Michael Kors Dresses

Michael Kors dresses stand for summerly elegant clothes. When you wear them, you feel the wind in the hair while you enjoy the sunset on a yacht or watch the waves of the sea on a terrace. Michael Kors dresses stand for femininity and class without causing the wearer to be overdressed. After all, the designer Michael Kors would like to bring out the natural femininity of women wearing his clothes. He himself says, "You can be chic and still have a sense of humor, you can be sexy and at the same time comfortable and you can be timeless and fresh." And that is exactly what the designer wants to convey to women with his clothes; just fill a drawer. For example, Michael Kors loves to convey a summer lightness with his dress designs. So you can wear your clothes during the day comfortably, but still stylish and in the evening you simply choose another shoe and is also perfectly dressed for a chic event.

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Combinations with Michael Kors dresses

Michael Kors dresses in everyday life

The majority of Michael Kors’ dresses are suitable for everyday use, because their cuts are classic and rather untroubled. This means the dresses vary from short length to floor-length and can be sleeveless or long-sleeved. What unites all is a strong inspiration and longing for the sea. For many of the Michael Kors dresses are held in Nordic style. Often, they are blue or white, or sometimes like striped. Such dresses are best combined with beige loafers or sailing boots to underline the yacht chic. But also sandals with cork heels fit very nicely to the everyday clothes of Michael Kors. Best of all, golden or rose gold jewelery, sunglasses in their hair – as the designer himself knows: “Without sunglasses it just is not” – and the perfect outfit is ready for every day.

The little black of Michael Kors

Black dresses are firmly in the assortment of Michael Kors and like many other designers, of course Michael Kors interprets the little black, which was originally made popular by Coco Chanel. As the name suggests it is black and it is said to fit every occasion and event. The little blacks of Michael Kors are very elegant because of their cut. To give this dress a modern touch, it is best to wear black booties, which are pointed at the front and have a high but thick heel. If you combine a leatherjacke, the timeless little black in today’s time. Silver accessories look particularly cool and egdy.

Evening or party dresses by Michael Kors

The party dresses of the American designer do not scream party, but let the wearer in particular in dresses in the trend color red look reserved sexy. The dress length is maximum to the knee and the cut is either skin-tight or playful with an A-line skirt. The blue dresses by Michael Kors also always look very elegant and versatile at various occasions. The dresses of Michael Kors do not flaunt with a deep neckline, but with a bit lace on the hem or cut-outs at the neckline to make the woman wearing the dress a mysterious seductress. The off-the-shoulder look, which is especially graceful and sexy with laced and pointed high-heels in black lacquer and a tightly bound Dutt, is a cut-out that the designer loves to wear in his evening wear.

Why buy clothes from Michael Kors from second-hand?

Michael Kors is a brand that likes to be bought and sold second hand. Since his dresses are rather high-priced, but of course they also have top quality, it is smart to invest in such a modern classic. Because even if you buy it second hand, the dress will still be trendy and at the same time chic and due to the quality almost as new. You save money, of course, but you can either save money for another high-quality staple in your wardrobe, or invest in the right shoes or sunglasses from Michael Kors. Because a go-to-feel-good outfit needs every woman in the closet, you do not have to worry about how to style it. On Catchys, there is a huge selection of second hand Michael Kors dresses that will be the cornerstone of such outfits for you. And do not worry, the pages to which reference is made were all checked and the individual clothes were also subjected to a fake check. A tip from Michael Kors himself: “Invest in the best quality you can afford and carry this part in as many different combinations!”

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Fake Check Michael Kors Dresses

The most important indication that the dress is an original Michael Kors dress is the label inside the neck. Here a shield should be sewn, which is golden, with a white border and Michael Kors in white capital letters. This shield is also imitated and sewn in spurious clothes, but if you look at the processing a special eye, you can tell this shield very much. For example, if the logo is crooked or the shield is not gold and white, then it is probably a fake. In our video, we will explain to you how to quickly recognize a fake, so that you can get your real Michael Kors dream dress also.

Alternatives to Michael Kors dresses

With a rather high price, there are some cheaper dresses similar to those of Michael Kors. For example, the website ASOS.de has a huge selection of blouse kits, etuikleidern and dresses in Midi-length. Here the clothes are usually not as timeless as those of Michael Kors, but are more oriented to the current trends, but they are usually no longer available after a season. That is why the dresses at ASOS are often cheap and not so good quality. But right on the pulse of time. At Massimo Dutti you can find dresses that look very similar to Michael Kors’ dresses and the restrained colors. The price is not as high as Michael Kors.

