Bulgari Jewelry

A woman can never have enough jewelry in her life. Each new jewel in our collection makes our hearts beaten. The Bulgari brand combines luxury with elegance and already belonged to the favorites of the big movie stars such as Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. But even current stars like actress Emma Watson or Keira Knightley are fans of the luxury label. No wonder, because the unique Bulgari jewelery fascinates us immediately with their glamorous magic and their sparkling diamonds and precious stones. If you are dreaming of a piece of Bulgari collections for a long time, then we have a few suggestions and background knowledge in our Bulgari style guide for you. Have fun while reading!

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Combinations with Bulgari jewelery

Statement chains from Bulgari for a glamorous performance

You love the big performance? Then we recommend the Bulgari chain of events , because with these you are sure to take a look at all of you. A particularly beautiful model is the necklace Divas’ Dream 18 carat white gold with diamonds. This beautiful piece of jewelery elegantly combines the essence of Italian femininity and gives the wearer grace and glamor. This egocentric under the jewelery pieces is therefore perfect for your glamorous appearance, because filigree jewelry is totally out of place here. For this look, you need chains that are practically screaming for attention. Your remaining outfit should be kept rather simple, so that the chain of statements of Bulgari can work. This look is also very popular with stars and stars, and so they are also happy to wear Red Carpet events. You can also combine your Bulgari line of statements into an elegant, shoulder-length dress to be perfectly dressed for a glamorous performance.

Bulgari Jewelry – the Layering trend

There is currently no Fashionista around the Layering trend. With the wonderful Bulgari jewelery, this trend is particularly beautiful. For a minimalistic chain layering, we recommend the chains of the B. Zero 1 and the Bulgari Bulgari collection, which are somewhat more filigree in their design and have a small pendant. It is important that you select chains in different lengths so that each of your chains can be perfectly applied. You can also combine gold and silver jewelery, the Fashion Police allows and welcomes this mix nowadays.

Bulgari jewelry for everyday life

Actually, the luxury label Bulgari is known for its extravagance and eye-catching jewelry. But also some filigree and reserved models can be found in the brand’s collections. Because the perfect jewelry for everyday life should not be too conspicuous and at best only the icing on the cake of your outfit and not to determine your whole look. The bracelets of the B. Zero 1 collection are particularly attractive for leisure and work. They look elegant and reserved and can be combined perfectly with a light cotton dress or business costume. The Bulgari Bulgari bracelets with leather straps are also very nice in a clean white blouse and jeans. Enjoy!

Bulgari Jewelery in Second Hand and Sale

Not without reason we call our jewels also our little treasures. Many models of Bulgari are no longer manufactured and are only available second hand. At Catchys you will find the most beautiful jewelery of the designer label at attractive prices. In addition, we only forward you to absolutely trustworthy shops. All our partnershops have been tested for authenticity. And is it not much more beautiful to have a second hand piece of Bulgari with history than a new one from the factory? In addition, you can be sure that you will not meet someone who is wearing this unique piece as quickly. Also in the sale are some beautiful models, which you can buy at attractive prices. Have fun on your treasure hunt!

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Fake Check Bulgari Jewelry

The jewelery of Bulgari are also second hand very much sought after. But how does one recognize whether the new favorite ring or the new dream chain of Bulgari is an original and not a fake? Meanwhile, plagiarism is available in very good quality and hardly distinguishable from genuine jewelery. Whether it’s real gold, you’ll recognize the purity of the precious metal. Feingold, for example, has stamped the number 999. Silver jewelery is usually sterling silver, which has the embossed 925. Even the precious stones in jewelery are now very well falsified, but the imitations usually do not show the hardness of the real gemstones. Genuine gemstones are pure natural products and have no foliage. Moreover, they are usually not immaculate and have minimal inclusions. Imitations are mostly complete without errors and contain a reflective foil. In addition, genuine gemstones are inserted into the jewelery with a fitting. Imitations are usually only glued. Also pay attention to the closures on chains, because in the case of fashion jewelry cheap locks and hooks are used. Also the price of the jewelry is a reference to the originality of the jewelry. Therefore, you should be informed about the prices of the models on the website of Bulgari. For more information, please check the Bulgari Reveal / Unboxing video for more details about the ring model B.Zero 1.

Alternatives to Bulgari jewelry

You are also such a big fan of the Bulgari jewelery like us, but the money is missing for you to be able to afford these colorful jeweler creations? You’re not alone. We’ve tracked some nice alternatives where you do not have to compromise on design or quality. The jewelry brand Pandora offers some great models which remind us of the designs of Bulgari. The jewelery is also made of high quality materials and available at affordable prices. Especially fans of the Tubogas bands should look at the bracelets of the label Pandora, as they also offer some models with a similar design. Another hot tip is the brand Michael Kors. Fans of the B.Zero 1 earrings from Bulgari will find here a cost-effective variant. The Michael Kors Iconic MKJ6367791 Creoles are very similar to those of Bulgari. Have fun shopping, dear fashionistas!

