Jack Wills

British University Style

Jack Wills is an English brand founded in 1999 in Devon. Their founders (Peter Williams and Robert Shaw) were especially fascinated by one: student life. They wanted to transform the life and atmosphere of British universities into a model set. Even today, the English coolness and casual student life in the collections of Jack Wills can be recognized. On Catchys you'll find great second hand and second season parts from the British brand. These parts will surely give you a smile - even in typical English weather.

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Did you know that …

  1. the brand was named after a grandparent by one of the founders.
  2. Williams was only 23 years old when the first store was opened.
  3. the first shop was financed with £ 40000 and the founders slept over the business.
  4. Jack Wills was originally designed as a model for students and therefore was also advertised with the slogan “University Outfitters”.
  5. Jackwill’s products are featured by a special logo showing a pheasant with a cylinder and a walking stick.

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The story of Jack Wills


Jack Wills is founded. His first store is opened in Salcombe.


The fire gives a fashionshow in the Kensington Roof Gardens. In addition, a new shop in Portobello is opened and at the end of this year there are already 10 shops in the UK.


There is the Big Air Fashion Show in the Alps. Jack Wills also sponsors Varsity Polo for the first time and the pheasant becomes the official company logo (together with the pink and blue stripes).


The Covent Garden Store moves and becomes something like a Jack Wills hanger. The label is also heading for the ocean. The first Jack Wills stores are opened in the USA.

Catchy’s Jack Wills Brand Guide

Jack Wills Bags

The bags are available in the sports pocket optics and in the classic Jackwill colors (dark blue-white, dark blue-dark red etc.). One of his most famous cloth bags is the Ambleshire Book Bag, which is designed to remind the students of their origin. They can be combined with washed-out tube jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Jack Wills bags are the perfect companion for the gym, the weekly market and the beach.

Jack Wills Backpacks

The majority of the backpacks are in the typical Collegestyle. On offer are sweet designs with small white dots or cool check pattern. There is also a matching make-up bag. The backpacks are the ideal companion for traveling, hiking or for sports. However, they can also be used for what they were originally intended for: the university.

Jack Wills Dresses

The clothes of the British brand are straight and A-shaped. They are mostly in the typical Jack Wills colors (dark blue, black, dark red or gray) and reflect the original idea. The Maggie Checked Shirt Dress is reminiscent of an oversized lumberjack shirt and can be casually combined with a black waist belt, ankle boots and a leather jacket.