Emu - This is not only Australia's national bird, but also a fashionbrand from Down Under, which makes you fit with warm, Australian Merino wool and quality leather for the winter ... and the fashion world. Emu has a reputation for its roots, uses 100% wool and leather from Australian sheep and produces its famous cuddly shoes with the highest standards. The Emu is the model of the label - fast, proud, robust. And he never looks back. The best lies in the present and the future, the Australians are convinced of this. We look forward to the upcoming trends and shoe highlights from Emu!

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Did you know that…

  1. The brand is pronounced in the original by the Australians “Imiu”
  2. The sheep leather that Emu uses for his shoes is not only soft and light – it is also water repellent
  3. Emu a great alternative to UGGs
  4. Five years after the founding of the label Emu already sold the one millionth couple
  5. Also stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker or Tori Spelling not only themselves but also their children with Emu Boots

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The story of EMU Australia


Gordon Jackson expands his Geelong tannery, selling sheep wool to surfers who make shoes from it


Gordon takes the shoemakers under contract – The birthdays of UGG Australia


The Australian entrepreneur sells his company however


A year later, he founded Emu Australia, which from the very beginning specialized in its high-quality winter boots, made exclusively from Australian raw materials

Popular models from EMU

Emu Wallaby – The clever classic

Originally, they had been created by their finder as working shoes in the late 1940s and 50s. At the latest since the 1970s, Dr. Martens, however, for a sensation. As part of the “rebellious youth”, they spun the fashion scene. Skinheads, Punks, Wavers and Goths: The History of Dr. Martens is long and fascinating, but has nothing to do with today’s trend wave. Docs, who lives (at least on many days, who scream for lack of comfort and comfort) the modern Edgyness – without proving a protest. The domed leather dome around the toes is at Dr. Martens with its yellow seam to this day trademark of the classical models of the label – therefore also the yellow cross in the logo of the house. In addition, the Martens repertoire, of course, still complement a wide range of other designs – in addition to the famous “Springerstiefeln”. Vegan sneakers, Chelsea boots and winter boots in signature style with hard-wearing sole, complemented with heels and sandals in the usual (leather) quality: To Dr. Martens sale prices at Catchys. Free on top: The Dr. Martens second hand charm, the Dr. Martens used so unique. Happy shopping!

Emu Sparkle – With a bit of Bling Bling

… you can make your life even more beautiful. The Sparkle variant from the Vintage Emu Shop at Catchys conjures a little sparkle into the everyday life, which gives you a subtle touch of glamor – despite the warm feet and the sturdy, guaranteed slip-resistant sole. Also for children, there are adorable sparkle models – for example in red with cute ladybug applications. A highlight among the (sooo) comfortable winter classics.

Emu Slippers – A warm home

Even in your own four walls do you feel most comfortable with warmly packed feet? Then we would like to introduce you to Emu Hausschuhe. The shoe classics, which are lined with ample sheep wool for the cool parquet floor or floor, not only embed your legs on a feathery cloud of fine wool – you also know exactly what makes our fashion heart jump higher. The cognac-brown slippers with cream-white lining fully correspond to our trend love to Mules, the moccasins with lacing and delicate seams are a welcome change.

Emu children’s shoes

Yes, the dear children grow faster than you can look back out of their clothes and shoes … The best solution? Secondhand shopping – and at the best prices. In the World Wide Web, you will also find Emu shoes and children’s boots extremely reduced for the youngest Prices. A celebration for all bargain (and gifts) hunters.