Canada Goose Jackets

Baby, it's cold outside. No problem if you own the jackets of Canada Goose, because you do not want to hide from the fireplace, but get out into the icy cold. The special down jackets warm the wearer and wearer especially. They consist of natural flax, which however are not obtained by the live plucking process. Of course, won down also insulate the cold from outside, while they warm from the inside. In Canada Goose, you can even protect yourself against the snow and ice in a black, dark blue or gray color. The clean designs of the Canadian noble brand range from the short, over the long version of the jacket and it gives it with the accessory of the hood with fur collar, but also without. Large bags to keep the cold hands warm when you brave the winter bravely, have all the models.

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Combinations with Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Jackets for Everyone

The jackets of Canada Goose are super easy to combine for men. On the one hand, because the down jackets so warm. The search for the shirt, which fits to the favorite sweater, thus falls away. It’s just a piece of clothing under the warm down jacket. That is why James Bond actor Daniel Craig is a huge fan of the label. A flannel shirt with a wooden fur check pattern or a thin sweater underline the vintage look of the jackets particularly well. In addition, the color palette of the models simplifies the compilation of an outfit. They fit for everything. Whether jeans, black pants or dark red cord pants, the reserved jackets shine stylishly in the background. The selection is great, so that everyone can find something. When the winter boots are laced with lacing, there is nothing to stop the winter activities.

Never freeze again

Who would not want to be kept warm in the winter without wearing a heavy coat, which makes it even more difficult to stroll through the snow and still walk around stylishly. The jackets of Canada Goose make it possible for all women with all styles. Whether one of the quilted softshell jackets sexy with black skinny jeans, narrow roll-neck sweater and pointed booties with heel; or the slightly longer quilted down jacket is comfortable with leggings, Ugg boots and the favorite hoodie or elegant with a midi fold skirt and overknee boats. Due to the clean design of the jackets, there are no limits to the combination possibilities. In autumn and spring, you can even use them as white shorts, a transparent blouse and beige ankle boots and the down jacket as a transitional jacket.

Canada Goose Jackets from Day to Night

If you want to go on a ski holiday and are just in the suitcase, you usually face a dilemma: what a jacket I pack to be warm and functional on the piste and which is not to look at the après-ski or a romantic winter walk like a Michelin man. Luckily the Canadian luxury brand Canada Goose has a simple solution. To pack only one jacket, which fulfills both criteria. With the jackets of Canada Goose you can make a great figure when skiing or snowboarding with white ski pants, colored helmet and mirrored ski goggles. In the evening simply slip into the favorite dress, ankle boots to and from the other slope – the bars and restaurants. Because the down jackets also make their lightly dressed wearers feel comfortable. The quality of the jackets can be paid dearly, but it also lasts very long. The second hand selection is therefore big and one finds here for an acceptable price quickly.

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Fake Check Canada Goose Jackets

As with every coveted garment brand, Canada Goose fake jackets also sprout from the ground. First glance should therefore be on the logo of the brand, the so-called Arctic Disk. In the original, you can clearly see details like the maple leaves and the outline of Canada. A further note is a signature for the care instructions. In the original, it was signed by the final control. If the jacket should shine, it is a fake, because the upper material of the Canada Goose jackets is always dull. In addition, a hologram should be sewn in the inside, which is considered a proof of authenticity. Canada Goose would like to announce the fight against counterfeiters and therefore helps its customers to make sure that they purchase an original jacket from Canada Goose at the company’s website.

Alternatives to Canada Goose jackets

The Canadian quality speaks for itself, but unfortunately also for an expensive price. If you can find the jackets of Canada Goose super stylish and functionally unbeatable, but is not on an arctic excursion and the money bag is not as big as the pockets of the jackets, then simply look at North Face. This brand also focuses on the functionality, without neglecting the fashionable factor. But you pay a little more. The Anchorage Parka by Carhartt looks almost the same from design, but can not keep up with the quality. But for the really lower price and the German winter, certainly a reasonable alternative.

Popular jackets from Canada Goose

canada goose parka used

Canada Goose quilts

The classic of winter jackets: The quilted down jacket. At Canada Goose, she is small quilted so she flatters the character and does not apply it. In addition, they can be rolled up practically in a small way so that they can also fit as an emergency jacket in the handbag or in the last corner of the suitcase. When unpacking once shake briefly and the small wrinkles are history. Whether for skiing, hiking or a snow walk, this model is suitable for all cold situations. The most detachable hood protects additionally, while the large pockets warm the hands. The color palette has been extended by Canada Goose with this jacket and includes, in addition to blue, black and gray, a bold red and a striking silver, which shines everywhere. The sizes range from XS to XL. A little tip, if you put the jacket a bit bigger, you have the current Oversize trend right in the closet and stands out from the monotonous ski landscape.

