Kenzo Dresses

Kenzo Takada's brand, Kenzo, is one of their Japanese roots. Kenzo's dresses are also heavily inspired by kimonos, typically Japanese prints and colors, and are guaranteed eye catchers, making fashion experiments even more fun.

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Combinations with Kenzo dresses

Combinations with Kenzo dresses

In order to spice up everyday life, a colorful dress by Kenzo in mid-length is perfect. However, to make it everyday, you should stick with the rest of the outfit with a color – preferably a “non-color” like black, white, gray or a earth tone like beige, brown or pink. A black cardigan or a cool leather jacket in black, a black pair of ankle boots and a small black shoulder bag like the Chanel Flap Bag fit perfectly. Alternatively, you can simply pair simple ballerinas or heels with a low heel and a simple bag like the Céline Box Bag or Hermès Constance Bag to your colorful Kenzo dress.

Statement applies to statement

A Kenzo dress is usually a very conspicuous eye catcher and thus statement enough. However, if you want to show off your trend-set, you go according to the motto “more is more” and combine your Kenzo dress with another statement piece. It can be a flashy pair of shoes, such as heels with loops or an extravagant pair of boots from Vetements, a rivet or embroidered jacket like Gucci or XXL earrings from Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana – your imagination is no limit ,

Minimal chic with Kenzo dresses

Do you prefer a minimalistic look à Céline or Jil Sander? This is no problem with Kenzo clothes. Grab a monochrome Kenzo dress with refined materials or a simple Kenzo dress with graphic prints and wear it to monochrome mules from Céline, Adidas sneakers or Loafers from Gucci. So you’re comfortable and minimalistic while still delivering an Eye Catcher look for sure you’ll get plenty of compliments.

Logomania – Kenzo Tiger and Kenzo Kenzo clothes

The Kenzo logo and the typography have undeniably achieved an enormous icon status. So the Kenzo Tiger dresses and Kenzo Kenzo dresses are absolute must-haves in the wardrobes of fashionistas worldwide. Especially the Kenzo sweatshirt dress is very popular. Combine it with the rough boots like Doc Martin or simple ankle boots like from Acne and throw a cool leather jacket over you. In addition, a minimalist sunglasses by Céline and a rocking handbag like the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag or the Givenchy Nightingale Bag and your look is complete.

Why is a second hand Kenzo dress worth it?

You did not get the Kenzo dress of your dreams last season because you were close to checkout or sold out? Then keep your eyes open – maybe you’ll find on Catchy’s exactly the model in sale or second hand even cheaper. Or are you looking for unique vintage models from Kenzo dresses from the past decades? Also here is a look at Catchys – so you save yourself the trouble every single vintage shop individually. Maybe you just missed your chance at the Kenzo x H & M cooperation, because the It dress was immediately out of print? Again, the solution is a look in the second hand area. Shoppe on Catchys Kenzo dresses cheaper in second hand, sale or vintage in a selection of exclusive partner shops with authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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Detail Check Kenzo Dresses

In the fashion industry bags and shoes are often falsified – but also clothing, especially those with obvious logos, has also become victims of the “black sheep”. Kenzo dresses are no exception. Therefore, you should definitely be informed about the details of Kenzo dresses such as the Kenzo Tiger dress or the Kenzo Kenzo dress. Here are the most important features of Kenzo dresses – so you are guaranteed not to be a victim of a fake miscarriage.

Alternatives to Kenzo dresses

You love the eye-catching designs of Kenzo dresses, but at the moment you can not afford them? Perhaps the Kenzo x H & M cooperation is for you – second hand there are absolute price buffs, with which you can dress to a bargain price in High Fashion Designs. Also dresses in current or past collections by Zara, Topshop and H & M have similar designs that are definitely worth a look.

Popular models from Kenzo dresses

Kenzo Tiger Dress

The iconic Kenzo tiger head also has many clothes from the It brand. The selection of dresses is very large: plain and light T-shirt dresses made of Kenzo cotton or Kenzo Jersey / Kenzo cotton jersey, sporty-casual sweater dresses made of Kenzo moltonated cotton fabric / Kenzo Molton fabric, warm and romantic sweater dresses made of Kenzo cotton-wool blend or noble midi dresses made of light Kenzo cotton knit. The Kenzo Tiger dress with high recognition value comes in all colors of the rainbow – from blue to pink to green, all colors are represented. But also “non-colors” like black, gray and white are in the assortment and are just as popular.
kenzo tiger dress second hand
kenzo hm dress second hand

Kenzo x H & M Dress

In red and blue tones the Kenzo x H & M dress was the highlight of the designer collaboration 2016 from H & M and was sold out in minutes. Colorfully decorated with tiger stripes and flowers, the oppulente It-Piece is still hotly coveted and only second hand still available. So definitely worth a look at Catchys – here you can get an overview of the offer of all the most important online second hand designer shops and find the Kenzo x H & M dress at the absolute best price.

