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What woman does not know the problem? The wardrobe swells over and there is no more space for your new clothes. We will show you how and where to sell your used clothes best. We present all purchase platforms in our sales guide. Selling clothes means not only sustainability, but also to buy new clothes on your wishlist with the savings. What do you want more? In our sales guide, you find out where to sell your mucked out clothes ... with the help of our sales guide, you will find the perfect platform for you.

Purchase Platforms

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At Kleiderkreisel & Co. you can not only sell your clothes, but also exchange or give away. Flea market, swap meet and gifts portal in one. This way, you will be able to create space in your wardrobe for new clothes on your wishlist in record time. On the basis of your profile, the potential buyers can take a look into your wardrobe and user ratings, description & co. to classify your profile as trustworthy. You can set a desired price for each piece of clothing, exclude the exchange option, negotiate with potential buyers, and fill your wish list yourself.

Popular Brands: Nike
Payment options: individually customizable
costs: 0€

Unlike Rebelle, Wardrobe or Momox, Vestiaire Collective is the perfect place to sell your designer and high end clothes. If you would like to, Vestiaire Collective sells your clothes for you (concierge service).

Payment options: you will get your money after the goods have been shipped
Popular brands: all the expensive brands and designers, such as Hèrmes and Louis Vuitton, but also the hottest fashion items from past or current Zara collections (2017)
Maximum of 50% commision

With Fashback, you can simply find the price for your products by search-field and pack them into the sales basket. In principle similar to momox, but the prices are partly higher. Favorable brands, like Zara and H & M are unfortunately not always getting purchased, depending on the season or on the stock. Simply pack everything in the sales basket, print the shipping label and off you go. The things are checked quickly on the spot and you receive the final offer by email. If you refuse the offer, the package will be returned to you in full. After confirmation, the amount will be paid immediately.

Payment options: Transfer by IBAN & BIC
Costs: 0€

The biggest fashion shopping platform for worn and cheap branded plaids like Zara, H & M, Bershka & Co. At Momox you get a fixed price for your clothes, which you can either accept or reject. When accepted, your garment will land in a virtual sales basket. If you reach 10 €, you can send your package free of charge with clothes. After you have sent it, you will receive an offer within a few days. Momox may not accept some of your products as the purchase conditions are very strict. However, you have the option to return your package for 4 € shipping costs. Momox sells your clothes by the way over the platform ubup. Ubup stands for used but precious.

Popular brands: Zara, H&M & Co.
Payment options: transfer after acceptance of the offer
Costs: Maximum of 4 € on return

With Ebay Classifieds you can upload your product within a few minutes, and add description and price. It takes one to two hours for the ad to appear online. The advantage: you do not pay commission. Disadvantage: your products quickly gets lost in the mass.

Payment options: PayPal, Cash, bank transfer
Costs: no costs

The German Vestiaire Collective. If you are interested in brand and designer clothes, then this is the right buying platform for you. You can choose between two options: "sell by yourself" and "Concierge service". The first part is similar to Kleiderkreisel: you upload your photos and take care of the sale & Co. by yourself. With the concierge function, you can simply submit your second-hand clothes and Rebelle takes care of the sale of your clothes. Both the purchase and the sale are handled by Rebelle.

Popular brands: Alexander McQueen & Balenciage
Costs: You get a maximum of 70% of the sales proceeds

Similar principle as with Momox and Fashback. Pack package (including free shipping label) and send. You will receive an offer within 48h. If you agree, the money will be paid immediately. Ideal for expensive or luxury brands.

Costs: No direct costs, but the discount is relatively high due to the direct purchase.

Local second-hand merchants: If you think local or small online boutiques are more familiar, or just prefer the personal contact, you can of course also deliver your clothes at your second hand shop around the corner.

Our favorites:
Hamburg: Secondella

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