Tally Weijl Dresses

The Swiss label with the small, pink rabbit as a distinguishing mark has always been an integral part of their wardrobe with every young woman since the teenager age. Tally Weijl has always been at the cutting edge since its founding in 1984 and is designing trend-oriented fashion for self-confident, young women. Especially the clothes of Tally Weijl are very popular, because in them one can only feel comfortable. Let yourself be convinced in this Tally Weijl dresses Styleguide!

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Combinations with Tally Weijl dresses

Through the night in a dress by Tally Weijl

The perfect dress for Tally Weijl can also be found for a partying party or a cocktail evening with the best friends. From a tight bodycon dress to fancy playuits or a mini dress from lace, Tally Weijl offers dresses for every type and taste. In a seductive Bodycon dress with lace trim, you will definitely get a look. A nice clutch and a pair of high heels complete the outfit. Also a hip slipdress is always a good choice. This can either be elegantly styled with pumps or with sneakers and t-shirt more subtle. Tally Weijl also has simple, black dresses in every collection, here you can experiment with accessories and statement jewelry. Tally Weijl’s selection of clothes means nothing to do with an oozing party.

Everyday life in a dress by Tally Weijl master

For the university or the work, your outfit should be a bit more casual and more upscale. For the university, casual jersey dresses are recommended – with print – or even airy maxi dresses in summer. These are not only so comfortable, but also stylish. With sneakers and a hoodie, you’ll be able to put on cool contrasts and master the university day with ease. In a leather backpack you’ll cover everything you need during the day. The best choice for the office is a simple black dress, a tailored blazer, a pair of pointed pumps, a high-quality shopper bag, the elegant, serious office look!

Whether for the first date or the coffee gossip – always well-dressed in a dress by Tally Weijl

Whether for the first date or the coffee chat with the best friends, at Tally Weijl you always find the right dress. An airy dress with hip embroidery is equally suitable for a date or for meeting with the girlfriends. Casual slippers or sneakers make the outfit complete and prevent the outfit from becoming too cute. If it gets colder, a jeans or leather jacket can help.

Tally Weijl dresses second-hand and on sale

Many popular clothes from Tally Weijl are often sold out quickly. Here it is a good idea to look for second-hand clothes. This way you can not only find your favorite dress, but also make great bargains. Catchys offers a wide selection of second hand Tally Weijl dresses from authenticated partner shops, where you will surely find something. Enjoy browsing!

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Alternatives to Tally Weijl Dresses

A great alternative to Tally Weijl is the Swedish fast fashion group H & M. Like Tally Weijl, H & M also offers trend-oriented dresses for young customers with a smaller purse. The label New Yorker also offers dresses reminiscent of the style of Tally Weijl. The brand is also very orientated towards the trend and offers feminine and casual dresses, which are also priced at the same level as Tally Weijl.

Popular dresses from Tally Weijl

Tally Weijl A-line dresses

Many dresses by Tally Weijl are cut in A-line. So you can imagine the silhouette as an “A”, up narrow and downwards. The A-line is a timeless and classic dress form, which fits to every figure and can skilfully hide a little tummy. Tally Weijls dresses in A-line are mostly knielang and with details like eg embroidery and decorative zippers. Also in terms of color, there is something for every taste. Many of Tally Weijl’s clothes are made of jersey, which is particularly suitable for everyday wear, as they are particularly comfortable and casual. A lace trim makes the dress more elegant, so it can also be worn in the office or in the evening to a more chic event.

Tally Weijl Knitwear

The knitwear from Tally Weijl is ideal for the colder seasons. Combined with pantyhose, a parka and leatherboots you will not be freezing and look good. The trendy layered look can also be easily implemented with the knitted dresses by Tally Weijl.

Tally Weijl Jersey dresses

The Tally Weijl jersey dresses are perfect for leisure, but can be worn right in the office. From all-over-print through plain colors to colorblocking, every woman can find her favorite dress. The dresses are available in mini, midi and maxilength and impress with their feminine look. Refined details such as flounces, embroidery or cut-outs make the dresses very special. Combined with sneakers, eg Supergas or Converse, it becomes especially casual, Pumps make the dress office suitable.

Tally Weijl Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are an absolute must-have in the summer, because in no other dress can be more beautiful and more airy on the beach promenade or alternatively along the lake. Every summer, Tally Weijl offers great Maxikleider, the women hearts with their beautiful cuts and colorful prints higher. For a beach visit, sandals are ideal, can be revaluated in no time Maxikleider however with beautiful Wedges. So the Maxikleider from Tally Weijl can be worn even in the evening in the beach bar.

Commonly used materials at Tally Weijl dresses


Cotton is a natural fiber and is obtained from the cotton plant, which belongs to the mallow plants and grows exclusively in tropical and subtropical areas. Cotton is rather low elastic, for this reason inorganic fibers such as elastane are usually added to achieve a higher elasticity. Tally Weijl prefers cotton in his clothes, many have a silky sheen, which is achieved by a refinement of the fabric.


Polyester is made from petroleum and therefore belongs to the synthetic materials. Polyesters can be given all sorts of properties by adding different materials. The simpler and cheaper production means that clothes made of polyester and also other chemical fibers are priced under natural fibers. Often, natural fibers are also mixed with synthetic fibers to achieve more elasticity or other desired properties.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic chemical fiber, the basic component of which is cellulose. It is similar to the behavior and structure of the cotton and is also called “artificial silk”. Due to the high absorbency of viscose, it is very comfortable to wear and is also biodegradable. Moreover, the production of viscose is much more environmentally friendly, since less water is consumed than in the production of cotton.


Many of Tally Weijl’s dresses have lace elements, such as at the neckline or at the sleeves. Decorative elements with different patterns such as flowers or large-area ornaments from yarn or from yarn and fabric are designated as lace. The different types of lace have the common feature that they are perforated, ie the pattern is created by different holes between the threads. Originally, lace was used as a border, that is to say, border adornments on dresses, there are also planar tips (so-called plains) or “entre-deux” tips, which describes a top insert between two pieces of fabric. At Tally Weijl there are dresses made of lace in all shapes and colors, usually made of nylon or polyester.

Popular styles with Tally Weijl dresses

Tally Weijl dresses promise their wearers a great appearance. Whether casual jersey dresses with cool sneakers in everyday life, elegant dresses and pumps in the office or seductive bodycon dresses in the evening, Tally Weijl convinces with extraordinary cuts and great colors. How about a midi-dress with cut-outs to the croc-effect clutch and kitten heels for a cocktail evening with the girlfriends? Or with a flowered jersey dress to white chucks, a coarse knitted gray sweater and a small leather backpack? For more inspiration look at the Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Typical Tally Weijl

The founder of the label Tally Weijl, Tally Elfassi-Weijl, founded an international successful fashion business from a garage in 1984. Her small design workshop was only meant to be bridged until she graduated, she had never wanted a career in fashion business. However, the label Tally Weijl turned out to be a self-runner and finally became the successful fashion business it is today. Since its inception, the designer has designed twelve collections each year. In 1997 the brand opened its first business in Germany. Three years later there were already 50 Tally Weijl stores in Europe, with more than 760 stores in 31 different countries. The design studio of Tally Weijl is located in Paris, in the pulse of fashion, which also perfectly embodies the core of the brand. Each collection of the label transforms the current trends to create a girlish and casual look.