Kenzo Kenzo Dress

The Kenzo Kenzo dress is simple and unprinted at the front. On the back is a big “KENZO PARIS” print that goes from shoulder to shoulder and thus the absolute highlight of the Kenzo dress is. The most popular version of the Kenzo Kenzo dress / Kenzo Kenzo sports dress is the Kenzo sweat dress with long sleeves made of Kenzo moltonated cotton fabric / Kenzo Molton fabric, but also the short-sleeved version has many trailers. The color spectrum of the Kenzo Kenzo KIDS / Kenzo Kenzo sportswear is gray and black in the classic “non-colors”.
kenzo dress paris second hand

Materials and colors of Kenzo dresses

Kenzo cotton

A generous and durable material used by Kenzo mainly for simple, simple dresses such as Kenzo T-shirt dresses.

Kenzo Jersey / Kenzo cotton jersey

A soft, elastic fabric with light ribbed pattern. Kenzo Jersey we often used for Kenzo T-shirt dresses.

Kenzo Piqué / Kenzo cotton piqué

The Kenzo Piqué / Kenzo cotton piqué has a high-quality, graphical look with alternating raised and recessed areas.

Kenzo Jacquard / Kenzo Silk Jaquard / Kenzo quilted Jaquard

Kenzo Jaquard (or Kenzo Seiden Jaquard or Kenzo quilted Jaquard) has a noble appearance, which conveys the feeling of luxury and is therefore suitable for elaborate, luxurious Kenzo dresses as well as Kenzo sweater dresses.

Kenzo White

Kenzo dresses in Kenzo white are mostly made as sweatshirt dresses or T-shirt dresses made of Kenzo cotton or jersey / cotton jersey. They are absolutely easy to combine and are therefore perfect as basics in wardrobes. / Div>

Kenzo White

Kenzo dresses in Kenzo white are mostly made as sweatshirt dresses or T-shirt dresses made of Kenzo cotton or jersey / cotton jersey. They are absolutely easy to combine and are therefore perfect as basics in wardrobes.

Kenzo Hellgrau

The light gray is a special favorite for Kenzo Tiger dresses or Kenzo Kenzo dresses in moltonated cotton fabric / Molton fabric. But also other simple Kenzo t-shirt dresses, Kenzo sweatshirt dresses or Kenzo knitwear are gladly manufactured in light gray and are very popular.

Kenzo Anthracite

The anthracite used by Kenzo is a very dark gray, darker than the Kenzo Hellgrau. It is particularly popular with Kenzo Skate jersey / cotton jersey garments or T-shirt cotton or jersey / cotton jersey garments.

Kenzo Black

A classic black from which a variety of Kenzo dresses are made. Kenzo Sweatshirt Dresses from Moltonated cotton / Molton fabric, Kenzo T-shirt Dresses of cotton or jersey / cotton jersey and Kenzo Tiger dresses are sometimes the most popular designs of Kenzo dresses in this black. Kenzo dresses in black are super easy to combine and give a beautiful look with eye-catching or simple accessories. Therefore, especially Kenzo dresses in black are perfect as a basic in any wardrobe and worth investing.

Kenzo Dark green

Kenzo dark green is a strong, deep and dark green, which is particularly beautiful on Kenzo clothes made of polyester chiffon with pleating effect. Kenzo dresses from Moiré-Seidentaft or Jaquard also look very elegant and luxurious in dark green.

Kenzo Beige

Kenzo Beige is a neutral, warm beige that is perfect for a Basic Kenzo dress. This beige is also suitable for Kenzo T-shirt dresses in cotton or jersey / cotton jersey, Kenzo knitwear or Kenzo sweatshirt dresses in moltonated cotton fabric / molton fabric.

Kenzo Navy

A dark, vigorous blue, which is good for both Kenzo dresses made of polyester chiffon in mid-length as well as Kenzo sweatshirt dresses made of moltonated cotton fabric / Molton fabric, T-shirt dresses made of cotton or jersey / cottonjersey or Kenzo knitwear.

Kenzo Blue

Kenzo dresses in the popular Kenzo blue invite you to dream – whether on soft polyester chiffon or on Kenzo knitwear. Kenzo Blue is a powerful, deep color, which will surely turn your attention to you.

Kenzo Pink

Fresh, youthful and strong – the pink of Kenzo promises a lot. Especially on Kenzo Tiger dresses or Kenzo Kenzo dresses or in a Kenzo T-shirt dress variation in cotton or jersey / cotton jersey, the pink looks especially playful and energetic. Perfect for gray assembly, rainy weekends or cold winter days.

Popular styles with Kenzo dresses

Dresses from Kenzo are absolutely versatile – you can turn them up or downstyle by hand and mix them with your favorite pieces from your wardrobe. But since a bit of outfit inspiration has never hurt and you can always get new suggestions, we have created an outfit-board for Kenzo clothes on Pinterest. Let yourself be inspired and create your own looks with Kenzo dresses again and again.