What is CATCHYS?

Is CATCHYS an online shop that sells its own products?
No, CATCHYS is a so-called meta search engine. This means that CATCHYS browses different online shops to provide you with the best results for your search query - fast and clearly!
What kind of products can I buy on CATCHYS?
On CATCHYS you can find the best selection of Womens, Mens and Kidswear as well as accessories, jewellery, watches, leather goods and home furnishings.
Is CATCHYS free to use?
Yes, CATCHYS is completely free to use. Come and have a browse!

How do I shop on CATCHYS?

How can I find a specific product?
By using the convenient search bar at the top of the CATCHYS homepage you can easily browse through all relevant online shops to find your desired product or products of your favorite brand.
How can I purchase a product?
If you decide to purchase a product you simply click on the button "GO TO SHOP". We will then forward you directly to the website of our partner shop where you can put the product into the shopping basket and proceed to the checkout.
Do I need to set up a customer account before I can use the CATCHYS website?
No, you dont need to set up a personal customer account before you can browse through our selection and buy products from our partner shops. However, a personal account has many benefits such as the use of the practical wish list and price alert function. You can easily add all the products you like to your personal wish list where they are saved for later if you are not sure about purchasing them yet. In addition you can set a so-called price alert for a product. This means that you will receive a notification from us as soon as the price of that specific product goes down. Click here for the registration. We are looking forward to welcoming you!
What are the shipping charges and delivery times? Is it possible to return or exchange orders?
Since you purchase directly from our partner shops the delivery times, shipping cost, payment options and exchange rights differ from shop to shop. We recommend to check the website of the respective partner shop if you are unsure about anything regarding shipping, returns and exchanges.
Can I order from sellers that are located in another country?
Yes. However, keep in mind that shipping might take longer if you order from a foreign seller. You can find more information on shipping times, payment options and exchange rights on the website of the respective partnershop.
I have an issue with my order. What can I do?
If you have any problems with an order, please contact the customer service of the respective partner shop. They will happily assist you in solving any issues you have.
Can I order by telephone?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to order by telephone on CATCHYS as all orders are handled by our partner shops.
Is it possible to save products that I like for later?
Yes, if you have a customer account on CATCHYS you can save products on your personal wish list by clicking on the small grey heart icon at the top right of the product image. When it turns red it is saved automatically to your wish list. However, be aware that a lot of our products are unique items and might be sold very quickly.
Am I safe from designer counterfeits?
CATCHYS only cooperates with authenticated partner shops. However, we advise you to contact the customer service of the respective partner shop if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I sell on CATCHYS?

Is it possible to sell my products on CATCHYS?
Your long overdue wardrobe detox lies ahead and you want to sell your pieces on a large scale? Then look no further because here at CATCHYS we have the ideal solution for you. Set up your own shop with the new shop concept created by CATCHYS! Click here to learn more about our new exciting concept.

How do I become a partner shop of CATCHYS?

I am the owner of an online vintage shop. How can I become a partner of CATCHYS?
If you are interested in a partnership with CATCHYS, please contact us at sales@catchys.com or call us on +49 89 716 778 911.

How can I collaborate with CATCHYS as a blogger?

I am a blogger and would love to collaborate with CATCHYS. What are the possibilities?
We are always happy to get to know new creative minds for editorial contributions and collaborations. Feel free to contact Magdalena at magdalena@catchys.com or call on +49 89 761 778 910.