Geox - The shoe that breathes. The slogan probably everyone already once snapped, but also self-tested? The attempt is worth it, because the Italian chair not only scores with innovative functionality, but also with a trend-conscious exterior, which seduces with its southern charm. Geox has not only sneakers and sandals with breathing-active sole in the repertoire. Also hot heels and chice high heel boots give your feet air to breathe!

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Did you know that…

  1. Mario Moretti Polegato by chance remarked that the climate in shoes can actually be improved by punching holes in the sole
  2. the company’s innovation philosophy is that “there will always be a way to do things”
  3. Geox since 2011 the Red Bull Racing team equipped
  4. Italy is still Numero uno of the Geox fans
  5. Geox is pronounced “Chez” in his Italian native language

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The story of Geox


The idea for breathable shoes is created by tinkerer Mario Moretti Polegato. He cooperates in his early days with the children’s shoes “elephants”


It’s time for his own label. He calls it Geox


There are also bags, sweaters and shirts in the line “Geox Apparel”


Geox opened the first shop outside of Italy


Only since 1996 is the classic, shorter “Oxford” Chuck

Popular models from GEOX

Geox shoes – Yes, the shoe that breathes

The secret? The micropores of the membrane, which is incorporated into the sole of the shoes, are smaller than water drops, but permeable to vapor molecules. A smart move that lets your feet relax in the university or in the job every day, because they are not locked up. Your Geox ballerinas, heel sandals, pumps, boots or, of course, sneakers (the classics of the house) will make you more and more open to everyday life. The elegance of the Italians is always a thing of the past. And in Second Hand Sale they are also reduced. Geox Shoes, we love you.

Geox Jackets – The most airy way to wear, you know

However, the amazing technology of the Geox membrane can not only be applied to shoes. Also jackets are equipped with the permeable cell walls. A good climate also exists under your parka, trench coat or winter coat. You know it definitely: If you prefer to avoid the way in your favorite shops in the cooler of the season, because in the dressing room regularly a heat wave rolls over you. With the vintage Geox jackets at outlet prices at Catchys you can save on the constant on and off. They keep a pleasant air in all seasons and temperature fluctuations.