Barbour Jackets

The best British clothing for the worst British weather - the English luxury company with over 100 years of traditional company history produces among other things classic ladies', men's and children's jackets. These are also very popular with iconic British fashion models Alexa Chung, Daniel Craig as James Bond, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana.

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Combinations with Barbour jackets

Warm with Barbour quilts

A Barbour quilted jacket has the advantage that, unlike other down jackets, it gives a lot of freedom of movement, but still keeps warm. A further advantage are the infinite possibilities of combination. Ladies can wear the Barbour quilted jacket to skinny jeans, a cozy knit sweater and boots or ankle boots, men particularly like the Barbour quilted jacket to a light sweater, a cord or jeans trousers and lace-up shoes, and for children this can be done with a simple jeans- Sneaker combination.

Ready for anything with waterproof jackets from Barbour

Barbour has taken the motto “There is no bad weather, just unsuitable clothing” very close to the heart and the ultimate jacket against rain and co. created. The design also leaves nothing to be desired – the simple and timeless look fits to every outfit, so you only have to throw it over to get out. This is how she looks especially well with rubber boots like Hunter, plain jeans and sweaters. In addition the appropriate accessories such as scarf and umbrella and one is armed best against every storm.

A Barbour wax jacket for all occasions

A wax jacket is a particularly faithful companion – dirt and dirt bounce off on it and rain and co. have no chance. Thus, it is particularly suitable for two groups: festivalgoers and children. The former proves to us as stylish as ever, the fashion icon Alexa Chung. She combines her Barbour Waxjacke every season: once to a rocking T-shirt, leather leggings and Hunter rubber boots, sometimes the same Hunter Boots, Jeansjacke, Jeans Hot Pants and Pantyhose or a Striped Blouse and Black Hot Pants. For children the Barbour wax jacket is also super-practical – for it is practically always “festival season” and you must always protect it from dirt and dirt. In order to avoid a successful playground visit simply put the Barbour wax jacket to a comfortable trousers, a sweater and rubber boots or sneakers and the first foundation of the fashionista is thus successfully modeled after the model Alexa Chung.

Why is a second hand Barbour jacket worthwhile?

Barbour jackets are characterized by their high quality materials and excellent workmanship. This naturally has its price and therefore Barbour jackets are not affordable for everyone. Second hand, however, you can get the right bargain – often the British jackets cost only a quarter of their original price and are in perfect condition. Due to the timeless design and the classic cuts there is also no “obsolescence” of the Barbour jackets, so they never go out of style. But rather a fan of the new purchase? At Catchys you will also find the best sale deals from Barbour jackets from last season. You want a piece of British history? Barbour has been around since 1894, and in some cases, it is possible to find the right vintage treasures from the past decades. Barbour jackets in second hand are a real find, especially for children – they want their children to buy high-quality clothing, but without ever spending a fortune because they quickly get out again. Second hand you get a Barbour jacket for children often only at a fraction of the price. Make your shopping trip to the treasure hunt and shop Barbour jackets for a cheap second hand, in sale or vintage on catchys and secure the absolute best price.

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Alternatives to Barbour jackets

You like the spirit of Barbour jackets, but you would like a more elegant jacket, which is also suitable for evenings or more chic occasions? Burberry is also a British traditional house with high-quality outerwear – especially known for the iconic Burberry trench coat. You like the design of Barbour Jackets, but unfortunately you can not afford at the moment? Then maybe jackets from current or past collections from Esprit are something for you.

Popular models of Barbour jackets

Barbour Wigs for men

barbour men's sweater second hand
With reliable protection against wind and weather, Barbour’s wax jackets for men are also icons in the men’s wardrobe. The masculine optics are underlined by a supple collar and quilted shoulders. Barbour Men’s Waxjackets are particularly popular in simple, dark colors such as Barbour Olive, Barbour Black, Barbour Navy and Barbourfern, not least because they are particularly versatile.

Waterproof jackets from Barbour for men

The light weight, waterproof jackets from Barbour for men combine style and function in one, which makes them unbeatable companions, which even in extreme rainfall make a good figure. In addition to classic-colored colors such as Barbour Navy, Barbour Black, Barbour Olive and Barbour Fern, lighter colors such as Barbour Sand and Barbour Gray are also in demand.
barbour waterproof denim jacket second hand

Quilts of Barbour for men

barbour men's quilting second hand
The Barbour Men’s Quilted Jacket is a classic classic, combining functionalism and an iconic British look, so the Barbour quilted jacket is an invariably stylish handle in the wardrobe. Also here are the most popular colors Barbour Black, Barbour Olive, Barbour Dark Olive and Barbour Sand, but also colors like Barbour Bordeaux and Barbour Gray are very popular.

Waxes of Barbour for women

The weatherproof jacket made of cotton or cotton blend with wax impregnation is a classic in British leisure wear. Barbour wigs for women have a waisted cut for a feminine look that protects against wind and weather. Available in classic, muted colors like Barbour Navy, Barbour Olive, Barbour Sand or Barbour Black, they are not prone to dirt and co. and can be combined with any of your favorite outfits.
barbour ladies sweater second hand
Waterproof jackets from Barbour for women
barbour ladies jacket waterproof secondhand
Especially when it rains and rains the whole day, a simple umbrella is often no longer sufficient and you have to grab outerwear, which protects you from dampness and cold. A waterproof jacket by Barbour can not only do this, it also keeps you stylishly chic with a classic, upscale British design. It comes in classic colors such as Barbour Black, Barbour Navy, Barbour Mist or Barbour Olive or gives the gray, rainy day the necessary coloring in Barbour Canary Yellow, Barbour Beachcomber Blue or Barbour Red.

