Guess Dresses

Guess has been an integral part of the high-price brand fashion segment since the 1980s and 1990s. The brand comes from the USA and is now represented in more than 70 countries worldwide. At the turn of the century, Guess has also changed, the label is more and more on sex appeal, especially in his advertising campaigns. Today Guess stands for a modern, urban international lifestyle and offers a wide product range. Also clothes count to it, in all possible styles, colors, lengths and so on, there remains no wishes open. Find out more about Guess Dresses and find your favorite!

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With Guess dresses to college or to work

A dress is always a perfect and easy solution, because you are immediately completely dressed, so you only have to think about accessories and shoes. Dresses by Guess are very easy to integrate into everyday life. The Guess Jeans shirt blouse dress, combined with sneakers and a trendy backpack, is exactly the right companion for the university, it is especially comfortable and does not show too much skin due to its midi length. The model Marciano with striped pattern, fits perfectly with the black pumps and leather case into the office and is suitable for hot summer days. The dress cotton bateau neckline can be worn both casual and chic in the office. Choose between flat sandals or elegant lacquer loafers, you are ready for every occasion.

To wedding in a Guess dress

Who does not know this, one is invited to a wedding and of course needs the right outfit. It must not be too glamorous, after all, the bride is not supposed to steal the show, but it would not be too boring either. Guess offers some dresses that make you the ultimate highlight for a wedding guest. For a romantic garden wedding, go with the Guess dress Marciano Ethnomuster in pink, combined with delicate sandals and discreet floral decorations in the hair, you will be the eye. At a real party wedding, the Marciano model with sequins and A-Symmetrical shoulder in combination with high heels and leatherclutch is the right thing to do. As a maid of honor the simple Guess dress Marciano is made of silk with belt detail and light sandals.

Guess dresses in second hand and sale

Guess stands for high-quality products and carefully chosen materials, which of course has its price. Therefore, Second Hand is the best way to get good quality at a good price. In addition, Guess has a wide range of different dresses to offer, whether in the 80s, 90s or modern style, second hand can always be found one or the other treasure from past decades. Whether a vintage part or an absolute bargain, Catchys offers everything the fashion heart desires and a wide selection of second hand guess dresses. Let yourself be convinced of the variety and find your favorite dress!

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Maybe you have not found the right dress yet, you like the style of Guess dresses, quality is very important to you, the price but not so much, then there are some alternatives for you. If you like the romantic style of the Guess Dress Marciano in pink especially, the dress with lace detail by Massimo Dutti is perhaps the right thing. You like the Guess Jeans shirt blouse dress, then you also like the model transit of Liu Jo. The shoulder-length dress from Leinen with stripes by Michael Kors fits perfectly if you have already liked the Guess dress cotton with bateau neckline. Also at Dorothee shoemaker there are some Guess dresses. You have already fallen in love with the clothes of Guess, but you do not have the necessary small money? Do not despair because there are definitely also some cheap models that are just as stylish as Guess’s role models. For example the dress Vidalton of Vila , found at Edited or the dress Malou also of Edited comes very close to the style of Guess. Other alternatives are available at Zara , Mango or Asos. If you were able to get dresses from Guess or one of the alternatives now, then have fun shopping and creating your look around the perfect dress!


Guess Mini Dress White Blessed

This guess dress is exactly the right companion for the warm season, whether the first spring heat or the glowing summer heat, the bohemian mini dress exceeds both. The dress captivates with the striking blue flower pattern on a white background and the optically twig cut. It can be opened at the back with a zipper and is made of polyester. The slightly falling wrinkle makes the dress particularly girlish. The Guess dress costs 110 € and is available here at Catchy’s Second Hand. Whether in the street café or the shopping tour, the dress can be worn in many ways.

Guess Midi Dress Python look

The Guess dress with animal print bsticht especially by the very striking pattern, which draws itself over the complete dress. It is made of cotton and softly adheres to the body. The dress has a mid-length and three-quarter long sleeves. It is beige with large-area print in python look. The Guess dress is priced at € 99 and is available at Catchy’s Second Hand. With sneakers or pumps, the dress is in any case super comfortable and a good companion for everyday life.

Guess Midi dress black / white

A very elegant model is the Midi dress by Guess with black white pattern. The dress comes very close to the cut of a sheath dress, it is sleeveless and it is made of polyester. A special highlight is the transparent insert at the cleavage with leather inserts, which gives the dress a touch of sexyness. The Keid is second hand here at Catchys available and costs 80 €. For the next party the Guess dress is exactly the right thing, also for dancing, there is enough freedom of movement here.

