Mexx Dresses

A good dress should make every woman feel beautiful, feminine and self-confident. In the right dress you have to feel good, sometimes girlish, sometimes cool, sometimes sexy. Clothes from Mexx can do it all. The brand is characterized by timeless designs. You do not always have to follow every trend. Whether the classic dress-gown, a light summer dress or the sexy cocktail dress - Mexx dresses are something for everyone. Unadulterated cuts and styles can be styled perfectly for any occasion. Find also the best dressing for your Mexx dresses!

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Combinations with Mexx dresses

With a Mexx dress in the university or in the office

Whether summer or winter, a dress always goes. It is quickly overturned and with a few handgrips can be conjured a super outfit. No matter for which occasion, but especially for everyday life, Mexx dresses are very good. With a loose jeans dress, Bomberjacke and sneakers go to the university, a casual backpack on the back and ready. A simple black dress with a pumpkin and blazer makes the perfect business look. So you do not just convince boss and colleagues!

In a dress from Mexx to the next party

Mexx is above all for timeless casualness and sporty cuts, but the brand can also be different. For every party you can find the suitable dress at Mexx. On a chic cocktail party, it goes in a short A-line dress. In combination with exciting high-heels and an extravagant clutch you are the highlight of the evening. In a stylish leather dress you are the star on your own birthday party, as well as metallic heels and red lips, you will definitely not miss.

Mexx dresses in second hand and sale

Every season, Mexx always brings new, exciting collections onto the market, since it can be that the parts are sold out very quickly. Have you ever gone the same way? You see the perfect dress, hesitate, and a moment later it is sold out. This is very annoying, but that is why there are second hand and especially catchys. We offer you an extensive selection of clothes from Mexx, maybe even the one you’ve been looking for so long. At great bargain prices and from selected partner shops you will find the most diverse models – everything your heart desires. Have fun searching and finding!

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You like the different clothes of Mexx. The right thing has not been up yet, and you are also interested in other alternatives, in different price categories? Then, of course, we also have some other clothes that are very similar to the Mexx models. Playful summer dresses in high designer quality are available at Michael Kors. You will also find exciting cocktail dresses at Guess. At Armani there is a wide selection of high quality evening dresses. All those who have a smaller budget can look at Esprit or S.Oliver, there are some clothes in the style of Mexx. If you are looking for cheap trend pieces, you should look at Zara or Mango . With this selection nothing can go wrong. Have fun shopping!


Mexx Casual Dresses

Whether in winter with pantyhose or in summer just so. Dresses are the perfect piece of clothing for leisure. Once over-thrown and already you are dressed up. Even in leisure clothes from Mexx you can just feel comfortable. In the different lengths, with or without sleeves, A-line or straight cut, colorful or plain – here all wishes are fulfilled. In light or slightly thicker fabrics you can also find a dress for every season. You can get cost-free dresses from Mexx new from 25 €. And at Catchys you will find a large selection of different models at real bargain prices. With Mexx casual clothes you can master the everyday life super relaxed. From the morning in the university or work, over an afternoon with friends in the café to any evening planning – comfort and style are guaranteed.

Mexx summer dresses

In a beautiful airy summer dress hot temperatures are best to withstand. Whether to the beach, to eat ice cream or simply relax on the terrace, in a summer dress from Mexx you can do all this easy and easy. The brand offers a wide selection of light clothes for the warm season. Whether with spaghetti straps, short sleeves, mini, midi or maxi, the Mexx summer dresses are available in many different variants. In addition, there are also more striking models here, for example with floral print, but also plain, simple. New summer dresses are available at Mexx from 25 € and at Catchys there is of course also a wide selection of second hand Mexx dresses at an absolute bargain price. With sandals or simply barefoot, in a Mexx summer dress you can feel comfortable and relax the sun.

Mexx evening dresses

If you want something more chic for the evening dresses of Mexx just the right thing. For a dress can not only be loose and airy, but also elegant. We know Audrey Hepburn and the Little Black. Mexx also has such a model, but also long robes, short mini dresses with glamorous details like glitter or metallic elements. With an evening dress from Mexx you can definitely be seen at every evening event. New cost the elegant dresses 50 € and upwards. Here at Catchys you get different evening dresses from Mexx already from 20 €. With chic high heels, a fine make-up and the matching clutch, you are perfectly equipped for the Galadinner, the birthday party or a visit to the noble restaurant in a Mexx evening dress. Admiring glances are guaranteed for you.

