The elegant monkey, which is already hidden in the Kipling logo and gives each handbag, sports bag and backpack of the Belgian fashion brands a subtle, stylishly cute personality, has passed so far? Not possible! But good news! Now is the moment when we can finally introduce you: functionality is hip - and is implemented with Kipling in chic bags and accessories. Fashion, who is enthusiastic about their details.

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  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
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Did you know that …

  1. the pocket-label was born out of a coincidence. Three Antwerp friends discovered a crisp nylon that was perfect for flexible accessories … and slept, Kipling was launched
  2. the name “Kipling” is inspired by Ruyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Book
  3. the adventurous and colorful world of the distant forests embodies the mascot of Kipling: A small monkey that has every bag and accessories stocked
  4. among the monkeys meanwhile also rare collectibles mumble, for example the country monkey or the Royalbaby
  5. each new animal is named for one employee (worldwide). As a team member of Kipling, you can write history at any time

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The story of Kipling


In the spring Kipling is founded in Antwerp. The three mates want to design Fashion PIeces, which fulfill their purpose best, conjure ladies from all over the world, but also on the side of the smile a smile

Popular models from Kipling

Kipling Bags – Hi, little monkey

You are invited to a hiking excursion, the climbing of the summit with you leads rather to acute unpleasure instead of enthusiasm? Times change! With a Kipling rucksack, you’ll be able to ride high up in the front, letting your mountaineers look old on your backpack with a view of the dangling monkey. Similar side effects have a Kipling travel bag, which will envy you all girls on the next class trip. Or a Kipling Clutch that crowns your glamorous evening outfit at New Year’s Eve with a sympathetically playful accent. All models are designed with attention to detail and offer the perfect fit for your new accessories such as iPod, wallet and lipstick.

Kipling Accessories – And Too …

Kipling’s repertoire is complemented by accessories that make your life even nicer and lighter. Because with the Kipling picnic accessories, you do not have to do without your ice-cold tea or the dirt-resistant underlay. With a Kipling Federmäppchen you are well equipped for seminars, lectures or examinations. And a Kipling laptop bag wraps your PC into a home of the eye in bright pumpkin orange, raspberry red or pistachio green. With creative materials from patent leather to nylon. Not to mention, of course, the little friend on board. A little plush has not hurt anyone.