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Especially fashion fanatics are often frustrated during the winter months - thick, scratchy sweaters, weatherproof, lumpy shoes and jackets, in which one is like a Michelin man. But Woolrich jackets make it possible: a chic, fashionable appearance even at minus degrees. The high quality also guarantees a long lifetime and makes the Woolrich jacket an optimal investment piece for the winter.

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Combinations with Woolrich jackets

City life in winter

Whether it is a visit to the museum or a meeting in the favorite café – the winter activities in the city call for a modern wardrobe. The winter jacket must not only keep warm but also fulfill its fashion duties. The Woolrich jacket does exactly this – to a tube jeans, a simple pair of ankle boots like the Jensen boots from Acne, a layer look made of shirt and soft sweater and a shoulder bag like APC’s Halfmoon Bag, it looks very elegant and stylish. But also very feminine looks like beautiful wrap dresses, Chanel shoulder bags, pantyhose and high boots are optimally staged by the Woolrich jacket. Winter accessories such as gloves, hat and scarf do not forget!

The perfect Woolrich jacket for everyday wear

The daily road to work and back becomes a real adventure when it sniffs and snows. A warming companion that fits every office look – like the Woolrich jacket – must! Whether over the pinstripe costume or as a bridle for a casual look of carrot pants, light sweaters and boots, the jacket by Woolrich is always very suitable and looks thanks to its high-quality looks always professional and appropriate. Bonus – thanks to its timeless and simple design it also fits for all evening activities and is therefore an indispensable must-have for the winter wardrobe.

The reliable companion on long evenings

Whether a mulled wine evening at the Christmas market in December, the chic New Year’s Eve celebration in the restaurant or just a long dance night with the best friends – especially in the winter it is very cold and next to the high demand to look chic at the exit, the heat factor also comes not too short. It’s only a good thing that the Woolrich jacket makes both possible: it provides warmth and complements a chic outfit without any effort. Wear it from your favorite party dress to an elegant trouser suit or a casual look from straight trousers, blouse and metallic ankle boots – with the Woolrich Jackesie you look like a star after the party.

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When the winter approaches, the temptation to put on a cozy warm winter jacket is great. Maybe there is also a jacket by Woolrich at the top of your Have Want list. But on the market unfortunately also a lot of counterfeiting, which are often not easily distinguishable from the originals. There are, however, a few hints that do not help you fall into a fake. The price is usually a good guideline. Check on the Woolrich website how much of the beautiful Parka or the modern trench coat would cost again and then consider whether the second hand price or the offer in the sale is realistic or not. Also look at the coat of your Woolrich jacket. This is often not a fake fur, but only felted fur or the like. In addition, it often happens that for counterfeiting, a different inner lining is also used. Labels and small details like zips or rivets on the jacket, you should also undergo a more detailed investigation. On the product photos of the manufacturer you can see exactly where the jacket of the Woolrich logo is installed and whether the zippers and pendants are made in gold or silver.


No question, Woolrich jackets are the perfect companion for colder months and the transitional period. However, quality and an excellent design also has its price. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to a few alternatives in which you do not have to compromise in terms of style and the quality is not lost. A good alternative to the Parkas of Woolrich are definitely the models of the brand Wellensteyn . Although priced in a similar area, functionality and comfort are not for nothing. Also chic down jackets for the transitional period offers you this brand. At Tommy Hilfiger you will find much cheaper down jackets. They are also a good alternative to Woolrich jackets and are characterized by a simple, classic design. If you are particularly interested in functionality, we recommend Superdry jackets. We highly recommend the models of the English label. They are more economical and convince by their casual, sporty style. If the new jackets from Woolrich are simply too expensive and none of our alternatives have told you 100%, we are sure that you will find the right model for you in our wide selection of Second Hand Woolrich jackets or on sale ,


Woolrich Arctic Parka

First of all, we would like to show you the probably most famous jacket model from Woolrich: the Arctic Parka. This helped the American brand to a large fan base. The trademark of the down-park is the obliquely sewn-on flap pockets on the front of the jacket. These originally served to protect the cold hands of the workers and are now regarded as a trendy identification mark. Also the detachable fur trim and the thick inner lining of the en-tail and feathers make this model a real must-have in your wardrobe. The material is made of cotton and nylon with a practical Teflon coating, which protects and protects you against snow and rain. The model is available in many different colors.

