Closed Jeans

The perfect jeans - for many, this is a great mystery. She has to sit just right, be comfortable and look good as the right model can be a headache. Jeans from the Closed brand make it easier for you. At Closed, there are different models, here no wishes are left open. Whether the legendary pedal pusher, skinny jeans, stretch or blow, in terms of denim has closed the nose already in the 80s far ahead. Even the iconic Stonewashed jeans go into the account of the German brand, so the jeans market was revolutionized. With this guide about Closed Jeans, the search for the perfect pair is made easier!

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With jeans by Closed through the spring

Jeans are as versatile as hardly any other garment, they can be combined to any occasion. So they are also the perfect companion in spring. If the temperatures are not so hot, jeans from Closed super can be worn. For example, a light jeans with a beat, a light chiffon blouse and ballerinas and you are ready for an afternoon in the park. With a skinny jeans in white denim, combined with bandshirt and espadrilles and the shopping day can begin.

In the office with closed jeans

Jeans are not only casual, but can also look really chic and elegant. Closed jeans with the right styling become the perfect business partner and show that you can not only conquer the bossetage in suit and costume. A skinny jeans in dark wash, combined with roll-neck sweater, high heels and a blazer in bright color and you will be the eye-catcher in the office. With a white straight cut jeans with a wide leg and a high waistband, you can combine Oversize stripe shirt and cool Loafern to create a perfect and, above all, very stylish figure.

Closed Jeans in Second Hand and Sale

Due to the high quality in material and workmanship, Jeans from Closed also have their price. In second hand you’ll find real bargains and some vintage models. Whether it is a pair of jeans, skinny or flared or maybe even an original Stonewashed from the 80s, here at Catchys there is also an extensive selection of Closed Jeans. And with just a few clicks you can discover everything you need for your jeans look. Have fun searching and finding!

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Of course, there are also some alternatives to jeans from Closed, for those who can not yet decide for a model, or are also interested in the jeans of other labels. If you like the Lizzy Light Blue Skinny Jeans from Closed, you can also look at the 711 Skinny Jeans from Levis. For all fans of the pedal pusher, there is a similar model of Calvin Klein, the same as the High-Rise Straight Ankle Jeans. Everyone who wants their jeans to be a bit more striking and luxurious, there is a wide selection at Gucci with colorful embroidered models. For the smaller wallet there are jeans in the style of Closed also at Edited or Asos, but of course also with the usual brands like Zara or H & M, there is something for everyone. No matter what brand or model you choose, a good pair of jeans is definitely worth the investment and a pair of jeans from Closed is worth it. Have fun shopping!


Closed Jeans Pedal Pusher

closed pedal pusher
The Closed Pedal Pusher Jeans is probably the most famous jeans model of the brand. The special feature is the so-called X-Pockets, with an additional seam running across the hip above the actual pocket seam, which just looks like an X. The pedal pusher usually has the shape of a mom’s jeans, Waisted, shortened legs and carrot cut. Not only in the 80s was the jeans absolutely cool, it is still today. Thus Closed has created with this model a real classic. The jeans are available in all possible colors from white to black over dark and light denim shades to beige or purple. The pants are priced between 139 € and 179 €. Also Second Hand here at Catchys, there are some models at a cheaper price. The jeans are suitable for every look and are a real eye-catcher because of the X-pockets.

Closed Jeans Pedal Star

If you are looking for a hautegen skinny jeans, the PedalStar model is just right. The high-heeled jeans with a light stretch of course have, of course, also the iconic X-pockets. Röhrjeans are just one of the absolute wardrobe staples, that is, the things you must have in the wardrobe. It is often debated whether they are still contemporary and cool, but Streetstyle stars around the world prove that they are. The models from Closed go from dark to light, also models in colorful colors, such as red brick are available. Details such as extinguishers or battered knees make the PedalStar even more modern. New jeans cost between 159 € and 199 €. Here at Catchys there are also some more affordable models in Second Hand. Both to a casual look as well as to a sexy party outfit, the Closed Pedal Star is very versatile.
closed jeans pedal star

Closed Jeans Cropped Worker

closed jeans cropped worker
The model Cropped Worker is a mixture of casual and modern. The jeans with medium-high waistline impresses with the loose fit with narrow tapering legs. She is in the so-called Girlfriend-Schnitt, in contrast to the boyfriend model, the legs are narrower and the waist slightly higher. Also the Cropped Worker has, of course, the X-Pockets. The jeans are available in a stylish used look, dark or light indigo wash, in white or gray or with a stonewashed effect. The Cropped Worker Jeans from Closed between 189 € and 249 €, the super stretch denim fabric makes the price. Whether with a blouse, a T-shirt or a leather jacket, everyone in these jeans is a good figure and the loose fit is also super comfortable and tight, in contrast to tube jeans, nothing.

