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Filippa K

The Scandinavians - they simply master it - have the inimitable, restrained chic that makes the hearts of modem girls from all over the world beat faster. A designer who makes a big contribution to this is the name of Filippa K. The Swedish girl has become a firm figure in the fashion world, with her puristic yet always expressive designs, the Fashionzene applaudieren. Also from us Filippa gets applause and a special place in the world of Second Hand Favorites at Catchys. Less is not rare ... more! More wear comfort, more love of materials and clean cuts, more fashion thanks to vintage prices. Are you looking for the perfect fit of designer pieces that symbolize a delicacy while still being tough? Are you feminine and yet strong? Then Filippa K is your new best friend.

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Did you know that …

  1. Filippa K actually Filippa Knutsson is called … Finally the secret around the “K” is aired
  2. Madame Knutsson was born in 1965 in Stockholm, but then moved with her family to England and studied at the London American College
  3. her further journey led her back to Sweden, where she worked in the family business until she founded her own label in 1993 with Patrik Kihlborg and Karin Segerblom
  4. her motto is “minimal urban elegance”. Just right, Filippa. We are elegant. We value minimalism. And we live in cities …
  5. the designer currently resides in Stockholm and Paris

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Catchy’s Filippa K Brand Guide

Filippa K Dresses – restrained elegance par excellence

Subtle designs that attract the attention of the entire fashion world? These are the dresses of Filippa K. They are feminine and elegant, but they also breathe the spirit of modern restraint, which emphasize your character without having to lose sex appeal. With a Filippa dress, you are the star of every cocktail party or vernissage or you get the casual chicness home, which gives you every day with an extra portion of self-assurance. A dress to impress! But gaaanz relaxed …

Filippa K Coat – Cleane Classiness on top

A classic trench coat or winter coat is an essential in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious woman. Do you have a glamorous glitter dress that can tolerate the peace of a clean chic jacket? Or would you like to set up the crown of your business outfit with a high-quality, modern piece? Then click through Catchy’s Filippa favorites – second-hand snappers, which purify you in elegance!

Filippa K Parka – Classic Parkas, great Filippa!

A Parka is a classic in itself. But when Filippa K was also cut, you can be sure: the search has come to an end here for you. With the ingenious timeless design, you are guaranteed to be a partner for all cool, rainy days or a warm summer holiday, which is twice as beautiful with a Parka à la Filippa. Perhaps you’re lucky and you’re picking up a unique parka waiting for you!

Filippa K shoes – Scandinavian shoes … Fashion darlings everywhere

We also admire the Swedes, not infrequently, for their casual, comfortable and yet so incredibly beautiful shoes, which determine the trends around the world. With her boots, sandals and sneakers Filippa K shows that the puristic design of your shoes is anything but dull, but absolutely en vogue. We love it! Because the high-quality materials and pleasant cuts from the Scandinavian house are not only very nice, but also very comfortable.