Adidas Hats

Adidas is one of the world's most successful sports and lifestyle brands. Founded in 1949 in the German Herzogenaurach, the traditional company convinces with innovative products of outstanding quality. The year 1954 is a great and, perhaps, even the most important milestone in the history of Adidas. This year the German national football team of Adolf Dassler was equipped with shoes with innovative screw studs on the soles. Through this feature, the shoes can be worn in any weather and ensure firm hold on the ground. In the course of the next decades, an unprecedented diversification followed not only in the corporate sector, such as through the takeover of Reebok, but also in terms of the product range. The most popular accessories of Adidas include the caps. These not only convince with their high-quality material and the warming qualities, but also with their casual look, which makes them a popular accessory in the global street style scene.

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Combinations with Adidas caps

Adidas sports caps

In the cold winter and during the uncomfortable transitional seasons, a warm head covering is essential in the sport. Adidas offers a variety of highly functional hats that are ideal for outdoor sports at cooler temperatures. The Adidas “Microfleece Crest” hat is comfortable for the jogging circuit, which is pleasantly light, keeping head and ears warm while the high-quality fleece lining. A pair of lined gloves, a thermal running pant and a weatherproof sports jacket make the outfit complete.

Adidas hats in extreme situations

Of course it does not have to be the same as Mount Everest, but some of the mountains in the Alps, which are over 2,000 meters, have their own characteristics as far as the weather is concerned. Despite the sunshine, it can not only be very cold, but the weather can suddenly turn from one moment to another. This is why it is particularly important for trips to the mountains, always with a suitable head covering. Recommended at this point is the Adidas “Climawarm Beanie”. Designed for extreme conditions such as mountaineers and hikers, this Adidas hooded model protects against any kind of weather. The “Climawarm Beanie” has the classic Adidas logo on the front and is additionally equipped with light-reflecting applications even in darkness to provide security. The “Climawarm Beanie” is available in different colors.

Adidas hats for the casual street style look

The Adidas caps are not only suitable for outdoor sports and low temperatures, but can also be worn as a fashion accessory. The Adidas caps, eg the beanie “Rib Logo” with a striking logo on the front, give every look a sporty and casual touch. If you want to emphasize the sporty design of the model, you can use a casual bomber jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers . A practical backpack makes the cool Freizeitoufit complete. With the Adidas caps, however, there is also a sporty and casual contrast to feminine dresses, for example with floral patterns and mid-length. In combination with Converse or Superga sneakers you have a cool and comfortable look for everyday life.

Adidas hats in sale and second-hand

Despite their high quality and high-quality design, the Adidas caps are very affordable. However, savings can be great deals at the sale. On sale models from past seasons are often offered much cheaper. The second-hand market for fashion has also grown strongly in the last few years and supplies price-conscious and sustainable consumers with a large range of second-hand fashion products, which are often still in almost as new condition. On Catchys, you’ll find a large selection of one-of-a-kind Second-Hand Adidas hats, in which you’ll find assured colors. Enjoy browsing and discovering!

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Fake Check Adidas Hats

Adidas is one of the most popular sports and lifestyle brands, and is particularly vulnerable to product piracy. At the first glance, the fake products are often hardly distinguishable from an original. With a few tips and tricks, however, you can quickly unmask a counterfeit product as a layman. The Adidas logo can give a first indication, often using the counterfeiters in a slightly modified form. A comparison with an original Adidas logo, eg on the Adidas website, is therefore always useful. Also the material can be an indication that the present cap is a fake. Product counterfeiters usually use inferior, cheap material. An unpleasant, chemical smell of the cap should immediately cause distrust. Extremely low prices can be very seductive, but often point to a fake, especially at unofficial selling points.

Alternatives to Adidas caps

Adidas caps are impressive with sporty designs and high-quality materials and they are an integral part of the street style scene. However, if you would like to look at a few alternatives before the purchase, you should take a look at the caps of the equally successful sports and lifestyle company Nike<. The American company, similar to Adidas, offers a wide range of hats that score with design, quality and functionality. For example, the Nike “Team Performance Beanie” is a great alternative to the Adidas “Microfleece Crest” cap. Puma can also be chosen from a wide assortment of caps, from cool leisure caps to functional hats for sports and winter boots.

