Calvin Klein Jeans

We are looking for a dress that is easy to maintain, robust, comfortable, attractive and additionally trendy. No idea? Catchys would have one: the jeans! We love Catchy jeans, but of course we are always looking for the "ONE", the "PERFECT" jeans. We found her, your search for the perfect jeans can end here: at Calvin Klein. One thing is certain: Calvin Klein or nothing! The jeans brand Calvin Klein is known for its innovative fit with denim as well as for the perfect combination of stylish and irresistible sex appeal, which makes every single jeans a real champion of seduction. No wonder the already embossed initials are enough to make your jeans the ultimate object of desire. Not surprising that Kate Moss or Mark Wahlberg are totally on CK jeans. So curious? We at Catchys give you an overview about the fancy and high-quality Calvin Klein jeans collection.

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Combination possibilities with Calvin Klein Jeans

You love pure jeans designs and live an individual style? Then the creations of the brand Calvin Klein are just right for you. Catchys gives you some good reasons why exactly one CK should decorate your jeans:

Calvin Klein Jeans: timeless and elegant fashion for him & her

In terms of fashion, lifestyle and trends, the American label Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful designers in the world. The foundation for CK’s long-term success is a strong sense of materials, current trends and the usability of the jeans, which makes the brand highly respected. In jeans, the company is definitely a global player. Especially these mass-produced clothing pieces from the house of Calvin Klein have a huge fan base, because they are available for women or men.

A touch of luxury: Calvin Klein Jeans

Why the initials CK have an exciting tingling around the world: casual and cool jeans! But what makes the success? The American label CK has dedicated itself to purism. Clear silhouettes meet subtle colors and high-quality materials. Do you feel a touch of luxury when you have a Calvin Klein Jeans on your hips? The best: through this design a certain timelessness is attached to the designs and thus they remain trendy.

Jeans with cult status: Calvin Klein

Jeans are an absolute must have! Especially the jeans of the American designer Calvin Klein have become cult: cut tight, the pants in high-quality denim just fits perfectly to the body. Whether black, navy or light gray: every jeans of the company enchants both young and old. The cult label for jeans embodies bold ideals and interprets these in unmistakable clean designs. For this reason, the collections inspire the fashion-conscious fashion audience every season.

Calvin Klein Jeans at Second-Hand & Sale

Calvin Klein are among the most popular in the world. Since the demand is very high, Calvin Klein jeans are very popular in the fashion world. This uniqueness in quality and design has just a price, which is why CK jeans from last season as well as retro models are very popular. The timeless classics will never go out of style and represent a special value proposition. Catchys offers you a special variety of Calvin Klein jeans in second hand and sale, convince yourself and find your new favorite piece for your wardrobe.

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Fake Check Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein, as already described, is a world-famous fashion brand and is therefore particularly fond of product piracy. Instead of the expected original Calvin Klein jeans, there will be plagiarism from China or other Asian countries. We from catchys will briefly tell you how to distinguish a copy from a fake.

Inform you

Visit the original Calvin Klein homepage and inform yourself about the look and price of the original product. Original Calvin Klein Jeans cost between 100 € – 190 €. So keep away from offers that promise an original jeans for the price of 30 €.


Calvin Klein does not compromise the quality of the jeans. Check carefully the seams and the letters found in the leather rectangle. The seams must always be straight and clean. The Calvin Klein logo must be carefully engraved.


The original Calvin Klein Jeans has an inside label with the company logo “Calvin Klein”, followed by the text: Jeans. Check this label carefully for the size, print quality, spacing and font of the logo. The secondary label shows the size of the jeans (eg L 34). If these two labels are missing, then it is a fake.


The original Calvin Klein jeans has a rectangle of solid metal and shows the initials CK engraved. If this CK is present, carefully check the size and the quality of the engraving.

Alternatives to Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein jeans are your absolute favorite jeans, but with just under 200 €, the pants are already added a small luxury investment. Catchys has put together the most beautiful alternatives for a smaller purse, if you do not want to do without the look. Lee Jeans: Lee Jeans are definitely one of our favorite jeans! Bright blue denim with a vibrant red shimmer, intensely hand-worked used look parts and lightened, natural-looking traces around the zipper. In addition you also expect other nuances: beautiful bright summer summer colors. As far as design is concerned, Lee can be as much as the makers of Calvin Klein Jeans. Sometimes 100 € definitely a very good alternative to a Calvin Klein jeans. Cheap Monday Jeans: Cheap Monday pants inspire us with trendy and figurbetonten cuts at unbeatable prices. Especially the skinny jeans from Cheap Monday are very popular with ladies and gentlemen and have achieved cult status. Thanks to a high stretch section in the denim, the models offer a high wearing comfort and nestle comfortably on the legs. A Cheap Monday Jeans can be recognized by the characteristic skull on the back. For just around € 50 you get a trendy jeans from Cheap-Monday – a must-have in a wardrobe.

Popular jeans from Calvin Klein

You’ve decided to buy a Calvin Klein Jeans, but do not know which model you should choose? Catchys introduces the most popular models to fall in love with.

