Hermès has established itself as one of the most coveted and expensive luxury brands in just under 200 years. In addition to the rather unknown riding articles, furniture, the Hermès bags, bracelets and silk scarves have become one of the most coveted IT pieces. Anyone who fancies with a Hermès Piece usually has to wait several weeks to years. Hermès products are custom-made, quality and design are given. Here you will find an overview of all Hermès products.

  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Watches

Did you know that …

  1. Over 1000 motifs for the silk scarves exist and twelve new ones are being developed every year
  2. The Kelly Bag originally called Petit Sac Haut a Courroies
  3. Jane Birkin herself was involved in the design of the Birkin Bag – the cooperation came about as she sat in the plane next to the chairman of the board
  4. Grace Kelly once used a silk scarf as a sling for her broken arm
  5. Each pocket copy has a signature containing the name of the craftsman, the year of manufacture and the address of the studio

Why is Second Hand at Hermès worthwhile?

Especially for all lovers of Hermès Birkin and Kelly Bags, Online Secondhand and Vintage Shops are a true blessing. No other bags are so coveted and as difficult to re-invent as these two models of the French luxury brand. Previously, you had to wait for a war list and up to 10 years – today there is no such thing due to high demand. The shops get a load from France on a random day – which and how many bags are in it, or whether a Birkin or Kelly is at all, even the store manager is unknown. Then it is said who first comes, first grinds. This is the way to go through online secondhand pages much faster – in order not to snap each website individually for the dream bag, you can find it faster on CATCHYS through a large selection of authenticated partner shops offering authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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Catchy’s Hermès Brand Guide

Hermès bags

Whoever is in possession of a Hermès bag has arrived in fashion heaven. In addition to the classic and very expensive models such as the handbags (Kelly or Birkin), the shoppers, shoulder bags and travel bags are not to be underestimated. High quality is given.

Hermès jewelry

A classic Hermès bracelet gives your outfit the extra touch – either classic, elegant or sturdy and striking, with the characteristic H and leather appliqué. Which jewelery is your personal favorite? Find out!

Hermès Accessories

Hermès accessories are absolute eye-catchers. Especially popular are belts and towels, gloves and hats are also not to be despised. A timeless IT piece that is worth it. Interested?