Quilts of Barbour for women

A quilted jacket by Barbour looks not only classic and elegant, it also keeps you warm without laying a thick layer, like conventional down jackets. This makes it easy to wear over simple or unusual winter or transitional weather outfits and always ensures a good figure. Especially popular are Barbour Navy jackets, Barbour Black, Barbour Black, Barbour Black, Barbour Ice White and Barbour Ice Rose, Barbour Canary Yellow or Barbour Red.
barbour ladies quilted secondhand

Bonbonnies for children

barbour children jacket wax second hand
Barbour’s wax jackets for children are often kept in a biker look. So they look fresh and youthful without losing the iconic British charm. But also inspired by adult models such as the Barbour Wax Boys Classic Beaufort with classic tartan pattern feeding are timeless companions. Barbour waxes are kept for children in dark, muted colors such as Barbour Olive, Barbour Navy or Barbour Black so that dirt from the playground and co. not noticeable.

Quilts of Barbour for children

What children love Barbour quilting jackets is that they keep warm thanks to the quilting function, without restricting their movements. Parents, grandparents and co. find the elegant, timeless look simply charming on their little ones. Also here, practical, the color palette is kept dark and covered, colors like Barbour Olive, Barbour Black and Barbour Navy dominate the designs of Barbour quilts for children.

Waterproof jackets from Barbour for children

barbour children jacket waterproof secondhand
With Barbour’s waterproof and breathable jackets, little adventurers are well prepared. In the characteristic Barbour look, the waterproof jackets for children are also very much in line with their adult style and inspire with the typical British flair. Also here are the most popular colors rather dark and the main color palette consists of Barbour Black, Barbour Olive and Barbour Navy.

Colors of Barbour jackets

Barbour Ice Rose

Barbour Ice Rose is a cool but fresh pink, which is especially popular with Barbour ladies’ quilts.

Barbour Red

A classic red, which is used for Barbours waterproof ladies’ jackets.

Barbour Pearl

A creamy white, which is slightly more vulnerable to dirt and co. is, but the more elegant looks at Barbour ladies quilts.

Barbour Ice White

Barbour Ice White is a cool, crisp white, which is used for Barbour ladies’ quilts.

Barbour Navy

One of the most popular colors of Barbour: The dark, strong, cool blue is used for all jackets of Barbour ladies’ bodysuits, Barbour waterproof jackets for men and Barbour wax jackets for children.

Barbour Fern

An autumnal brown-green, which is especially noble with Barbour men’s wax jackets and Barbour men’s quilting jackets.

Barbour Gray

A light but cool gray, which has its full effect on Barbour waterproof men’s jackets. Barbour Gray is brighter compared to Barbour Gray Marl.

Barbour Gray Marl

Barbour Gray Marl is darker and more powerful than Barbour Gray and is particularly popular for Barbour men’s jackets.

Barbour Olive

A medium dark olive green, which is popular with Barbour jackets for all sexes and age groups. Barbour Olive is lighter than Barbour Dark Olive and is more green than brown.

Barbour Dark Olive

Barbour Dark Olive is darker in comparison to Barbour Olive and goes into the brown rather than the green. This color is particularly popular with Barbour men’s jackets, such as Barbour men’s quilting jackets.


On strong beige, which is often used for adult jackets, for example Barbour ladies wax jackets or Barbour men’s quilting jackets.

Barbour Beachcomber Blue

Barbour Beachcomber Blue is a medium dark, friendly blue. Barbour Beachcomber Blue is particularly popular as a color on Barbour ladies’ jackets, such as the waterproof Barbour jacket for ladies.

Barbour Black

A classic, elegant black that is one of the most popular colors of Barbour jackets. Barbour Black is used for both Barbour children’s and Barbour Ladies and Barbour men’s jackets of all kinds.

Barbour Bordeaux

A dark, powerful red which is particularly popular with Barbour men’s jackets, such as the Barbour quilted jacket for men.

Barbour Canary Yellow

Barbour Canary Yellow is a strong, darker ocher yellow, which is often used for Barbour ladies ‘jackets, like the Barbour ladies’ quilting jacket.

Popular styles with Barbour jackets

Always something preppy, always absolutely British Barbour jackets are a faithful companion in wind and weather. Whether it is a family trip, a long walk or a festival – fashion icon Alexa Chung’s favorite occasion to get her Barbour jacket out – the Barbour jacket is a stylish companion with the simplest looks. How do you prefer the transition weather favorite? Be inspired by our Pinterest Board “Barbour Jackets & Outfits”. Let yourself be inspired by the coolest styles with Balenciaga bags on our Pinterest board and create your own, unforgettable looks.

Detail check of Barbour jackets

You want to know more about Barbour jackets and you need help with deciding which model you want? Inform yourself here about all the details of Barbour Jackets.