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FTC Cashmere

Fair Trade Cashmere

Since 2003, FTC has been providing cashmere with the most delicate temptation since there are fabrics: cashmere. Jutta and Andreas Knezovic, the fine, luxurious natural material was particularly close to their heart and so they concentrated on their own label on the raw material with flattery guarantee. Today Kashmir is one of the most precious natural textiles and is not to be surpassed in its feel-good factor and its elegance. The exclusive designs of FTC Cashmere are established with a clear conscience, ie fair conditions in production and sustainable action, and are maintained with quality at the highest level. To spoil the skin even more, FTC combines kashmir and algae fibers, which envelop you with a pleasant, soothing coolness from their home, the Icelandic fjords. Algae are also rich in trace elements, minerals, vitamins and proteins and are appreciated for their antioxidant effect, which protects you from free radicals. Real wonders that leave the house FTC Cashmere and arrive at Catchys with a delicate touch of vintage charm.

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Catchy’s FTC Brand Guide

ftc sweater

FTC Pullover – As in cotton wool

Especially on the cooler days of the year, a cozy cashmere sweater can save your day! Because when the soft material is already around your shoulders in the morning and you feel puddle in your skin, small everyday problems are easier to bear! The tops of FTC Cashmere are just a touch on the skin, which may soon be as relaxed as a visit to the masseur.

FTC Dresses – Exclusive and extra soft

You already have a perfect cashmere pullover? Then we would like to recommend the long version. A cashmere dress is just the right partner for all chic ladies who do not want to freeze for an elegant party in winter à la Vernissage or a big birthday party. After all, thanks to FTC Cashmere, you do not have to screw down your style if you want to be warm. But do not worry, it is not too hot even in the heated living room – FTC has finally thought and incorporated temperature regulating algae into your dress. Brilliant.
dress ftc used

FTC Pants – Even your legs would like strokes

With a comfortable pants lie on the sofa? Or do the Saturday shopping in your favorite leggings? Sounds great, but you think you can not be true to your style? Faslch thought! For even casual leisure trousers can be très chic – if they listen to the name FTC. The sports and jogging pants of the extra class are super-comfortable to wear and do not tweak at any single place, promised. At the latest for your next holiday and the long drive in the car or plane, you should definitely have a couple of FTC Cashmere Pants.

FTC Hats – You never felt so warm around your ears

Caps are indispensable. But – you do not like them scratching your scalp or the warmth so under the fabric that you will soon glow? Then we recommend you a copy of cashmere, which guarantees the exchange of air under the hat, and is, of course, the noblest version of the head cover. FTC Cashmere is available in all colors. From classic black, gray, brown or black to delicate rosé – the choice is yours. Are you already in love with a cashmere piece?