Mango Dresses

Whoever wants to be at the forefront when it comes to trends is exactly the right address at Mango. The high-street label offers stylish and trendy clothes, for those who can or can not afford the designer part either. Perfect for any fashionista, for which trends are the most important. For the clothes of Mango can also keep up with the creations of the catwalks. From the classic dress-gown to the casual shirt-dress to the dreamy hippie-dress is really everything. If you have come to the taste now, you will get everything you need here in our guide around mango dresses. Let us convince you!

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On vacation in a dress by Mango

Summer is the season to crush his favorite dress from the depths of the wardrobe again. And when it goes on vacation, the better. Also clothes from Mango are just perfect for the next trip and have great potential to become your new favorite. To go for a stroll on the beach, it’s in an airy off-shoulder dress. Bikini underneath, Sonnnehut drauf and finished is the beach look. For all sightseeing crazy, a mango shirt dress is exactly the right thing. In addition a stylish straw bag and comfortable sandals and the holiday look is completed.

Dresses from Mango for business and office

Of course, mango dresses are not only airy and light, no, they can also be very chic and elegant. In a dress by Mango you can master the business daily life with skill and well-dressed. The meeting will be held in the absolute classic, the dress-gown. The in a bright color and chic high heels to it and you become the eyecatcher. For business, go in the elegant lace dress. For this purpose, high heels and exciting jewelery and you march straight into the bossetage.

Mango dresses in second hand and sale

Since the range at Mango changes very quickly and always new parts are added, it can be times that you simply hesitate too long before you buy the one dress what you had so long in mind. This is annoying, but luckily there is second hand. There you will find the most diverse mango dresses from past seasons, but also from more recent collections. Also here at Catchys there is a very large selection of second hand mango dresses. With some luck, you will also find your absolute dream dress. Good luck with searching and finding!

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If you can not really get excited about the clothes of Mango and look for alternatives, there are also some other models, in every price class. You would rather go back to the design variant, then look at Michael Kors , there are flowery summer dresses. Gucci offers very unusual design pieces, for the very brave. The simpler version can be found at Armani. Of course, there are also beautiful and stylish dresses for the small purse, also in the mango style. Trendy and extravagant models are available at Zara . You can also find simple basic dresses at H & M. And a huge selection of clothes of all kinds and at reasonable prices are available at Asos. Of course you will also find here at Catchy’s second hand. Now you only have to decide for your favorite dress. Then it means combining, styling and starting. Have fun shopping!


Mango leisure dress

Clothes are not only easy and fast to wear, but also comfortable and perfect for everyday life and leisure time. For every occasion, there is the right dress for shopping with the girlfriends, a day at the university or simply to relax at home – Mango offers a wide selection of leisure clothes in which you can do all these things. From the cotton dress, the midi dress to the off-shoulder dress, everything is there. In various designs such as floral prints, plaid or plain colors, Mango casual dresses are incredibly diverse. The models are priced between 12.99 € and 179.99 €, the price range is very far. Here at Catchys you will find everything your heart desires when you are looking for a stylish Mango casual dress: second hand and at low prices. Whether on vacation, in the garden or at work, the Mango leisure dresses simply fit with the right styling everywhere.

Mango Evening Dress

Dresses from Mango not only convince in the casual look, but also in terms of glamor and elegance. With the right model, you can look at every event at every chic event or a trendy party. A great dress does not necessarily have to be expensive to make every woman shine, the proving of the evening dresses of Mango. Whether a sexy cocktail dress, a classic dress-gown or a glamorous evening gown, at Mango you have the free choice. Light chiffon, feminine lace or sparkling rhinestones make the models even more special. New cost mango evening dresses between 19.99 € and 159.99 €. Here at Catchys there are also some models in second hand. So grab the chic cocktail dress or the dreamy Maxikleid and off you go to the next party.

