Hugo Boss Dresses

No other German luxury label is as popular and popular as Hugo Boss. Minimalism, clear lines and uniform looks characterize the design of the high fashion brand. When you think about Hugo Boss, a first-ever fit men's suit comes to mind, but certainly not clothes for women. But the women's wear of the label does not have to hide behind the man for the second time, thanks to Jason Wu, who has taken the BOSS woman from the sinking. Masculine cuts meet feminine silhouettes, clear and monochrome looks meet soft, supple lines, a dress from BOSS is all kinds, but certainly not boring. No matter whether office or beach for any occasion and every time, Hugo Boss puts the woman a suitable dress to the side. As BOSS girls of the hour are now the two model colleagues Toni Garrn and Karlie Kloss, who also like to wear the designs of the German brand in their spare time, thus lending the reputation of the old-fit suitcase to new shine and it slowly as it label for young People establish.

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Combinations with Hugo Boss dresses

The perfect BOSS office look

A dress by Hugo Boss and the Office are the perfect symbiosis. The office dresses of the label are the perfect counterpart to the all-popular BOSS men’s suits. With a shift dress and classic pumps, you combine a serious and elegant look to loosen it up, you could wear an elegant shopper, for example from Prada. If you are a bit more fashionable, create an outfit with a colorful printed shift dress by BOSS and combine a long vest, which you can round off with cool slippers à la Gucci and a look of the busy is still trendy.

With a dress by Hugo Boss through everyday life

Hugo Boss also has some clothes in the depot for everyday use. From playful mini dresses to printed maxi dresses everything is what your heart desires. For example, with a slightly flared dress with ruffles and step details to create a summery and playful look. Best of all a round sunglasses and sweet ballerinas and finished is a sugary summer look which enchants all. Anyone who thinks a dress from BOSS is not cool or casual style is totally wrong, because BOSS also has pretty schnieke knitwear on offer. For example, you could combine a midi dress of knitwear with a black and white step and fold effect with derben boots, leather backpack and dark lips with sunglasses to achieve a slightly grungy effect.

Special occasions in your dress by Hugo Boss

Whether wedding or birthday or something completely different, BOSS always has a solution. With an elegant pink mini dress, you will always take a look. For example, you could wear classic pumps again. Who likes the outfit with a embroidered clutch or a fancy belt. A more elegant look is created by a light blue shirt dress with asymmetrical skirt length and pleated detail, plus a pretty simple clutch and sandals and you have an elegant yet casual look.

Why it is worth to buy BOSS Dresses in Secondhand or Sale

Anyone who does not have money for the classic Hugo Boss parts ranging from 200 € to 1000 € can discover real bargains in Second Hand and under Last Season models. Since Hugo Boss specializes mainly in classics, the dresses are rarely out of fashion and are always worth investing, as they never lose their relevance. In our assortment you can easily compare all Sale and Second Hand offers and buy your favorite part cheaper.

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Alternatives to Hugo Boss dresses

Even if you get a dress from Hugo Boss Secondhand, it still has a rather proud price and still is still around 200 €. Those who do not want to or can not afford it should look for second hand pages on the more favorable label of Hugo Boss “BOSS Orange”. The smaller Hugo Boss label is a little sportier, but it is at least as noble and classic as its big sisters HUGO and BOSS. If you are looking for such nice bussiness dresses as those of Hugo Boss should look at S.Oliver or Esprit, which offer similar classic as well as trendy clothes to the only between 50 € and 200 €, and Secondhand even more favorable to get. Who likes the puristic designs of Hugo Boss, but rather want to spend a little less, is at COS and & otherstories gold correct. H & M’s two sister labels show minimalist purism with exceptional cuts, and Hugo Boss is characterized by elegance and style, and is priced well below the German luxury label.

Popular dresses from Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Sheath Dress

An Etuikleid is a classic for the office and fits so perfectly into the image of Hugo Boss. These dresses are mostly waisted and narrow, but without exasperating or giving too much. A lot of black dresses with little details can be found in a belt or a peg, but also many patterns in different colors are available at Hugo Boss, but these are always very straightforward and symmetrical. Most of the dresses are sleeveless or short-sleeved, but there are also long-sleeved copies in the collections.
hugo boss etuikleid second hand
hugo boss evening dress second hand

Hugo Boss evening dresses

Most Hugo Boss evening dresses have a simple round neckline and are exposed from the waist. What is at the beginning of boring but it really is not, because it is played with different materials. For example, sequins are embroidered on a dress and a leather dress is cropped. Many of the dresses are also made of lace or jaquard and are available in any color from red to light blue. The evening dresses of Hugo Boss are very feminine and elegant, but they surprise you with extraordinary details and finesse on closer inspection.

