Pierre Cardin Jeans

The French designer Pierre Cardin is known for his unique style of futuristic elements and French elegance. In the 1960s, his label made a high-quality design model affordable for everyone and the same is true for the smaller purse. Initially, Pierre Cardin worked in the ladies' haute couture, then later designed as one of the first ready-to-wear clothing and men's wear. Today, the brand stands above all for innovation and style in the area of ​​men's fashion. Every stylish man who has something on his mind has at least one pair of jeans by Pierre Cardin in the wardrobe, especially in the area of ​​Men's jeans, Cardin shows innovative and futuristic approaches, according to his credo "I have never gone with fashion has done it " .

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Combinations with Pierre Cardin Jeans

Casual through everyday life with Pierre Cardin jeans

The jeans models “Lyon” and “Deauville” look particularly casual in a light wash. The ultimate level of comfort is best achieved with a layered look, which is also perfect for transitional periods. Here you can combine the slightly narrower “Deauville” model in a dark color and roll it up to about ankle height. You can wear a simple white shirt under a plain hoodie and a simple bomber jacket. The whole thing is rounded off with white sneakers.

Chic in the evening in a jeans by Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin’s jeans also offer a more chic and elegant look. Here, it is best to use the model “Lyon” in a uniform gray or beige wash. For a classic look, a white shirt, a pair of loafers and a high-quality leather case can be combined. It is fashionable with a colorful printed shirt and sneakers, together with cool sunglasses, the chic and casual look that can be worn both in the evening and everyday.

Fashionable looks with jeans by Pierre Cardin

For a modern, casual look is a tight-fitting jeans with a light wash. With a cool t-shirt and a bomber jacket as well as a round sunglass in the John Lennon style you are definitely in the trend and you are well-dressed in every possible everyday life. The matching jeans by Pierre Cardin can also be found for the best club nights. This is a cool look in trendy black, starting with a simple black jeans by Pierre Cardin. To do this you wear a black shirt or T-shirt and finally pull a black Bomberjacke over. The whole thing can then be rounded off with some jewelry, such as a watch or a necklace, and the perfect look is the perfect way to start a club night!

Pierre Cardin Jeans second-hand and on sale

The men jeans by Pierre Cardin are not just a bargain, which is mainly due to the high quality materials and the good fit. As the jeans of the label are particularly striking due to their futuristic and innovative impulses, but still remain classic, elegant and fashionable, it is worthwhile to look for second-hand jeans from past seasons to get a real bargain. By the way, you also make a small contribution to the environment, because every second-hand jeans is one that does not land on remote landfill sites in India or Africa.

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Alternatives to Pierre Cardin Jeans

If you are looking for an alternative to a jeans by Pierre Cardin, you should take a look at the absolute cult label in jeans: Levi’s. The US brand has been known to everyone since the 1990s and is currently experiencing a revival, which is mainly thanks to the classics such as the Levi’s 501 or the Levi’s LOT 700. In contrast to Pierre Cardin, Levi’s places more emphasis on an authentic vintage, less on innovation and modernity. The jeans of Levi’s are about 90 €, so priced a little lower than the pants of Pierre Cardin, which are around 100 €. In terms of quality, Levi’s is in no way inferior to the French label. Another brand, which is mainly known for its gentlemen jeans, is Jack & Jones. The label focuses on fashionable jeans for the younger audience.

Popular jeans by Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin “Lyon”

The jeans model “Lyon” by Pierre Cardin is casually cut and ensured by the stretchy material and the perfect fit a high wearing comfort. The jeans are available in different washings, whether discreet vintage wash or classic denim blue, the “Lyon” is the perfect basic jeans and should not be missing in any wardrobe. The durable denim and the straight-forward Modern Fit fit make the jeans “Lyon” a real classic, which can last all trends.