Mango summer dress

There is scarcely any other piece of clothing that fits as well as the summer dress in summer. Light, airy, comfortable and always a touch of maid – so should be the perfect summer dress. Mango offers as some models, the one perfect already very close. Light-weight fabrics that gently massage the sun-kissed legs, whether as a mini or midi dress, loose cotton dress or flower power dress, the choice according to the favorite can be difficult. In all possible colors, with prints or embroidery or simply simple, summer dresses by Mango are available. The models are always fully trendy and super stylish. The new price of Mango summer dresses is between 12.99 € and 99.99 €. For even more selection, take a look at the Catchys range, here are some second hand models from Mango. Whether for a walk along the beach promenade or the next garden party, in a mango summer dress, the hot season is even better.

Mango shirt dress

Mango Hippie Dress

The feeling of life and the fashion from the 70s, marked by the hippies, is still a very big influence today. What was Woodstock at the time is today Coachella, but floral wreaths and long chasuble dresses are still worn today. Especially in summer, hippie dresses are very popular. Mango also has a wide selection of dreamy and playful models. With fringes, crocheted elements, flowers or frills, hippie dresses can be very versatile and exciting. Whether mini or maxi-dress, off-shoulder or spaghetti straps – the main thing is that you feel comfortable and has enough space for dancing. Mango hippie dresses cost between 12.99 € and 99.99 €. Also here at Cacthys there is an extensive Secondhand selection at bargain prices. Barefoot on the festival meadow or with delicate sandals at the ice cream parlor, with hippie dresses from Mango you can skilfully look at all of you.

Mango knitted dress

If you do not want to do without a pretty dress in the cold winter but still want to be armed against the frost, knitwear is absolutely the right one. Together with woolen pantyhose and warm boots, one remains, despite ice and snow, cuddly warm. Mango also has some knitwear in the assortment, which convince through trend-conscious and noble design. Choose between narrow and figurbetont, loose and bell-shaped, simple and colorful. Knit dresses from Mango bring the certain Pep into the gray and cold season. The models can be both very chic and business-like but also cool and casual. New knit dresses from Mango are available from 19,99 € to 99,99 €. Here at Catchys there are also some winter models in second hand and at reasonable prices. Combined with woolen boots and bikerboots, mango knitwear is a more than stylish way to get through the winter.


Sizes for mango dresses

Most of the mango dresses are available in sizes XS to XL. The dress sizes are given in the standard EU form. Basically dresses of Mango also fall out according to the sizes, but there may be some deviations. For example, someone with a standard size S suddenly only size M or vice versa. Of course, help can always be a size table, but of course try on is the best solution. In addition, Mango also offers oversize, but later more.

Materials for mango dresses

Clothes made by Mango consist mostly of material mixtures. The main ingredients are viscose, polyester, elastane and, of course, cotton. These materials are not too expensive and super-easy to care for, they also give the clothes a light and flowing fall and provide good wearing comfort. More expensive models can be made of chiffon, wool or satin. These dresses are usually made of more elegant and elegant collections and are used for evening wear.

Oversized mango dresses

With the line Violetta, Mango offers an extensive collection, especially for oversized ones. There is also a wide selection of dresses in all variations and they do not match those of the standard sizes. From the feminine summer dress, the sexy dress-gown to the chic chiffon dress, everything is here that the fashion heart desires. With Violetta, Mango fills an important niche, because there are still too few stylish and, above all, cheap clothes for larger sizes.


There are infinitely many styles and styles of clothes from mango. Since finding the right one and then combining it with the right one can not be so easy and can be a real challenge. Whether a flowing chiffon dress with playful sandals and eye-catching jewelry, a maxi dress with floral print, boots and leather jacket or a stiff off-shoulder dress with retro sneakers and cat-eye sunglasses – the combination possibilities are no limit. To give you an overview of possible outfits and to give you a few suggestions, we have here a Pinterest board around styles with clothes from Mango rausgesucht. Get inspired and find your favorite look!


With a dress from Mango, you are always at the pulse of the times with regard to fashion technology. The current trends of the runways from London, Paris, Milan and New York are adapted in a matter of seconds and reinterpreted in the style of mango. This gives you the opportunity to admire new creations several times a week. With H & M and Zara, Mango is one of the most successful labels on the fast-fashion market. The motto is: Fast, trend-conscious and favorable. And this tactic has been very successful for a long time. And even if you can not choose between two dresses, the budget may even be enough for both. Stylish dresses at a small price, which make the dresses of mango. There is certainly the right model for every type.