Hugo Boss Jersey dresses

These dresses are more suitable for leisure but some can even be used in the office. From all-over prints to plain and stripes, there is something for every taste. Many Jersey dresses from Hugo Boss have special details, such as a gathering or embroidery and burnout details. The jersey dresses of the label impress with their feminine look, which flatters the figure and are thus not only for leisure, but also for office use.
hugo boss jersey dress second hand
hugo boss knitwear secondhand

Hugo Boss Knitwear

The Hugo Boss knitwear is made of the finest material and usually consists of a viscose mix. They stand for style, comfort and versatility. Most of the dresses are in black or white, but in different colors Patterns such as longitudinal stripes, hole patterns or diamonds. The knitwear from Hugo Boss are as good as all waisted and reach just above the knee, thus a longer mini-dress.

Frequently used materials in Hugo Boss clothes


The purchase of silk is very expensive, which is especially noticeable in the price of a dress. The silk consists of the spun yarns of the silkworm. Compared to cotton, silk is very elastic and is very tear resistant. However, you should note that the silk can only be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees. Since silk is considered to be very noble, a dress of this material is particularly suitable for special occasions.


Cotton is a natural fiber and is obtained from the cotton plant, which belongs to the mallow plants and grows exclusively in tropical and subtropical areas. Cotton is rather low elastic and wrinkles therefore very light, which is why inorganic fibers such as elastane are usually added to achieve a higher elasticity. Most of Hugo Boss’s clothing is a cotton blend predominantly with other inorganic fibers such as polyester and elastane. Cotton dresses are similarly expensive as silk dresses, since the production and procurement of natural materials is more expensive than that of chemical fabrics.


Polyester is made from petroleum and belongs to the group of synthetic materials. Polyesters can be added with various materials to give all possible properties. Since polyester is produced from petroleum, it is often criticized by some environmentalists. The simpler and cheaper production means that clothes made of polyester and also other chemical fibers are priced under cotton and silk. Often, the above-mentioned materials are also mixed with synthetic fibers in order, for example, to achieve more elasticity or other desired properties of the fabric.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic chemical fiber, the basic component of which is Cellouse. It is similar to the behavior and structure of the cotton and is also called “artificial silk”. Due to the high absorbency of viscose, it is very comfortable to wear and is biodegradable to polyester fabric. Moreover, the production of viscose is much more environmentally friendly, since less water is consumed than in the production of cotton.

Favorite styles with Hugo Boss dresses

By the noble and feminine look of a dress by Hugo Boss, it fits to almost everything. Especially with formal occasions and in the office you always make a good figure with them, no matter if you like it a bit simpler or more trendy, with a dress of the label you can never be wrong. But if you do not have an idea and you need inspiration, you can be inspired by our board, which was specially created for this topic.

Typical Hugo Boss

Typical for Hugo Boss is the high quality standard of the brand, the company also attaches importance to sustainability in all areas from management to production employees. Hugo Boss is the concept of German fashion, puristic designs, minimalist cool, clear lines and uniform looks make the German label. But since Jason Wu took over the position of the Creative Director of Womenswear three years ago, the picture changes slowly but steadily. He managed to maneuver the women’s line out of the shadows of the male second. “Finally, with BOSS, we mainly connect well-fitting men’s suits – but womenswear? Wu made the balancing act, and gradually developed the image of the BOSS woman: from clear, architectonic, even strict to masculine looks (following the suit empire) to soft, cuddly and, above all, feminine silhouettes. “Hugo Boss has a total of four brands, HUGO, BOSS, BOSS Green and BOSS Orange. It is the first time that the women’s line has been hidden behind Wu’s snappy twelfths. The BOSS collections have been presented at the New York Fashion Week since the 2000s and consist of modern and sporty business, leisure and evening wear for women and men. BOSS Orange, former sports show more favorable leisure mode also for both sexes. The HUGO label is somewhat more youthful than the core brand BOSS and BOSS Green exclusively sells sports and golf clothing for men.