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"With fashion, you can not demonstrate a world view, because so quickly does not change its principles"

A subtle blend of elegance, charm and lightness. Givenchy has stood out since its founding in 1952 by clear forms and interesting details. Embossed by a constant change of designers, each collection captures the generation's zeitgeist without breaking the brand's identity. It is no wonder that Givenchy has established itself over the years and has also won second-hand vintage pieces in countless fashion styles from every age - including Audrey Hepburn, Jaqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Kate Moss, Madonna and not least Beyoncé June received the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in a diamond-studded suit by Givenchy. The brand is timeless and therefore it is worth investing in a second hand Givenchy Piece, which will remain modern for many more decades.

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Did you know that …

  1. Givenchy’s Taschennamen are often inspired by the Greek mythology
  2. the loosely-fitting sackcloth by Givenchy and Balenciaga was invented
  3. the most famous “little black” worn by Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, was auctioned by Hubert de Givenchy Design and in 2006 for more than $ 900,000
  4. due to financial difficulties the first collection of Givenchy was completely made of white fabric for >men’s shirts and still a global success

Why is Second Hand at Givenchy worthwhile?

Givenchy has been one of the top brands for fashion icons for more than half a century – so classics have established themselves over the years, which still have it-piece potential. Whether you’re looking for a vintage coat or a good deal for a second hand Givenchy Antigona, you’ll find CATCHYS in a selection of authenticated partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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The story of Givenchy


Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy is born in Beauvais, France on February 21st


Foundation of the “Givenchy” brand by Graf Hubert Givenchy


Expansion: Zurich, Rome and Buenos Aires


“Givenchy Université” – the world’s first luxurious ready-to-wear collection of a couturier – is introduced


Givenchy is the first designer to present his collections to both customers and the press at the same time


Issey Miyake is hired as an assistant


“Gentlemen Givenchy” is created and includes Givenchy menswear, shoes and jewelery


Licenses for shoes, jewelery, ties, table cloths, furniture, kimonos and even a car – the Ford Mark


Givenchy is part of the luxury group LVMH


Last Haute Couture Show by Graf Hubert Givenchy


John Galliano is appointed chief designer in January, but is replaced by Alexander McQueen in October of the same year


Julien Macdonald becomes McQueen’s successor


Ozwald Boateng takes over Macdonald’s position


Ricardo Tisci is appointed Creative Director of the women’s collections


All Men’s Collections (RTW + ACC) are added to Tisci’s area of ​​responsibility

Catchy’s Givenchy Brand Guide

Givenchy bags

Givenchy bags are the most popular pieces of any Givenchy collection. We love the Givenchy bags for their clear and geometric shapes, giving these bags a special touch. The names of the bags are mostly inspired by Greek mythology, such as Antigona, Pandora. Find out which Givenchy bag fits best for you.

Givenchy Shirts

Not just since the Rottweiler shirt Givenchy T-Shirts are the absolute fashionpiece. Plain shirts with eye-catching prints make Givenchy Shirts an absolute eye-catcher for men and women. You are looking for the Rottweiler shirt? Then browse our collection of second hand and second season shirts!
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Givenchy shoes

Another must have for Givenchy lovers: Givenchy shoes. Whether the Givenchy Pure Boots or chic sneakers, Givenchy can score with the mix of rocky and sweet.