Guess Long dress Marciano Ethnomuster

This model is very romantic and feminine. The maxi dress convinces by the light ethno pattern and the contrast band in fringed optics. It is available in pink and is made of 100% polyester. The dress has a v-neckline and narrow straps, which cross over at the front and back, a special highlight is the back of the dress, where it can be opened and closed with loops. The dress is priced at 299 €. On festive occasions or as a summer dress, with this dress one feels thoroughly girlish.

Guess Jeans Shirtblouse dress

A new interpretation of the shirt blouse dress is the model by Guess in jeans look. The dress is made of cotton and has a classic shirt collar plus a continuous button strip and long sleeves. In addition, the Guess dress has two attached breast pockets. It is especially characterized by its straight cut and the over-length, for a sufficient leg-freeness ensures a slot on the back. A special eye-catcher is the wide waist belt in brown, which gives the dress a feminine silhouette. The dress is priced at 99.90 €. The Guess dress is very everyday and can be worn both in the university as well as relaxing in the café.

Guess Midi dress flower pattern

With this airy dress summer can come. The Guess Midi dress with playful flower pattern is made of polyester and is pinkish brownish. The dress is very feminine due to the overlapping flounces with ruffle edge. The thin straps and the light fabric create summer mood. The Guess Dress is priced at € 60 and is available at Catchy’s Second Hand. For a holiday or a trip to the lake the light dress is just the right thing.


Guess polyester

Polyester is one of the synthetic fibers or chemically considered synthetic polymers. It is probably in most of our garments and is very versatile. The material is very simple and easy to maintain and it stores heat, so it is often used for bed linen. Moreover, polyester is very hard-wearing and does not wrinkle very easily, so it hardly needs to be ironed. Although polyester may also occur singly in nature, the fabric we know is usually a plastic.

Guess cotton

Cotton is one of the fabrics that everyone can name when it comes to clothing and textiles. The fabric is won from the cotton plant, which is grown on large plantations where mainly tropical or subtropical climate prevails. Among the largest cotton producers are India, China and the USA. Cotton is characterized by the high stretchability and durability, it is very skin-friendly and has thus also a low allergy potential. The material is also very long-lasting, from a cotton T-shirt you have a long time. Guess dresses are also a tried and tested material.

Guess viscose

In addition to polyester and cotton, viscose is the fabric that is most represented on the care label in clothing. Also viscose is a synthetic fiber, which is obtained from the natural substance cellulose. Viscose is also often referred to as artificial silk. The fabric is characterized by its pleasant wearing comfort, it is extremely easy to clean and biodegradable. Guess, too, is often found in viscose.

Guess silk

Silk is one of the most luxurious and valuable fabrics at all. The fabric is a natural animal fiber and comes from the silk spinneret. The animals are specially bred for the production of silk, originally the caterpillar comes from China. By wrapping the caterpillar in its cocoon the silk fiber is produced. In absolute precision work, the endlessly long thread is unwound from the cocoon and further processed to the actual fabric. The elaborate manufacturing process is due to the high price of silk.


As I said, a dress is actually the perfect piece of clothing, one is attracted with a single handle. However, there remains the question of the appropriate accessories and the right shoes, which make the outfit perfect and round off. Perhaps the Guess jeans shirt blouse dress with espadrilles and bast bag, the Guess mini dress with blue-white flower pattern combined with white sneakers and jeans jacket, the pique of pique with black woolen pantyhose and derben boots or the Maxikleid Marciano with ethnomuster in combination with sandals in the metallic- Look and statement earrings, there are all sorts of ways to style Guess dresses. With this Pinterest board around looks with Guess dresses you can be inspired. Find your personal favorite look!


Guess stands for luxury, style and the modern fashion-conscious woman with a certain sex appeal, which is also reflected in the fashion of the label. In the advertising campaigns of Guess, this life-feeling is always shown and experienced, also by prominent faces such as Hailey Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer, Joe Jonas, Irina Shayk or Gigi Hadid. Guess wants to address self-confident and strong women. Even the clothes of the brand fit this image, sometimes sexy, sometimes playful, sometimes extravagant for every woman just the right thing. Also typical of Guess is the iconic logo. The triangle with the big question mark is everywhere known. Guess, in German guess, or guessing, should be curious, the question mark fits in. You may not always know what you get, but you know that Guess stands for quality.