Ralph Lauren Jackets

The collections of Ralph Lauren offer jackets in various designs, colors and materials, so you can find the perfect model for every season. The design is timeless and elegant and is characterized by its American country house style. No other jacket combines sporty chic with a touch of English longhouse as well as that of Ralph Lauren with the well-known trademark, the embroidered polo player. US stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston love their Ralph Lauren jackets and have often been photographed in them. You're looking for your perfect jacket model from Ralph Lauren or have you already found it, but do not know how to combine it? No problem: We have created a style guide for you by reading everything important about Ralph Lauren jackets. Enjoy reading and clicking!

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Combinations with Ralph Lauren Jackets

Ralph Lauren woolen coats for a cool winter look

Even in the cold months we want to be Fashionistas top styled. Not so easy, if it is freezing outside and we would really like to put on a whole body warming bottle. The woolen coats by Ralph Lauren combine both requirements: they are cool on the other hand and on the other hand they keep us absolutely warm. It is especially practical that you can wear the coats in the office as well as in the evening to your date. They impress with a timeless elegance and guarantee you a noble appearance. For example, you can combine a dark blue Ralph Lauren wool coat with a gray knitted scarf, a simple pair of jeans, black sneakers and your black Prada Business Bag. The hair you wear casually to a dutt bound et voilá your perfect day look with your new favorite piece is born.

Ralph Lauren Cabanjackets for leisure

Are you looking for the perfect casual jacket? Then you should look at the Cabanjacken von Ralph Lauren. Nothing can be as beautiful and easy to combine as these models. Once they were still carried by the captains on the high seas, today they can not be imagined by any catwalk in the world. In the fall you pull them over a jeans dress with pantyhose and in the spring you just leave the pantyhose. The Cabanjackets are therefore the perfect jackets for the transition. Another nice look for the autumn is, for example, the Cabanjacke by Ralph Lauren in combination with a casual chino and rocking boots. We also love the cut of these jackets. Due to the double-rowed button, it fits nicely to your body contours and protects you against cooler temperatures and winds. Even a light drizzle can not harm you, the thick woolen fabric protects you from light dampness. The large collar of your Ralph Lauren Cabanjacke gives you extra protection from the wind, which can be turned up practically in a small storm. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a city tour with the best friend, with a Cabanjacke by Ralph Lauren you are prepared for every occasion and every weather.

Leather Jackets by Ralph Lauren for your rock star look

You want to feel like a real superstar? No problem: With the leather jackets from Ralph Lauren you get this look guaranteed. The black biker jacket by Ralph Lauren is one of the evergreens among jackets par excellence. No wonder we recently sighted the actress Jessica Alba in a black leather jacket by Ralph Lauren. She casually combines the jacket with a black cotton blouse, a light blue jeans with flower pattern and black ankle boots. Thumbs up for this look!

Ralph Lauren Jackets at Second Hand & Sale

Each of us knows that one or other jacket by Ralph Lauren can be a good 100 € more. Stupid, if you have fallen in love with one, but can not afford it. And then the worst thing that happens can happen: finally, you’ve squeezed the entire amount for your favorite piece of Ralph Lauren and then it’s sold out. No reason to be sad now. Ralph Lauren jackets are timeless classics, which are also always present in the well-known second hand shops. This means that your favorite jacket will soon appear in one of the shops. Just leatherjackets win only charm, if they have already been worn and have already experienced a story. Also, do not be neglected, the Ralph Lauren leather jackets on sale. Since most models are very classic, they can be carried over several seasons, so it can be good that you will find here also. At catchy, we are only leading you to absolutely trustworthy, serious second hand shops. So go to online shopping!

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Ralph Lauren jackets can also be a bit more expensive and some have even looted his piggy-pig for his favorite piece. Therefore, one should avoid in any case a cheap counterfeiting of product piracy. With a few little tricks, however, you quickly find out how to distinguish the original from fake. An important reference to the originality of your Ralph Lauren product is in any case always the label. Always compare them with those on the company website. Counterfeits are often spelled incorrectly, or a completely different font is used. You should also take a closer look at the wash label. Originals are provided with the exact address of the company, some also contain only the word “MADE FOR / FAITPOUR POLOCO SAS”. Fakes often contain only basic washing instructions. In addition, you should read on the corporate website where your jacket was made. If you do not find any information online, you can always check out Ralph Lauren Stores. Polo shirts are manufactured in the Philippines, Skri Lanka and Indonesia and Peru. Price tags usually give you no indication of originality. Fakes can also contain original price tags. More tips and tricks can be found in our Fake Check video and in our magazine article!