Popular models of Bulgari jewelry

B. Zero 1 ring of Bulgari in rose, white and yellow gold

bulgari ring used
The B. Zero 1 ring of Bulgari is the dream of many women. This is a 4 ring ring made of 18 carat rose, white and yellow gold. This visionary design was created at the beginning of the new millennium and combines both eternity and modernity. On the one hand the lines of the ring are based on the architecture of the Coliseum in Rome and on the other hand to the modern lines of the new Italian design. The combination of different gold tones is particularly beautiful, which makes this jewelery wearable to many outfits.

Necklace Monete in 18 rose gold with antique coin

Another highlight of the collection of Bulgari is the necklace Monete in 18 carat rose gold with an antique coin. Again, there is the combination of old and new elements. On the one hand, Bulgari honors the antique with the coin hanger, on the other hand it sets with the gold-colored chain and version on modern style. The luxury label is able to bring life back to life like no other, historical values ​​and to process them in new jewelery pieces. This wonderful piece of jewelry can be combined to almost any outfit and is a real allroundtalent.
bulgari necklace used

Bulgari bracelet in 18 carat rose gold with amethyst and pink tourmaline

bulgarian bracelet used
The Bulgari Bulgari bracelet in 18 carat rose gold with amethyst and pink tourmalines belongs to our favorites from the bracelet collections of the luxury label. Absolute highlight are the sparkling tourmaline stones in strong pink and purple. Also with this beautiful piece of jewelry we find the characteristic “BVLGARI BVLGARI” lettering. The design of this logo is based on the letters on antique coins. This piece of jewelery also demonstrates the compatibility of Roman roots with modern design of the present.

Eternity Band Ring by Bulgari in 18 carat white gold with diamonds

The Eternity Band Ring by Bulgari in 18 carat white gold with diamonds in the baguette cut is a ring for special occasions. Whether as a wedding ring, engagement ring or as a gift for the anniversary – this is the perfect ring. He celebrates special occasions and stands as a symbol of lasting happiness.

bulgari ring gebraucht

Known motifs and design directions of Bulgari jewelery


The snake is one of the most used elements in Bulgari jewelery. It stands for wisdom, rebirth and vitality and has been a valuable talisman since ancient times. This snake motif was also used mainly for jewelery making. They were then made of yellow gold with tubogas bands or in the form of a gold braid. Nowadays, this motif winds through Bulgari’s jewelry collections and embodies the courage to color, the material mix and the excellent gold forging technique.


A further landmark of the Bulgari brand are the ancient coins, which have been part of the jewelry collection of the luxury label since the 1960s. The coins are from the jeweler art in ancient Rome. Nicola Bulgari, the son of the founder Giorgio Bulgari, is a well-known collector of coins and therefore gave the idea to the creations of Bulgari Monete jewelry. The original structure of the coins is preserved for all jewelery pieces. The first models of this coin collection were engraved with the name of the emperor from 1966, the period of government and the type of coin.


In the 1980s, the traditional Bulgarian house also realized that it had to adapt to the current jewelery trends in order to make jewelery for modern business women. A design should be created that can be worn by the ladies in the morning in the office as well as in the evening at the dinner. And already the idea was born to create transformable jewelery. The luxury label Bulgari created high-quality jewelery with handmade single elements. Here too Bulgari was inspired by ancient Rome. The travertine stones of the town’s citizenry were the basis for the famous Parentesi motif.


A further landmark of the Bulgari brand is the flexible Tubogas motif. As early as the second half of the 19th century, this was developed in the house of the luxury label, and in the 1970s it was once again taken up again and used for many jewelery. The design is inspired by the shape of the gas pipes used in the 1920s. Also for the Serpenti watches partial gold and silver bracelets with Tubogas motif were used.

BVLGARI lettering

The signature BVLGARI is also a central element of many of the luxury jewelery pieces. Many of you have probably already asked why instead of the “U” a “V” stands in the name of the brand. We have the solution: The “V” stands for the name of the founder Sotirios Voulgaris and has therefore not been chosen for purely optical reasons, as perhaps many have assumed.

Popular styles with Bulgari jewelry

“Larger than Life.” – in German: “Life in a big style”. We find, this motto of the luxury label describes the style of the jewelry extremely aptly. With these noble pieces you can create outfits that embody the Italian way of life. Film actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor have shaped this Dolce Vita lifestyle. The best way to do it is by combining a Bulgari necklace with a stunning evening dress. We especially like the jewelery to a shoulder-free black Maxikleid, so that your necklace is so real. In the daytime, you combine subtle models with a tight midi dress in delicate beige, nude colored pumps and a light trench coat. You can find more inspiration for outfits with Bulgari jewelery in our Pinterest board.