Canada Goose Blazer

If you like something more fancy, go to the Bomberjacke of Canada Goose. She is cut short and has an elastic band at the hip and the hands give her an exaggerated, round shape. The hood is covered with fur and is so big that it covers half the back. This iconic pilot style gives every outfit a vintage look. Also the pilots of the Canadian Arctic swear by this jacket, because it holds why and the many different bags are additionally practical, in order to stow everyday items, such as cell phone, handkerchiefs and money bags, but also to warm the hands casually in the belted pockets. The zipper and the additional buttons ensure that no cold breezes are injected and are also a nice detail. Also with this piece of clothing, Canada Goose is more like its dark, simple color palette, which still contains olive green and dark red.
canada goose parka

Canada Goose Parka

The parkas of Canada Goose are particularly popular. In contrast to the classic quilting jacket, they reach to the thighs and are therefore less suitable for skiing or snowboarding than for the cold, disgusting winter season. The different styles vary from season to season. Once with oblique quilting, sometimes with smaller quilting or, for example, without button strip and only with zipper. With Canada Goose the function is in the foreground, but it is always beautifully packaged. So the parkas of the Canadian label have a hood – with or without fur – and many pockets, of course also inside the long jacket. In the covered colors an absolute staplepiece in the winter wardrobe.

Vetement and Canada Goose

If David Beckham plays football in the Arctic with a Parka from Canada Goose, then has a label really made it, right? Yes, in any case, but in the fashion world a collaboration with the Enfant Terrible means even greater honor. The Canadian luxury brand has succeeded. Together with the label Vetements, they designed a collection for the autumn / winter season 2016. At the moment only available at selected shops. Recognizable are the extremely giant jackets in red and black with oversized, sewn-on pockets and large hood. It was iconic that the girls on the catwalk had the jackets completely open and hanging over their shoulders. A trend that you can go with every winter jacket. This collaboration made this winter ski and functional clothing fashionable and street styled. Another novelty was the quilted bolero jacket: it goes just over the chest, is dark blue and red-lined and very large quilted. The thumbs are pressed, that this collaboration soon becomes second hand.

Materials from Canada Goose jackets

Artict Tech

In order to resist any coldness, Canada Goose has developed a special material that keeps the wearer warm and dry even in wet-cold winter days. The Actic Tech material made by Canada Goose consists of 85% polyester and 15% cotton. Only the material is water and cold resistant, but the additional DWR coating (Durable Water Repellent), which is permanently and transparently impregnated on the jackets, simply lets every drop of water repel at the surface. In addition, Canada Goose Arctic-Tech is very durable and resistant thanks to the dense weave of the clothing. Many of the brand’s jackets are made of this special material, protecting the wearer from wind and weather.


Canada Goose also set quality on the down. They do not win their downs from life-drop procedures, but only from dead-procedures. Here the downs are taken, which are left by the food industry. Most of these are won in Canada by the so-called “Hutterians”, a community which is mainly concerned with their agriculture and livestock. When the downs are won, Canada Goose pays attention to filling the jackets with so many downs that the wearer does not freeze even at temperatures of two-digit minus degrees, but as few as possible so that the jacket is not too heavy on the shoulders. That’s why the company uses a very high-quality down with a particularly high bulk, measured in Coin. The maximum value of the bulk force is 1000 Coin. The goal of Canada Goose is to get 800 Coin jackets, which makes the jackets particularly high quality.


The fur that decorates the hoods of Canada Goose comes exclusively from coyotes from Canada. The Goverment wildlife officials ensures that in Canada only furs are from animals shot because of overpopulation. The fur industry in Canada is therefore a very sustainable and one with many guidelines. Hunting is a large part of the community, especially in Northern Canada. Canada Goose supports mainly the people of Northern Canada by guaranteeing the protection of endangered species and the appropriate treatment in a declaration of commitment. In addition, the company discloses all information on their production and working methods.


In contrast to many other labels produced in countries like Thailand and China, Canada Goose actually make their jackets in Canada. The down comes from Canada, just like the coat. In addition, each jacket is sewn by hand to guarantee a special quality.

Popular styles with Canada Goose jackets

The black model of the Parkas by Canada Goose is suitable for cold winter days. Fashionistas and bloggers wear this long jacket with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. It is best to leave the jacket open, which gives you a certain ease. For a dramatic look, you can also wear something black for a dramatic look, or for those who love it with all the white and gray in the winter, the knit sweater takes on bright colors like red, yellow and pink. An important accessory is a beanie in a dark color. This underlines the winter style and gives the look the certain casual something. We have put together the most stylish looks in a Pinterest board. Here, you can be inspired and combine your Canada Goose jackets as you like it best.