Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti - The brothers around Renzo Rossetti are a family band with history, style and quality consciousness. After the Second World War it was to go up again in Italy - and the best with the appropriate footwear. The young Renzo had the vision of sports shoes, which should be worn by the Italian hockey and figure skating pros. But what really mattered in the 1940s and 50s were shoes that made everyday life easier: high-quality leather shoes. The Rossettis quickly combined both inspirations and produced their first leather shoes - with the so-called Goodyear seam, which until then was reserved exclusively for cyclists' shoes. An innovation was born ... and stands to this day for excellent shoemode al italiano.

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Did you know that…

  1. The love of leather is the basis and the first step of Rossetti’s success. Only the finest materials make it into the sacred production halls
  2. In 2012 a well-known Madame a red ladies’ leather shoe was dedicated: Marilyn Monroe was the chosen one
  3. Celebrities of our day as well as Fratelli Rossetti wear. Including Anna Wintour
  4. Also the football team in Palermo puts on the domestic quality shoes
  5. The three brothers divide their competencies: Diego takes care of the distribution, Dario is the art lover and design expert and Luca is the administrative chief

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The story of Fratelli Rossetti


The 1940s were the times of upheaval – also at the Rossetti House, where the brothers are working on their business ideals


The first factory in Parabiago (Milan) starts its business.Fratelli have high requirements and manufacture custom-made shoes with the best craftsmen of the time. To bring the world of shoemaking to fresh air, the brothers experiment with new dyeing techniques and the processing of leather


Your second factory is opened – shortly afterwards the shoes “made in Italy” are also exported to New York

Popular models from Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti shoes – Il Classico

The class of the high-quality shoes of the house comes not by chance: designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent or Giorgio Armani already worked on the designs with Italian charm. From pennies to boots, everything is on board. The Italians as well as the brothers Rossetti are known for their simple glamorous to pompous looks. Rossetti’s velvet slippers with noble embroidery, Metallic Mary Janes and classic booties in black, smooth leather are available not only in the Fratelli Rossetti shop, but also in the vintage world of Catchys.

Fratelli Rossetti Bags – With Italian elegance

Are you looking for Fratelli Rossetti Sale prices? They are also available here for the elegant bags of the luxury brand. Small satchels and big shoppers in exclusive leather are romping here in Rossetti’s Second Hand portfolio. You have the choice: Should it be a cleane bag in timeless black, beige or gray? Or would you prefer a little color kink in bright orange, pink or fire red? The Italians love the game with neutral key pieces and eye-catcher highlights – do it the same. Fratelli Rossetti makes you shine!

Fratelli Rossetti Sunglasses – Accessory with statement

A casual, high-quality sunglass not only protects effectively against harmful rays, it is also the icing on the cake of a stylish All Overlook. Italian modem men and women attach particular importance to the details and so is the Rossetti sunglasses range great. Pilotenbrillen, round copies, Cat Eyes or sporty spectacles – you are all with it. Try your luck and find your favorite item in the Fratelli Rossetti online shop at Catchys. You do not have to find the next Rossetti outlet. It is enough to look around here in the vintage universe. Let’s go!