Mexx cocktail dresses

For a hip cocktail party, an evening dress is perhaps too elegant. Cocktail dresses are usually somewhat more playful and also with a touch more sexyness. At Mexx are cocktail dresses also a component of the collections. Since a cocktail party is usually the whole evening, you can also grab a slightly more daring model in which one, along with the obligatory cocktail glass casual in the hand, just looks stunning. There are models with transparent inserts, asymmetrical shoulder cut, of course always a breeze glamor and glitter. Here may also be shown a lot of leg or back, with a deep back cut. The cocktail dresses from Mexx are new at 50 € and upwards. Also here at Catchys there is a variety of models in Second Hand. Coupled with eye-catching, dizzying high heels, Mexx cocktail dresses are a real highlight at the next party.

Mexx Etuikleider

An absolute classic is the dress-gown. This is not the same at Mexx. Perfect for business and office or ceremonial occasions, the etuikleid is extremely versatile. The figure-cut cut makes the curves super-effective and makes every woman look great. Whether in timeless black, or muted tones, but also in pompous, eye-catching colors, there are Etuikleider from Mexx. The models never show too much, but are still sexy and elegant and simply a timeless piece – an investment for life. New there are Etuikleider from Mexx from approx. 40 € and upwards. Here at Catchys, there are also much cheaper models in second hand. With pumps, but also with flat loafers, dresses are very well combinable. A blazer or coat, some jewelery and the look for business or for example a visit to the theater.

Mexx Jeans dresses

A jeans dress is always a great solution. Every season and every occasion makes you look good in a casual jeans dress. Mexx also has some jeans dresses on offer. Whether in the fashionable shirt-blouse style, as a hanging or carrier dress, figurbetont or loosely falling – jeans dress is not the same jeans dress. As diverse as the jeans are also the clothes from the popular Denim or also from lighter cotton fabrics. Padded with wide belts or eye-catching jewelry, every Mexx jeans dress is even more of a hint. Combined with sneakers or boots, the Mexx jeans dresses are just perfect for everyday life. Super comfortable and easy to wear, exactly fitting around the whole day to feel comfortable.


Sizes at Mexx dresses

Most of Mexx’s clothes are available in the standard sizes 34 to 42. Unfortunately, Mexx does not offer any special sizes, such as oversized, petite or tall sizes. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy a dress from Mexx. Otherwise the sizes fall out however by default. In order to be safe, you can also use a size table to determine the appropriate size.

Materials from Mexx dresses

Much of Mexx’s clothes are made of popular materials such as cotton, polyester or blends with elastane or the like. These materials ensure a very good and comfortable wearing comfort. Moreover, the Mexx dresses always look super casual and of high quality. In addition to the materials, the light and never overloaded cuts make the style of the dresses. All in all, Mexx dresses are definitely worth investing.

Shopping from Mexx dresses

If you want to buy clothes from Mexx online, it becomes difficult. Because Mexx has no own online shop, on the homepage only the new collections are presented. This is where Catchy comes in because we deliver a wide selection of the most beautiful second hand Mexx dresses.


Finding the right dress for the right occasion and then stylizing it perfectly so that you can feel good, can put you to the test. So it may be that you are also helpless in front of the wardrobe. Because there are so many combinations with Mexx dresses. For example, a leisure dress in the form of a shirt, combined with jeans jacket and sneakers, or a classic black dress, with kittenheels and a warm duffle coat, or a casual shirt blouse dress in jeans, and coarse boots and leather jacket. Since the decision can be difficult. In order to make your search for the right look easier, we have selected this Pinterest board with various styles around Mexx dresses. Get inspired and find your favorite combo!


KMexx stands for premium quality clothing. The brand does not follow any trends, but is directed primarily at self-assured women who are in the middle of life and have already found their own style. This does not mean the clothes of Mexx are boring. But on the contrary. The clothes of the Dutch brand are timeless, but always surprise with the certain something. The dresses reflect the special lifestyle of their wearers and make every woman look good. What began with two separate labels for women and men has now become one of the most successful international brands. This is also evident in the collections, which have become more and more courageous over the years.