis players ever, and founder of the French hit company Lacoste. At the beginning of the 20th century, the sports uniform considered appropriate is very buttoned, the athletes should eventually act as gentlemen. Not very practical, finds René Lacoste and makes his long-sleeved sports top with a few cuts without further ado to a casual polo shirt - and begins in 1933 the revolution of the tennis racket. Even today, Lacoste stands for a classically elegant French style, which is loosened up by a sporty twist and ensures a casual look that is both timeless and modern.

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Did you know that …

  1. Lacoste was founded by the Frenchman René Lacoste, a tennis star. René Lacoste won five French Open, three Wimbledon Championships and two US Open. In 1926 and 1927 he was the number one tennis player in the world.
  2. The well-known polo shirt of the French company was initially created for practical rather than fashionable reasons.
  3. The crocodile logo came about through a designer’s tennis game bet with a teammate
  4. Lacoste founder René Lacoste was also a small inventor in addition to his undeniable sporting talent. At the age of only 24, he patented a tennis ball throwing machine.
  5. René Lacoste’s wife Simone won the British Girls Amateur Championship in 1924 and later became French golf champion for thirteen times.
  6. the current creative director of Lacoste, the Portuguese Felipe Oliveira Baptista, previously worked for Max Mara, Christophe Lemaire and Cerruti.
  7. alone for the production of the small green crocodile logo 1,200 stitches are needed.
  8. the polo shirt is also known as L 12.12? L stands for Lacoste, 1 for the novel pique fabric, 2 for the short-sleeved version and 12 for the T-shirt chosen by Rene Lacoste
  9. the registered trade name is ” La Chemise Lacoste ”

Why is it worth buying Lacoste Second-hand?

The products of the French successful company Lacoste skilfully combine sporty and elegant elements, with excellent design and highest quality still in the foreground. Accordingly, Lacoste products are in the premium segment and not affordable for everyone. However, it is always worthwhile to look second-hand for the high-quality products. Especially because Lacoste attaches great importance to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, the products are also second-hand in very good, if not practically new condition and can be worn and used for many years. Even products from collections created in collaboration with other designers and artists can often only be found second-hand, and they can also be real vintage treasures and collectibles. Catchys offers a wide range of high-quality Lacoste products from authenticated partner shops, from the classic polo shirt to popular shoes to limited-edition products.

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The story of Lacoste


An American journalist nicknamed tennis star René Lacoste nicknamed “The Alligator.”


The Lacoste brand is officially launched on the market and is met with great enthusiasm.


René Lacoste starts selling colored polo shirts for the first time. At first plain colors, later also polo shirts with stripes are available. Since then, the classic polo shirt has been reinterpreted each season in the latest trend colors.


Lacoste launches a children’s collection.


Fragrances and high quality leather goods are added to the range of Lacoste.


Lacoste has the honor to equip the French national ski team.


The successful French company starts with international advertising campaigns. Lacoste convinces with its combination of sporty tradition and French elegance.


Lacoste now also offers sunglasses.


After sunglasses in 1981, tennis shoes are now available in the Lacoste range.


The Fondation LACOSTE is launched. The Foundation’s goal is to help young people to develop and find their own path through sport and the teaching of sports values, both personally and as part of society.


Felipe Oliveira Baptista is the new Creative Director of Lacoste and successfully develops the traditional brand.


The LACOSTE L! VE line is introduced, redefining Lacoste’s product portfolio. With LACOSTE L! VE a younger, modern target group is to be addressed


World-class tennis player Novak Djokovic becomes the new figurehead of Lacoste.

Lacoste Brand Guide

Excellent design and quality workmanship are at the forefront of every product category at Lacoste. Nonetheless, there are some products that are particularly popular with Lacoste customers.

Lacoste polo shirts

lacoste polo shirts
No other garment represents Lacoste as much as the classic polo shirt that began the success story of the French company. The Lacoste polo shirts, made from the highest quality materials, impress with their sporty and elegant design and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Meanwhile, there is the polo shirt in all colors and prints, each as a long or short sleeve. The polo shirt combines all the fashionable aspects for which the label Lacoste stands: casual and sporty at the same time. The fit has changed over the years, whether Slim Fit, Ultra Slim Fit or Regular Fit. The fine piqué material made of high-quality cotton completes the sporty look. The sportswear label is constantly working on new creations of the polo shirt. An absolute classic, which is reinvented again and again.

Lacoste sneakers

The sneakers by Lacoste have become absolute cult classics that are reinterpreted each season, but never lose their timeless, typical for Lacoste look. Its classic and minimalist design makes it a versatile combination wonder and therefore an absolute must-have in every wardrobe. The white tennis sneakers of that time still exist and are still classic, timeless and sporty. The Lacoste shoes are often referred to as casual skin couture. Due to their classic look, Lacoste shoes are always and everywhere portable and match every outfit. Whether sport, business or leisure – Lacoste delivers the right shoe for every occasion. Perfect!
lacoste sneakers

What is behind the famous Lacoste polo shirt?

If you think of Lacoste, then the classic polo shirt with the little green crocodile logo will come to mind first. And rightly so, since no other company has perfected the design and manufacture of a polo shirt like the French company, after all, it is the cornerstone of Lacoste’s success. Although the designs are constantly based on new fashion trends, the basic manufacturing processes remained the same in Troyes, France. A Lacoste polo shirt is produced in five steps: 1. The classic Lacoste polo shirt is made of petit piqué. This is created by a special process on a circular loom, in which high-quality cotton is woven. Petit Piqué is a very durable, durable and flexible material. In addition, it looks sporty-elegant in clothing and ensures high comfort. 2. In the second step, the woven material is dyed in the desired color. 3. After dyeing, cut the Petit Piqués into the individual elements of a polo shirt. 4. The next step is to sew on the embroidered crocodile logo. Alone for the production of the logo 1,200 stitches are needed. 5. Finally, the individual fabric elements are sewn together manually. This creates a unique polo shirt in an elaborate process using the highest quality materials.

How did the crocodile logo from Lacoste come about?

The small green crocodile stands unmistakably for the French company Lacoste. The crocodile logo originated from a bet made by René Lacoste and his trainer Alan Muhr. While Lacoste was in Boston with his Davis Cup team, he spotted a case of crocodile skin. His coach promised to buy the suitcase should he win the match. A journalist from the Boston Evening Transcript got the bet and soon developed from the joke-talk Lacoste’s new nickname “The Alligator”, from which later developed the crocodile logo. The logo was then designed in 1927 by the artist Robert George.