The North Face Jackets

Whether for the cold winter months, hiking, mountaineering or for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, the American outdoor brand The North Face offers high-function jackets for the whole family that offer warmth and protection not only at minus degrees and snowfall but also strong rain and wind. Established in 1966 near San Francisco, The North Face focused initially on high-quality mountaineering equipment, but expanded the range quickly to other areas - and with success! Today, The North Face is one of the world's leading suppliers with its comprehensive range of high-performance outdoor and leisure clothing as well as sports equipment and shoes. The North Face is particularly well-known for its innovative functional and outdoor jackets made of the highest quality materials. With its internally developed technologies, The North Face's goal is to help its customers improve their performance while protecting them from external weather influences, always following the mantra of the outdoor brand: "Never Stop Exploring".

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Combinations with The North Face Jackets

The North Face jackets for hiking and mountaineering

The sneakers from Hogan are the perfect shoes for your leisure looks. They are sporty and noble at the same time and are distinguished by their contemporary design. The North Face is strongly focused on professional, high-quality hiking and mountaineering equipment. The company is constantly focusing on new technologies and innovations that can further improve the performance and protection of its customers. Accordingly, Hardshell Jackets from The North Face are equipped with a water and windproof fabric that keeps you dry and warm even in heavy rain and snow. In addition, the material of the Hardshell jackets is breathable, so that a comfortable wearing feeling is ensured even during strenuous, physical activity. At low temperatures, a high-quality fleece sweater as a second layer can additionally provide warmth. A lined cap, cuddly scarf and gloves are also a good idea for a trip into the mountains.

The North Face jackets for running training

The North Face with its jacket assortment for the whole family is also very well positioned for professional and hard-hitting running training. The running jackets are constructed of extremely light, wind- and water-repellent material so that as little weight as possible is required during running. Furthermore, the light material ensures an optimal regulation of the body temperature during training. In order for runners to be safe during training in the dark, most North North Face training jackets are equipped with strategically placed reflectors. High-quality sports shoes and running gear make the comfortable and functional outfit complete for the training session.

The North Face jackets for winter sports

The north face is a perfect fit for skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. The high-quality GoreTex ensures that no moisture can penetrate through the jacket while the PrimaLoft thermal insulation saves body heat sustainably. The North Functional Jackets for winter sports have a large hood, which also has a helmet seat. Many zipper pockets allow the secure storage of important things such as keys, ski passes and mobile phone as well as equipment such as ski goggles and gloves.

The North Face Jackets Second-Hand & on sale

Innovation and quality are the focus of The North Face jackets. The extensive research work and the selected materials also contribute to the fact that The North Face jackets are not a cheap purchase. The innovative functional jackets from The North Face are worth their investment in any case, but it is still worthwhile to keep an eye on the models of the outdoor brand. In the sale, older models and remaining stocks from past seasons are often offered much more cheaply and are therefore a great alternative for recreational sportsmen. Also second-hand can be very good deals discovered for The North Face jackets and often even practically new-quality jackets are purchased. At Catchys, the best deals for reduced and second-hand The North Face jackets are summarized by several shops and thus facilitate the rummaging and the bargain hunting.

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Fake Check The North Face Jackets

As one of the most popular brands for outdoor and leisure jackets, The North Face often falls victim to product piracy. The fake functional and outdoor jackets are often hardly distinguishable from an original. On the basis of a few characteristics, however, you can quickly see whether the present jacket is an original or a fake. A first note can be provided by the label, a fake The North Face jacket is sold with only one label, while an original has two to three labels. In addition, it should also be checked whether the model name on the label is correct, since counterfeiters often steal the labels from Original The North Face jackets and attach them to the fake jackets. Another indication is the seams inside the jackets, which are seamlessly and neatly processed in Original The North Face jackets. Counterfeits, on the other hand, usually have unclean, irregular seams with protruding thread remnants. The fleece inside original jackets should be fluffy and fluffy, as the material is water-repellent and protects against cold. Counterfeiters usually use a cheap fleece imitation for their jackets, which has a rather smooth, supple haptic and does not have the necessary and desired qualities for high-quality outdoor or winter jackets. An unpleasant, chemical smell of the cheap fleece imitation often indicates a fake. The true face-to-face look and value can quickly lead to a purchase, but an original The North Face jacket is a long-lasting investment that is worth its money in any case

Alternatives to The North Face jackets

The North Face jackets are not a cheap purchase, but a sensible, long-lasting investment. It is always worthwhile to take a look at the offers of other providers in this area. Equivalent alternatives to The North Face jackets are, for example, the American company Patagonia , which is known for the production of sustainable outdoor clothing. Another alternative is the jackets of the Columbia brand, which is one of the leading companies for sports and outdoor clothing. The German company Jack Wolfskin also has the right functional jacket for every kind of sport and outdoor activity as well as any weather conditions. The Japanese company Uniqlo offers more affordable alternatives, which is convincing not only with functional but also with fashionable designs.

Popular jacket models from The North Face

The North Face “Quest”

The most popular men’s jackets of The North Face include the “Quest” model. “Quest” is the ideal companion for wet-cold weather, with a large, adjustable hood with a laminated crown and the DryVent technology that sweats sweat from the inside to the outside while avoiding snow or rain. Two large zipper pockets at the front of “Quest” provide enough space for necessities. Due to the elastic cuffs with adjustable elastic bands “Quest” can be individually adapted to the figure of the wearer. The model costs 100 € and is available in various simple as well as bright colors.

