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Worth knowing about green adidas jackets

Who does not know her? The adidas jackets with the distinctive three stripes are now already cult. But who wants 2017 and 2018 already boring monochrome adidas jackets? Exactly nobody, because the fashion industry stands this and coming season on trend colors. One of them: Greenery – frog princess or prince for advanced. As every year the hype around the trend color is so noticeable everywhere, and so in the jacket collection of adidas. adidas presents casual original jackets, cool windbreakers or warm winter jackets in trendy greenery.

The special adidas green jackets

Green is, as is well known, the color of harmony and balance, which is also reflected in the jacket collection of adidas. As a fresh, natural sound, green deep-rooted emotions arouse in us. These are the same feelings of happiness, as we feel them when looking at lush meadows or fresh leaves. According to Adidas, this positive effect is also due to the fact that its customers are satisfied. The fact that a color is very natural does not always mean that it is particularly easy to combine. Green is a rather special sound. So how do you wear this sound without competing with “Kermit the Frog”?

Outfits with green adidas jackets

A tip for the trend color green in particular is not strictly orientated to fixed nuance. If a certain green tone is in the trend, it is usually also the others – this principle ensures more diversity and individuality. The hype around the green is therefore not to be imagined as a golfer, but more like a mixed forest. This should be synonymous with the outfits. Just combine a black basic shirt to a neutral trousers in beige or gray to your green Adidas jacket, so your look looks softer and sets the focus through the bright green tone.

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