Woolrich Modern Trenchcoat

If you are looking for a fitting jacket for the transitional season, which also emphasizes your feminine silhouette, we recommend the modern trench coat from Woolrich. Its design is a refined combination of the elements of the classic trench coat and Prescott Parkas by Woolrich. Compared to the Arctic Parka you can emphasize your figure with an adjustable waist belt. A large hood protects you from the rain. In the side pockets, you can simply stow away your mobile phone or house keys. With the modern trenchcoat of the label you can prove fashionable stability even in changing transition months.

Woolrich Military Bomber

The Military Bomberjacke is distinguished by its short cut. It has a regular fit and reaches the wearer generally a few inches below the waist. Also with this model you will find two large, sewn-on pockets with press studs, which offer sufficient space for mobile phone, keys and your wallet. A particularly noticeable feature of this model is the thick fur trim made of raccoons on the hood and along the opening of the jacket. The high-quality filling consists of 90% of end tunnels and a small proportion of springs. So you are also protected against wind and weather with this model. Nevertheless, you can prove fashionable style. The Bomberjacke is perfect for casual outfits for the city.

Woolrich Comfort Jacket

The Woolrich collections also offer you simpler jacket designs. The Comfort jacket is best suited for all your outdoor activities, where you need a lot of freedom of movement. The high-quality stretch nylon provides a comfortable wearing feeling and protects you from wind and rain. So it is also the perfect transition jacket. The design of the jacket impresses with its simple quilting pattern on the front side and soft, side inserts from shell material. On the back of the jacket are reflective details in the form of stripes. The practical zipper is supported by a pressure cap on the neck, so that really no wind can reach your upper body. This refined jacket can be worn over a cuddly sweater or in summer on cold evenings over a cotton blouse.

Woolrich Barrow Mac

The Barrow Mac nylon coat is the perfect business and city coat for male fashionistas. It is best suited for summer and spring, because it is made of a very light material. The cut of this model is very simple and simple. Shoulder flaps and a smart shirt collar are the small details that make up the style of the coat. The zipper and buttons on the front provide you with good protection from wind and weather. In the side stash pockets you can conveniently store your mobile phone and wallet and have both handy when you need one of the two. This simple model can easily be combined with striped shirts and fabric pants.

Woolrich Shore Bomber

In today’s working world, business clothes are becoming increasingly loose. If you are a lucky one, you do not just have to wear classic suits all the time, but you might also like the Woolrich shore bomber. In the transition period, the wind and water resistant nylon material protects you perfectly and warms you at the same time. The design convinces with a simple cut with ribbed cuffs on the arms, hem and collar. In the side pockets you can keep small items that you want to have quickly on hand. The zipper on the front protects you from wind and weather. The check-in lining chucks the simple style of the model.


Raccoon and fox fur

All raccoons and foxes used to manufacture the Woolrich jackets are from Saga Furs. These cover their materials only from certified furry farms in Finland and place great emphasis on the health of the animals as well as high hygienic standards.

Coyote fur

The coyote fur of the Woolrich jackets refers to the label exclusively from trustworthy hunters in Canada. There the animals are chased for consumption and their practices are characterized by great respect for nature and the animals. In addition, Canadian hunting methods are the basis for international hunting standards.

rabbit fur

All rabbit fur used for the production of Woolrich jackets are by-products from the food industry. The hares are therefore not intentionally bred for the fur needs. In addition, the American label attaches great importance to the fact that they only purchase their skins from trustworthy traders, which guarantee them a good livelihood of the animals.

Down and feathers

The down and feathers of the Woolrich jackets are just by-products of the food industry. The entire supply chain can be tracked. In addition, these materials come only from breeders, who attach great importance to the living conditions of the animals. The more downs are used for the production of the jackets, the more they can protect the body from cold temperatures. Therefore, Woolrich mainly produces down jackets with a high filling content.


If the thermometer shows negative degrees, it is not so easy to find a suitable outfit. But true fashionistas want to be well dressed even on icy cold days and at the same time feel comfortable. With the jackets from Woolrich you succeed both. The models are suitable for a simple casual outfit as well as for noble occasions. When the first snow falls, your navy blue Arctic Parka can be combined very nicely into a gray beanie, a gray jeans, a light knit sweater and blue Ugg boots. But also in autumn you can wear your model cool with a pair of blue sneakers from New Balance and a black skinny jeans. Also with the Luxury Arctic Parka in noble taupe with raccoon fur can create a beautiful look. In combination with a white-blue striped blouse, a light-beige jeans and Adidas sneakers in taupe, it looks particularly beautiful. Men combine their Upland jacket in olive green to a yellow-green checkered flannel shirt and a light beige fabric pants. In our Pinterest board you’ll find more cool outfit ideas – let yourself be inspired!