The North Face “Thermoball”

The “Thermoball” hoodie jacket for men and women is one of the best-selling jacket models from The North Face. “Thermoball” is particularly suitable for walks in wet-cold weather, as the Thermoball insulation stores body heat and keeps it warm even at colder temperatures. A great advantage of the “Thermoball” hoodie jacket is its compressibility, which makes the practical storage of the jacket in a small pocket possible. Also the adjustable hood, the safe jackets and the elastic cuffs make the “Thermoball” hoodie jacket an ideal companion for hikes. You can choose from a variety of colors, from simple, reserved tones to eye-catching colors to color block combinations. The new price of “Thermoball” is 220 €.

The North Face “Resolve”

The North Face Jackets from the “Resolve” series are available for men, women and children and are among the most popular functional and outdoor jackets of the brand. The classic “Resolve” is a waterproof and breathable jacket that keeps your wearer warm and dry in all weather conditions. The DryVent fabric of the jacket protects against overheating during sporting activities and ensures that unpleasant sweat is transported from the inside to the outside as quickly as possible. “Resolve” has a size-adjustable, stowable hood and practical elastic cuffs to ensure optimal comfort. The men’s and women’s jackets are new at 100 €, while the jackets for boys and girls cost between 70 € and 75 €. In addition to the classic colors, the bestseller is also being repositioned in the current trend colors every season.

The North Face “Denali 2”

One of the bestsellers in The North Face are the “Denali 2” jackets, which are available for both men and women. The “Denali 2” is made from recycled fleece and is a further development of the classic “Denali” hoodie, which was launched in 1988 by The North Face. Through the loose Fit and the stretchy material as well as the adjustable hem, “Denali 2” is particularly comfortable to wear and with its zipper pockets also offers space for important things like keys, wallet and mobile phone. A special feature of “Denali 2” is its compatibility with other The North Face jackets, which are made possible by strategically integrated zippers. The soft fleece is available in many different colors, color combinations and patterns and can be purchased at a price of 140 €.

Innovations and Technologies at The North Face Jackets

The North Face ThermoBall

ThermoBall is a synthetic alternative to downs developed by The North Face and an innovation in the area of ​​thermal insulation. At ThermoBall, small, round, synthetic PrimaLoft fibers are closely cumulated and imitate the structure of down fibers. Heat is enclosed in the small spaces between the fibers, thus preserving the warmth. The innovative material ThermoBall combines the light weight, the heat protection and the compressibility of down with the characteristics of synthetic fibers such as water impermeability and wind protection.

The North Face WindWall

The North Face WindWall Jacket provides windproof protection, while providing flexibility and breathability to ensure maximum comfort without overheating. In addition, the North Face WindWall jackets are versatile due to their water impermeability and light weight, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities in any weather.


The North Face WINDSTOPPER technology promises wind protection and maximum breathability. In addition, the WINDSTOPPER softshell material ensures a high level of comfort and freedom of movement, which means that a variety of activities can be carried out in any weather with good performance.

The North Face TNF Apex

TNF Apex is an innovation developed by The North Face in the field of soft-shell technology. The North Face Jackets made of TNF Apex have a wear-resistant surface which optimally protects against external weather influences, while the soft inner material ensures a high wearing comfort and a better performance. Due to the Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating, The North Face jackets made of TNF Apex are not only weather-resistant, but also breathable.

The North Face TKA

TKA stands for Thermal Kinetic Advancement and is a thermal textile fabric. The North Face fleece is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and abrasion resistance. The TKA Fleece is available in various weights, so that the right jacket can be chosen for every sport and weather.

The North Face PrimaLoft

The PrimaLoft thermal protection protects the body heat of the jacket wearer by millions of small, cumbersome air pockets, thus protecting it from extreme outside temperatures, while at the same time ensuring maximum freedom of movement. The North Face innovation not only provides heat protection in cold and wet weather conditions, but is also versatile due to its light weight and breathability.

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The North Face DryVent

The North Face Jackets from DryVent are waterproof, windproof and breathable. The surface of the material is equipped with a durable, water-repellent coating, which ensures that water droplets form, which bounce off the jacket surface. Sweat is also transported from the inside of the jacket to the outside, ensuring maximum wearing comfort at all times.

The North Face GORE-TEX

Working with GORE-TEX, The North Face is able to offer the most innovative and high-performance products in the field of outdoor and leisure wear. The GORE-TEX membrane is impermeable to wind, rain, snow and snow, while sweat can be transported outwards at the same time. The North Face GORE-TEX jackets are particularly suitable for winter sports and mountaineering.

The North Face Down fill

The North Face uses only the highest quality goose tunics for its jackets. These provide warmth and comfort, while still having a light weight. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS), launched by The North Face, is designed to ensure that no down feathers are used by animals bred in harmful, unworthy conditions. In addition, the origin of the downs used for The North Face jackets should be traceable to their origin.

The North Face FlashDry

FlashDry is a technology that causes moisture to be transported as quickly as possible from the inside of the jacket to the outside so that the wearer has a comfortable, dry, comfortable feel at all times. At the same time, FlashDry material dries extremely fast and is therefore very well suited for water sports.

Popular styles with The North Face Jackets

The North Face offers not only functional and outdoor jackets for professionals, but also for hobby sportsmen. The range of the successful outdoor brand ranges from highly functional hardshell jackets for mountaineering and hiking, light training jackets and jackets for winter sports. The wide assortment of jackets for the whole family, however, not only with its highly functional features, which are adapted to the particular sport, but also with modern cuts, colors, color combinations and patterns. A hardshell jacket with a striking print is an eye-catcher on the slopes and is best combined with a restrained pair of pants. A jacket in a neutral color can be played with striking accessories such as hats with a pop color or with a funny slogan. Also in the running jackets can be chosen between simple and conspicuous designs. With a patterned training jacket, color-coordinated sports shoes and a comfortable running pant, you have not only a functional, but also a stylish look, which makes the training much more fun. For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board.