No question, in the jackets of Ralph Lauren you can just fall in love. But every one of us would like to bring some change into his wardrobe. We of catchys scour the World Wide Web daily for the latest and hottest trends. That is why we have found some nice alternatives to the Ralph Lauren jackets for you, where you do not have to compromise on style and design. If, for example, you especially like the Barracuda College jacket by Ralph Lauren, you might also like the college jackets by Tommy Hilfiger. From a color point of view, she usually offers exactly the same as Ralph Lauren, and they are very similar in design. Pleasant side effect: they are usually even more cost-effective. But Lacoste also manufactures college jackets in the same style. In general, it can be said that these three labels are very similar in their designs for jackets. Therefore, you can always compare the models here. Have fun browsing Fashionistas!


Ralph Lauren down jacket with quilting seams

ralph lauren down jacket
As soon as things get colder outside, there is nothing better than cuddling into a warm jacket. None is better for it than the wonderful down jacket by Ralph Lauren. It is your ideal styling partner, which can be combined perfectly with your outfits by its simple design. The upper material is made of a high-quality, durable polyester. The down feather filling keeps you warm in the cold months. You get extra protection from the wind thanks to the high stand-up collar. Especially useful are the two zippered side pockets, where you can securely store your most important utensils such as mobile phone or house key.

Ralph Lauren quilted jacket with woven fur

Another favorite of our editorial team is the beautiful quilting jacket by Ralph Lauren with woven fur. With this beautiful model since her also stylish in winter. With the drawstring at the waist, you can fit the jacket perfectly to your figure. On the sleeves, shoulders and zips, you’ll find a refined leather trim.
ralph lauren quilted jacket

Ralph Lauren Men’s Jacket in Collegestil with zipper pockets

ralph lauren college jacket
Continue with this beautiful men’s jacket in the Collegestil by Ralph Lauren. Particularly practical with this model are the adjustable straps on the back of the jackets, with which you can adapt the jacket perfectly to your figure. Mobile phone and key can be stored in the zipper pockets. The material of the college jacket is made of comfortable cotton.

Ralph Lauren Checked Cardigan

Holzfällerstyle is just something for old men? No way! In this beautiful checkered cardigan, women also make a great figure. It can be easily closed by a zipper on the front. This model can also be perfectly adapted to your figure by means of adjustable side straps. On the front are also two small pockets, where you can store small things. The material of the jacket is made of a high quality cotton which keeps you warm in winter.
ralph lauren wool jacket

Popular styles with Balenciaga bags

Balenciaga is cool and rocking – so if you combine a leatherjacket, you can not be wrong. Otherwise, Balenciaga bags are always compatible with “non-colors” like black, white and gray. Even jeans – be it casual boyfriend jeans with holes or even overalls à la Rachel Green – bring a Balenciaga bag to the fore. Let yourself be inspired by the coolest styles with Balenciaga bags on our Pinterest board and create your own, unforgettable looks.

How did the Jackets of Ralph Lauren come about?

One thing is clear we love the design of the Ralph Lauren jackets above all. But how did it come to the brand? The American Jude Ralph Lauren, who also owes his name to the company, is the founder of the billionaire company. Lauren created the company virtually out of nowhere. He had neither completed an education nor completed a degree, and was only driven by his entrepreneurial power and passion. He entered the fashion world by working for the “Brooks Brothers” gentlemen’s outfitter. During this time he founded his own label “Polo” and sold his ties among other things to the department store Bloomingdales. It was not long before the polo neckties caught their eye, and in 1970 the competent business man brought out a complete collection of men’s collections and 1971 a collection of women’s collections. This was also the birth rate of our beloved Ralph Lauren jackets. We can continue to be curious about the collections that will surprise us in the future.