The Calvin Klein Skinny Jeans

calvin klein skinny jeans blue
Especially the Skinny jeans from Calvin Klein are very popular with ladies and gentlemen and make a simple figure. Thanks to a high stretch section in the denim, the tube jeans offer high comfort and snug comfortably on each leg. They are particularly suitable for Calvin Klein skinny jeans for cool, young women, who like to put their femininity in a stylish way. Skinny jeans in the Destroyed look with cracks, gaping holes are still the must-haves no matter whether in 2017, whether in gray, light blue, dark blue or black, Calvin Klein has the choice. Combine your jeans with a loose Oversized Tops or a Cropped Top, which especially match the High Waist variant. Sneakers or ballerinas round off the sporty look. Those who like it more elegantly combine pumps and an asymmetrical leather jacket to the outfit.

The Calvin Klein Slim Jeans

Slim comes from English and means “slim”. This does not mean that the figure accentuating slim jeans of Calvin Klein slim, but that these pants slim people particularly well. The Calvin Klein Slim Jeans is similar to the Skinny, only with a further leg opening and therefore adjusts very well to the hip as well as thighs. If you have a sporty figure and slim legs, at least one of the trendy pants from Calvin Klein should hang in your wardrobe in the slim look. Especially beautiful at Calvin Klein: the fancy great washes available in all classic colors, whether blue, gray or white. You can combine slim-fit jeans with cut-to-the-top cut-outs as well as blouses and shirts. 2017 is particularly popular: a look with slim jeans in a distroyed look and a playful volant blouse.
calvin klein slim jeans

The Calvin Klein Boyfriend Jeans

calvin small boyfriend jeans
Casual, wide and beautifully comfortable – the boyfriend jeans should look as if they had stolen his boyfriend from the closet. Definitely the most comfortable jeans that Calvin Klein has to offer, which sits below the waist and has a tapering leg. But who is the Boyfriend Jeans by Calvin Klein? Through their wide fit and the straight leg, Boyfriend Jeans by Calvin Klein are a real miracle weapon to hide wide thighs. They look especially great at big women. If you are small, you should be able to use narrower trousers, because the wide Boyfriend jeans can make the legs look shorter. To hide extra pounds select a Calvin Klein model in black or dark blue tones. Especially great, the loose fit of the pants ensures that the Po flatter looks. Our Fashionista styling tip: Cush your Pants up to the ankles up and wearing great highheels. Available with Calvin Klein in white or different blue washings.

The Calvin Klein Straight Jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans by Calvin Klein is one of the most common trousers. Where the Slim Fit Jeans is extremely tight to the leg and thus requires certain physical conditions or the Boot Cut is quite wide at the leg and in the end even a bit further, one could call the straight Leg Jeans by Calvin Klein rather as middle. Straight Leg means “straight leg”. So it is a very straight trouser, which sits rather loosely on the leg and becomes a bit tighter in the course. Classic all-rounder. For the Calvin Klein Straight Jeans you also have a large choice of colors, in addition to the usual colors such as blue, gray, black are 2017 also beautiful summer tones included in the collection. So how about Mint or Apricot? Particularly suitable for this are elegant men’s lacing or casual sneakers.
calvin klein straight jeans gray

Frequently used materials at Calvin Klein Jeans

For many years, Calvin Klein Jeans has been a symbol of quality, fashion and durability. We at Catchys give you a brief overview of the materials and colors: What’s in the Calvin Klein jeans.

Calvin Klein: Making a pair of jeans

Particularly important in the production of a Calvin Klein jeans is their long durability by a high-quality workmanship. One of the labels of the label consists of about 16 pieces of fabric and many ingredients, Button, rivets, zip and various yarns. Even though today many styles such as blurring through stones or artificial shredding and tearing have changed the look of the jeans, good quality remains a key feature of the pants. When manufacturing the perfect Calvin Klein jeans the trousers go through scrubbing and tearing tests and have to have well-worked seams. With the many different styles and fits that Calvin Klein has in his collection, everyone can find their favorite jeans at the American brand and wear long-lasting care. From a jeans that fits well and does not contain any pollutants, both you and the environment have something.

Calvin Klein jeans in used look

The Calvin Klein Used look is a casual trend, which the jeans are missed industrially. For this purpose, the jeans are treated with chemical and natural materials until they are used or worn for a long time. To achieve different washings, jeans must be stoned and bleached. Thus the different dark spots on the edges are created with the Calvin Klein jeans. The bleaching of a jeans determines the brightness of the fabric. The brighter a denim, the more intense it bleached. The process to produce the used look is very complex but necessary at Calvin Klein. The jeans are frayed, cut up and patched together again. This procedure, or the result of this procedure, is then called jeans destroyed.
One thing is certain: Calvin Klein does not compromise the quality of his jeans! Each jeans is additionally checked. Only a high-quality trousers in top quality is for sale.

Popular styles with Calvin Klein jeans

In the morning stayed a bit too long in the bed and with the choice of your outfit under considerable time pressure? The Savior in your desperate situation: the Calvin Klein Jeans – because it fits with its straight lines and its incomparable cut to every occasion. Whether a chic blouse and blazer, or casual with a T-shirt or Oversize sweater: a bombastic sitting Calvin Klein Jeans makes every woman or even every man look good, even if it has to go fast. For the fashion world, Calvin Klein Jeans have several style variations available. Choose the right Calvin Klein jeans shirt and a bomber jacket to white sneakers. For our gentlemen: how about colorful socks to a slim fit shirt?