Pierre Cardin “Deauville”

Pierre Cardin’s “Deauville” men jeans impress with their good quality and the modern and casual fit. Thanks to its straight cut, it is the perfect foundation for a cool everyday wardrobe and the high-quality cotton stretch is also very comfortable and skin-friendly. The jeans are available in various ablutions as well as colors, from red to beige to a classic indigo.

Pierre Cardin “Futureflex”

As the name of this model by Pierre Cardin already suggests, these jeans are the trousers of the future, true to the motto of the label, fashion always one step ahead. The “Futureflex” opens up new dimensions in terms of wearing comfort thanks to the special Futureflex material, consisting of cotton, elastane and polyester. Furthermore, the jeans guarantee absolute freedom of movement and is even suitable for office use due to its elegant cut and look. These jeans by Pierre Cardin are available in various simple washings.

Pierre Cardin “Paris”

The “Paris” model by Pierre Cardin is probably the most modern and fancy jeans of the label. “Paris” is made of high quality “Authentic Italian Denim”. The special used look of the model gives it an individual and fashionable character, which is also supported by the tight fit. The elastane content in the jeans ensures a comfortable wearing comfort and a perfect fit. “Paris” is also available in different washings, but remains in the classic color.

Pierre Cardin “Dijon”

The “Dijon” Soft Denim Jeans by Pierre Cardin is a casual and comfortable companion through your everyday life. The 5-pocket model has a straight cut and is therefore very timeless and classic. Due to the special lefthand binding and the elastane portion, the jeans have a particularly pleasant feel and is also distinguished by their high wearing comfort and the good fit. These jeans by Pierre Cardin are available in light as well as dark denim shades.

Frequently used materials at Pierre Cardin Jeans

Pierre Cardin Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber and is obtained from the cotton plant, which belongs to the mallow plants and grows exclusively in tropical and subtropical areas. Cotton is the main component of jeans by Pierre Cardin. Cotton alone is rather low elastic, for this reason inorganic fibers such as elastane are usually added to give the jeans more freedom of movement and a higher wearing comfort. Most jeans by Pierre Cardin, which are made of cotton, are a cotton blend, predominantly with inorganic fibers such as polyester and elastane.

Pierre Cardin Polyester

Polyester is made from petroleum and belongs to the group of synthetic materials. Polyesters can be given all sorts of properties by adding different materials. Because of the simpler and cheaper production, clothes made of polyester and other chemical fibers are priced under natural fibers such as cotton. Often the above-mentioned materials are also mixed with synthetic fibers in order, for example, to achieve more elasticity or other desired properties of the fabric. Polyester is added to Pierre Cardin, especially in the “Futureflex” model.

Pierre Cardin Elasthan

Elastane is part of most Pierre Cardin jeans, as it ensures a better wearing comfort. The synthetic chemical fiber is very stretchy and durable and therefore very suitable for the production of jeans. Spandex is usually used in combination with cotton, to give the jeans a certain stretch, thus improving the fit and freedom of movement.

Popular styles with Pierre Cardin jeans

Pierre Cardin offers the perfect jeans for every taste, type and occasion. Whether for the office with white shirt and jacket, in the leisure time with sneakers and T-shirt or also in the evening with a waisted, dark shirt, with Pierre Cardin everyone will find. In his designs, Pierre Cardin combines function, coolness, casuality and modernity, and makes the jeans into true classics, which should not be missing in any wardrobe. For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Typical Pierre Cardin

Born in 1922, Pierre Cardin is often mentioned in a breath with Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges, all of whom are regarded as the founders of futuristic fashion. When Pierre Cardin founded his own couture house in 1950, he was also one of the first fashion designers to distribute ready-to-wear fashion internationally. Its collections are elegant, yet simple and practical. Pierre Cardin’s designs are unmistakable, fashionable and fashionable, as he stands like no other designer for high-quality ready-to-wear fashion, everyday clothes or office with a high design claim for an affordable price. Pierre Cardin was known for his futuristic fashion, and today, his brand stands for the creative blend of elegance and innovation. In addition to the jeans, the label is also known for its suits, shirts and sweaters.