Closed Jeans Skinny Pusher

For all those looking to be between mom jeans and tube can not decide, the Skinny Pusher Jeans by Closed is just right. She has the high waistband and the shortened legs of a mom jeans and the tight fit of a skinny jeans. Here, the best of both popular jeans models are combined and made into a new, stylish pants. The Skinny Pusher is available in a wide variety of denim shades and washes, leaving nothing to be desired. Details like the X-Pockets or small used elements make the jeans unmistakable. The models are priced between 169 € and 249 €. Secondhand at Catchys is easy to find. The Skinny Pusher will be your new favorite companion in everyday life with cool flats and casual t-shirt.
closed jeans skinny pusher

Closed Jeans Lizzy Blue

closed jeans lizzy blue
Most people know this feeling to squeeze into the favorite jeans, or when the dressing seems too small after washing two numbers. With the Closed Jeans Lizzy Blue acrobatic exercises are a thing of the past when putting on jeans. The special thing about the Lizzy Blue is that they consist either of Super or Power Stretch, ie a very stretchy denim fabric, which fits perfectly to the figure. Like a second skin, the Lizzy Blue works but is not too tight, so you can still breathe easily. The model has a medium high waist and a narrow leg shape. Whether in light, dark or in a special wash, the Lizzy Blue is available in different blues. Because of the special material the jeans also has its price, which is between 179 € and 249 €. Once you’ve slipped into the Lizzy Blue, you do not want to take it off, depending on the styling, the jeans shine on every occasion.

Closed Jeans Mina

For those who always want to be fashionable at the front, the jeans Mina by Closed is the perfect model. With its wide Cullotte shape, it is just right for the summer and great. The high waistband and the wide, straight legs, in shortened length bring a hint of hippie feeling with it. The jeans are available in white and authentic blue and optionally with untrimmed leg. The jeans are priced from 179 € to 199 €. Whether for the festival or the summer party, with the Mina Jeans you are definitely in every living situation a real eye-catcher and a super comfort is secured on top of you also.
closed jeans mina


The good thing about jeans is that you can wear them to anything. No matter what occasion or in which combination, jeans are probably among the most versatile garment. The jeans from Closed are also super stylish and modern, there are many combination possibilities. For example the pedal pusher in dark blue wash, in combination with white t-shirt and wedges, or the model Mina in light blue, combined with off-shoulder top and oversize sunglasses or even the cropped worker in white with sneakers, chiffon blouse and jeans jacket , For even more looks around Closed Jeans, we have put together a Pinterest board. Here you can get inspired and find your favorite outfit.


Sizes at Closed Jeans

Jeans by Closed are available in many different sizes. However, these are not in the usual standard sizes as 34-40 or XS-XL indicated, but in jeans sizes. For example, it says W29 instead of size 40 for Closed Jeans. Here the W stands for width, the 29 being not in centimeters, but in inches. However, it is very easy to find out if, for example, W29 is the right size in a large table. Jeans from Closed range from W23-W34.

Closed jeans fabric

Closed jeans are, above all, so high-priced because they are made from very high-quality denim fabrics. The fabrics are made in an Italian premium denim weaving mill. Jeans by Closed consist of fabrics like a light Blue Stretched Denim, a medium weight denim or a strong Authentic Blue Stretch Denim. All of these denim fabrics are extremely durable, durable and look great. A good investment is a jeans from Closed so always, because you want to have as long as something from his favorite jeans!

Closed X-Pockets

Almost all of the jeans models of Closed have them, the X-Pockets. In the 80s the label patented this design idea. X-Pockets mean that the hose pockets are set at a 33 degree angle so you can easily loosen your hands in the pockets. The so-called sacred cut on the back of the jeans also ensures the perfect fit and comfort. What was already recognized in the 1980s still exists today, as can be seen in the ongoing success of the German brand.


In the 1980s Closed Jeans not only with the X-Pockets for look, but also with the Stonewashed-Optik. This process of dyeing a jeans made Closed one of the most famous jeans brands in the world. To date, the legendary Pedal Pusher model has been the most popular model and has been sold worldwide to an incredible 30 million times. The special thing about Closed Jeans is not only the high-quality denim fabrics that make up the jeans, but also the timeless and modern designs. There are always lasting classics like the pedal pusher but also trendy parts such as the Mina model. At Closed everyone can find his perfect jeans, the selection is huge and very diverse.