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You have a ladylike vein that you elegantly emphasize or that comes too rarely to the fore? Then L.K. Bennett your label. The London brand relies on feminine charm, flowing dresses and skirts ... And here and there a gaudy red color accent. A seductive feminine look so that is completed with coveted heels. Sandals, peep-toes or pumps that have been lovingly designed by fashion experts such as stylist and fashion editor Caroline Issa (Unforgettable is their embroidered pompom copy à la Carrie Bradshaw ...) L. K. Bennett was founded with the intention of filling the gap between Luxusgirl and Streetwear - The story is a success! And also arrived in the vintage world ...

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Catchy’s LKBennett Brand Guide

L. K. Used bennett dresses


Very posh, very sophisticated are the ensembles of LK Bennett, which not only turn heads in Good Old Britain. The modern femininity of dresses, skirts and Bennett all over looks is the perfect base for any corporate party, rooftop party or wedding. Whenever you want to feel elegant and feminine without having to hide your youthful freshness, choosing Bennett is the right choice. With her shift dresses, cocktail dresses or the famous swinging summer dresses in A-line, founder Linda does not just want to dress you self-confidently feminine, but also to wrap you up in a well-being outfit thanks to selected materials and elaborate cuts. LK encourages us women and is the current version of 90ies Girl Power with an extra dose of chic. A tough aura that also stands out for its second-hand flair.


Pippa Middleton, of course her sister Kate, Emma Roberts, Rosie Fortescue – all love the shoes of LK Bennett. Her long-running favorites include the elegant Sledge Pumps made famous by Duchess Kate, the clean nude Fern Nappa Leather Trench Courts or the incredibly comfortable Parka Black Suede Block Heels. What unites them is their feminine charm, the unparalleled comfort despite occasionally (very) high heels and the puristic design, which effortlessly fits into any outfit. Finally, skin-colored patent pumps or black sling pumps with a small block heel are very classy and match all dresses, skirts or costumes, but also the jeans T-shirt look excellent! In addition, LK scores with colorful hippie heels or trendy lace-up sandals in eye-catching colors that even make a jogging pants shine and become a fashion piece! Does your new best friend already Linda Kristin …
L. K. used bennett shoes