Drykorn - for beautiful People. The slogan goes over our lips like "ice cream with cream" and should not be misunderstood. Behind the statement stands no detached attitude, quite the opposite. Drykorn is a young, relaxed label for fashion people, whose purse strikes at high-priced luxury pieces. Sympathetic, very even! At the beginning of his modernization, Drykorn specialized in trousers. However, tops, coats, suits and accessories have also quickly added to the repertoire. The result is a fire that guarantees class, but is available at fair prices. If you shop at Drykorn, you can be sure that the creations have not been produced under adverse conditions in the Far East. Quality and conscience always resonate with designs à la Drykorn! Plain designs, spiced up with little eyecatchers like graphic details or bright colors are the brand's hobbies. Also yours? Then you'll love the selection of Catchys designs.

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Did you know that …

  1. The brand Drykorn 1996 was founded by Marco Götze from the Bavarian town of Kitzingen. Marco. Not Mario.
  2. it is the philosophy of Mr. Götze to avoid extraordinary extravagance and to put on a solid basic material, which both men and women alike radiate
  3. Marco Götze initially put everything on a single card. A trouser was created, which immediately took its place in the most popular fashion shops. In addition to high end labels like Gucci or Calvin Klein. Impressive!
  4. the designer is as laid back as his brand – with a special guiding motto: “As you eat, you work”
  5. even if the look of the brand cries to Berlin, the company headquarters in Kitzingen will remain. Drykorn has adjusted its investors to go to Kitzingen and meet for a meeting in a country inn. Relaxed

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Catchy’s Drykorn Brand Guide

Drykorn pants – Stressed cool legs

They have made the brand famous. And casual jeans are particularly popular with Drykorn People. Most popular on Ladys side are the models Movie, In and Remote. The gentile world appreciates the designs Jaw, Jaz and Slick. A trouser that sits like poured is worth gold. But does not make any fortune necessary. Because at Catchys you will find your new trousers with vintage appeal at the best prices. There are also jack-up socks, chinos with the crisp names “Indie” or “Drip” for the girls as well as “Kill” or “Hoop” for the boys. For jogging pants we recommend the Most Favorite Camora and Jeter

Drykorn Jacket – Class packed

The drykorn jackets are also an elegant or elegant companion for ladies and gentlemen, both day and night. Find the bestsellers at Catchys with these keywords: For Women: Dollis, Dangenham, Bristall For Men: Skopje, Waterport, Bastille

Drykorn Suit – Perfectly dressed

A great classic suit should always wait in the closet at home. Because if a wedding or a vernissage is on the agenda, you will not find the right model as quickly and hassle-free as you are here – relaxed by the vintage world of Catchys … The Gloster and Golders ladies’ jacket is a highlight that will get you in no time Businesslady or a chic wedding guest. Fashionable men choose an Elias or Ruben shirt and reap admiring glances from the side of the woman.

Drykorn Pullover – Your new favorite pull

Drykorn sweaters are comfortable, simple and quality conscious – but certainly not boring. Especially if you’ve discovered them at Catchys and you seem to magically attract the vintage life of this unique favorite. Because you’re beautiful. And you’ll feel great with your perfect, flowing soft drykorn sweater too!