Popular hats from Adidas

Adidas “Manchester United 3-Striped Knitted Hat”

adidas manchester united
For all fans of Manchester United, Adidas has the right cap with the “Manchester United 3-Striped Knitted Hat”. The classic manu red knitted hat does not only look good, it also gives the wearer the feeling of being part of the team. The three typical white Adidas stripes can be seen on the broad, foldable cap collar, while the emblem of the English tradition club is sewn in the middle. Due to the excellent processing made of 100% smooth-knitted polyacryl, the cap absorbs sweat, while at the same time storing body heat, thereby providing additional heat protection at cooler temperatures. For all fans of other football clubs such as Bayern Munich or Real Madrid there are of course also the corresponding models. A new Adidas fan cap is already available for 20 €.

Adidas “Shadow Tones Trefoil Yellow Beanie”

The Trefoil Beanies are one of the most popular Adidas hoodies, as they are not only very comfortable, but also look casual and easily enhance every simple outfit. The “Shadow Tones Trefoil Yellow Beanie” is a very special eyecatcher with its bright yellow, which also provides a good mood even in low temperatures and drizzle. Characteristic of this model is the Adidas Trefoil logo, which has the same color as the cap and is sewn in the middle of the front of the caps. The Trefoil Beanies are 100% made of high-quality polyacrylic, which makes them extremely durable and dirt-resistant, while keeping their ears warm even at very low temperatures.
adidas cap yellow

Adidas “Beanie Magdalena Neuner”

adidas magdalena nine
Not only is she one of the most successful German winter sports women, Adidas also made the bobble hat more salonable again. Made of high quality polyacrylic, the front shows the official DSV logo while the Adidas logo is sewn on the side. The “Beanie Magdalena Neuner” is available every season in a new version, but the gray model with blue or green color accents in a classic Norwegian pattern and the color-coordinated bobble is particularly beautiful. New is a “Beanie Magdalena Neuner” 39,95 €, but after the season, individual models can also be bought much cheaper.

Adidas “Rib Logo Beanie”

The Prada “Oversized Geometric” belongs to the classics of Prada sunglasses. The model impresses with its geometric shape in the trendy oversized look. Characteristic of the “Oversized Geometric” are the wide spectacle hangers with the engraved Prada logo. The “Rib Logo Beanie” is a classic of Adidas and a fashion favorite in the street style scene. Thanks to its straight-forward design with the striking Adidas logo, the beanie can be combined in a variety of ways from both women and men. Particularly popular is the beanie in classic black with white patches. This gives each look a cool, sporty touch, while at the same time warming the ears. With a colorful beanie you can skilfully bring a bit of color into simple combinations. The “Rib Logo Beanies” are already available from € 19.95.
adidas cap rib beanie

Materials and colors at Adidas caps

Materials at Adidas caps

The Adidas caps are mainly made of high-quality polyacrylic, which is particularly durable and dirt-resistant. The warming qualities make polyacrylic a popular material at Adidas. Polyacryl also leaves a lot of creative freedom in terms of design, so that many new hats can be offered every season. An Adidas cap made of poly acrylic with a fleece lining is ideal for outdoor sports at low temperatures or for activities like mountain hiking and climbing.

Colors at Adidas caps

Whether classic in black or gray, colorful in yellow or red or striking in neon pink, at Adidas everyone finds a cap in his favorite color. The simple caps can be combined very versatile and should not be missing in any wardrobe. With a colorful cap, a joyful accent can also be used with dreary autumn and winterlooks, while the caps in neon colors are absolute eye-catchers and particularly well-suited to simple, plain-colored looks.

Popular styles with Adidas caps

Whether for sports, the mountain hike or the autumn city stroll with the best friend, Adidas has the right cap for every taste and occasion. For leisure, the “Rib Logo Beanies” from Adidas are particularly good. Men can combine the gray model of casual bomber jacket, jeans and sneakers. For a sporty look, women can combine their ribbed Adidas cap to tight leather pants and a plain shirt in the oversized cut, or contrast with a feminine midi dress and sneakers. You can find more inspiration on the Pinterest board. Enjoy!