IKKS is especially popular for its children's fashion - because it is simply enchanting how the French fashion brand wraps small cardigans, dresses or hats in the French feel-good charm that we otherwise only know from the adult world. Here, too, IKKS is making its mark and loves to equip cool fashion-based fashion girls (and men) with cool basics as well. Because the Paris Je-ne-sais-quoi is not only reserved for the French ladies, we also steal the edgy yet feminine style for our wardrobe. Meanwhile, you can find IKKS in 350 stores worldwide - and of course at Catchys.

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  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Watches

Did you know that …

  1. Everything started with a collection for the little ones at IKKS – Based on trends in the fashion world that have been adapted for children (The best basis for mom-daughter lookalikes …)
  2. the petites robes et chaussures have arrived in Hollywood too. Jennifer Garner likes to shop for her three children, for example, IKKS
  3. also follow the big VIPs. On actresses with trendy bunnies like Kate Bosworth you can rely on …
  4. the campaigns of IKKS spray the elegant French, but also modest chic that we know from Chanel advertorials at most
  5. one of the faces of these campaigns is Camille Rowe – A French-American model that has been featured in Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire, among others. But that was also chosen for Playmate April 2016 …

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The story of Ikks


The Frenchman Gérard Legoff founds his heart project IKKS


A line for ladies. Finally, in 2003, the counterpart for the men


Today, IKKS comprises a total of seven divisions: IKKS Junior, IKKS Kids, IKKS Women, IKKS Men, but also the IKKS Pure Special Collections as well as I-CODE and Final Touch

Catchy’s Ikks Brand Guide

IKKS Rock – Avec Fémininité

Skirts belong to girls like the checkered tablecloth to the favorite Italian restaurant. The fascination will probably never be completely explained, but it is there – so why not spend it with the most beautiful skirts à la couture française. Tulip skirt, pencil skirt or wrap skirt – we never get bored with this airy piece of fabric. Maybe you are looking for a stylish mini skirt for the holidays, which you want to take to the beach every day. Or you want to convince on your next date with a sexy leather skirt plus chiffon blouse … The French love and live fashion and combine with their dresses, pants and skirts, of course, beautiful memories. Let’s do it!

IKKS shoes – Chaussures chics

Were you already in the French capital and have admired the Parisian women for their effortless walk in high heels? Or did you remember the picture of how elegant it is to sit with heels on a park bench – relaxed with a café au lait in your hand? Then the inspiration is now brought to life with a chic pair of pumps or sandals from IKKS. And that at your home, in the pedestrian zone … wherever it takes you with your great IKKS shoes. The high-quality shoes do not put you any limits thanks to the great wearing comfort. The basic equipment also includes sneakers, booties and boots that look just as casual in Paris as in Munich or Berlin.

IKKS bags – Et voilà …

The complement of every look in vogue? Of course the bag. “Sac” the French say to her – But of course they are not so short and concise in the design of their beloved everyday companions. The IKKS clutches, handbags and shoppers who hear names such as “The Artist”, “The Designer” or “The Fisherman”, live the attention to detail in the restrained French way. No rivets, barrettes, fringes and sequins strung together on a bag – but well dosed: A bag, a large, silver buckle that sits. Because we know what we want. Self-confidence in every area.