Popular dresses by Michael Kors

Midi dresses by Michael Kors

It is not surprising that the designer Michael Kors is especially fond of the midi length of his dresses, because this length makes his wearer look particularly elegant and timelessly chic. This length goes up to the ankle or to the middle of the calf. The designer likes to play with this length and lets the hem of his midi-long dresses either through an A-line of the skirt to the legs or creates a attracted, sexy look by letting the length close together, so the female figure of the wearer is perfectly staged. These dresses are perfect for a romantic dinner, but also for the office, with a nice blazer. The A-line midi dresses can also be worn with white sneakers to create a mix of sporty and girlish. In terms of color, Michael Kors naturally also remains true to these models: they are mostly blue, white, black or beige. But also patterned models make the dresses seem particularly summery. That’s why he likes to use stripes or a floral pattern.

Neck-holder dresses by Michael Kors

A special style of Michael Kors dresses are those, which are tied or buttoned at the neck, the so-called neckholder dresses. These dresses by Michael Kors make the wearer look as if she had jumped from the 60s. To match it, you should wear a horse tail or a dutt to avoid the special detail at the neck. Such a playful dress can be worn perfectly on the beach or a picnic in the park or on a lake. It gives the wearer a certain lightness and playfulness, which especially in the spring and summer comes to open shoes and a hat or sunglasses again.

Blouse dress by Michael Kors

One of the designer’s most popular clothing models are blouse dresses. Such a dress consists of a blouse fabric and also has the decisive details of a blouse, such as button strip and collar. Only that the Blusenkleid is even longer. Michael Kors embellishes his blouse dresses with details, such as a belt, to give a feminine shape to the chunky cut or change the classic collar to a small stand-up collar. The button panel goes either to the hem or just to the waist to create the illusion that the woman is wearing a skirt-blouse combination. His blouse dresses are either long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless or have three-quarter sleeves. These dresses make them perfect blend of casual elegance and they can be both up- and down-pressed. You can dress these clothes for shopping, the next summer romantic bike tour or the wedding in the park by the best friend. With such a dress you are right in almost every life situation attracted. Another plus, they flatter every type of body. ,

Striped dresses by Michael Kors

Michael Kors loves the Nordic fashion and therefore also stripes. That’s why his striped dresses simply have to be a separate category. He prints them vertically or horizontally or tightly striped or broadly striped on his clothes. In color, however, he usually remains with a scheme: natural, blue-and-white striped, the classic pattern of sailing fashion. These striped dresses sprinkle naturally spring and summer mood, but you can wear them also with a in the winter. This requires some courage, but it is worth it, because the outfit meets the current trend and acts as if it were coming directly from the catwalk. Otherwise, these dresses look as if you were walking along Sylt along the promenade, but if you want to dress the dresses a bit more rocky, create a look with a leather jacket and black cut-out boots, which is not so often to be seen, but will take all eyes on itself, as the combination is so unexpected.

Frequently used materials and colors for Michael Kors dresses

As already mentioned, Michael Kors usually remains true to his color palette. These range from dark blue, over white, black and cream to dark red and various brown tones. Michael Kors often uses the natural fiber of cotton as a material for his clothes because she feels particularly comfortable on the skin and does not scratch unpleasantly. In addition, this fiber is very elastic, which is why it fits wonderfully to every body and gives the wearer a cozy and comfortable feeling, instead of feeling constricted and as if you would hardly get air. Another material which the designer likes to use for his clothes is the stretch viscose. This is a semi-synthetic chemical fiber which is very similar to the cotton fiber and thus also has the decisive properties, such as softness and elasticity. Another material, which is also particularly elastic and feels comfortable on the skin, is jersey fabric. Michael Kors also likes to use this for his clothes. For the designer it is especially important that women feel comfortable in their clothes and look as wonderful as an additional point. For this reason, the designer relies on stretchy and non-stiff, narrowing fabrics and materials. For his summer dresses Michael Kors likes to use the material linen. Linen is also a natural fiber and has a cooling effect on the skin, which can be particularly pleasant in the summer. In addition, it is not prone to dirt, so a linen dress is not only airy cool and light but also easy to handle. In addition, a dress made of this fabric will last a long time, because linen is a strong fiber and therefore very tear-resistant and hard-wearing. Its evening dresses or cocktail dresses often consist of chiffon. This substance weighs very little, and so wraps its wearer with a lot of material, but almost weightless. Chiffon plays the leg and the body of the wearer particularly flattering, because it falls gently and slowly. Because this fabric is slightly transparent, this is exactly the style of the designer: decent and reserved sexy. The skin is covered, but you can see them seductively underneath.

Popular styles with Michael Kors dresses

The classic dresses by Michael Kors are also styled most elegantly and feminine. This means putting on a high-heeled stiletto with a stiletto heel, a small shoulder bag in a similar or nordic style, and either a blazer or a trench coat over the dress so that it will not freeze on a warm summer evening. The jewelry for Michael Kors dresses is always rather reserved, especially beautiful fits the dresses of golden or rosè golden jewelry. You can get more inspiration on the forum we have put together, but the creativity when combining Michael Kors dresses is really no limit.